Herewith another update on an upcoming anime of 2021! Well, Fuji TV has announced to release a new anime, Night Head 2041 in July 2021. It will premier in the +Ultra programming block of Fuji TV. Night Head 2041 is originally a live-action psychic suspense drama series released in 1992. Furthermore, it has also released a teaser promotional video and a key visual attached below.

Key Visual- 

The teaser visual depicts the anime characters Yūya Kuroki, Takuya Kuroki, Naoto Kirihara, and Naoya Kirihara from left to right.

The original live-action drama series follows around Naoto and Naoya Kirihara. They are the two psychic brothers who are on a run due to persecution in the world. Nonetheless, the new anime is introducing two new brothers Takuya and Yūya Kuroki. The brothers in the anime are a part of the National Security forces and are on their way to track down the Kirihara brothers.

George Lida is writing the anime. He was the original director of the live-action Night Head drama. Takamitsu Hirakawa is directing the new anime. The anime directed in Shirogumi studios with Slow Curve in charge of planning and production. He has previously worked for the anime Etotawa. Tenjo Bakemonogatari is designing the characters. He has previously worked for Ito Ogure. Kenichiro Tomiyasu is in charge of drawing the concept art. Yutaka Yamada, who has previously worked in Tokyo Ghoul is composing the music.

The original live-action was featured from 1992 to 1993. The story had previously inspired an anime series of 24 episodes which was aired in Animax in 2006. It later had a manga adaptation in 2007. Media blasters had licensed the manga in North America on February 14 in the year 2008. It was also premiered in the United States in January 2016. To know more click here to visit their official website.

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