The previous episode was undeniably sad and brutal. We got to see Oden get boiled to death, he was being boiled for over an hour before he took his last breath. All the citizens are in despair as they just witnessed a huge loss and now Oden’s son will take on the burden of becoming the target for others. Preceding Oden’s death, everyone still considered Oden as the true shogun which triggered Orochi and he orders his men to slaughter them all. Now fans are desperate to see how the series will progress from One Piece Capitulo 976.

One Piece Capitulo 976 Delayed?

The global pandemic has taken a lot from each and every one of us. And anime is the only thing keeping otakus and weebs stable. The ones responsible for our happiness are none other than the hardworking team behind the scenes who work hard to animate our favorite anime. And it is due to their sacrifice that we will not receive any delay this week in the release date of One Piece Capitulo 976.

One Piece Capitulo 976 Release Date

one piece capitulo 976

One Piece Capitulo 976 Release Date is confirmed to be May 30th, 2021. Now that the series has started progressing further at a faster pace, fans are very much interested in the plot. The manga had crossed the 1000 chapter mark and so will the anime. Looking back we will notice that the entire journey was an emotional rollercoaster and was sure as hell worth it. To know more about any update related to One Piece Chapter/episode, make sure to stick with us as we provide you with the most reliable and consistent news out there.

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Preview For Capitulo 976 –

Where To Watch One Piece Capitulo 976 At The Earliest?

FUNimation, AnimeLab, and Crunchyroll are a few legal and official platforms where you can catch the latest episodes of One Piece including One Piece Episode 976. Why choose the official websites you ask? because it supports the cause and efforts of the production, creator, and staff of the anime. We highly condemn the use of illegal platforms that provide you with all the episodes of your favorite anime as it doesn’t support the creator.