One Piece is one of the oldest anime to have entertained us effortlessly to date. In the previous chapters, Luffy falls down in the ocean while Kaido sees him. In One Piece Chapter 1015 will continue with the fight between Chopper and Queen. Meanwhile, there are Kaido strikes Momonosuke.

In the previous chapter, Big Mom asks Hera to get rid of Zeus as she realizes that he had betrayed her. However, Nami stands with Zeus and helps him to free himself from the situation. But the dark clouds and thunderbolts of Nami were not enough for them to avoid Big Mom. Hera on watching this swallows the dark clouds with Zeus thus awakening her power.

Table of Contents

One Piece Chapter 1015

The clash between Chopper and Queen takes us back to a flashback where Ceaser explains how they can make the effect of rumble ball last for 3 minutes. Then in the present both Chopper and Queen experience heavy strikes from each other. On the other side, Bao Huang tells everyone what happens between Kaido and Luffy.

One Piece Chapter 1015 Release Date

One-piece Chapter 1015 has been confirmed to release on 6th June 2021. In case of any delay or update in the manga, the change will reflect in here.

Where to read One Piece Chapter 1015?

One piece is officially available in Viz Media and MangaPlus. However, you can read the latest three chapters for free. But to read the old chapters you require membership.

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