One Piece Chapter 997 ends with Kaido lifting the Onigashima island, what will happen next in One Piece Manga? In this blog, we will discuss literally everything there is to know about the one and only One Piece Chapter 998 including potential raw scans and spoilers as well as One Piece Chapter 998 Release Date.

One Piece Chapter 998 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 998 Release Date

Has One Piece Chapter 998 been delayed?

One piece Chapter 998 has been delayed unfortunately this time. This time One piece Chapter 998 will have a delay of 1 week. Although fans are a bit disappointed as they have to wait for 14 days to know what happens after the events of Chapter 997. All the manga artists are literally working through the global pandemic to satisfy thirsty weebs around the world. Huge respect to those working in the entertainment industry that’s trying to keep us sane during these horrible times.

Release Date of One Piece Chapter 998

The release date has been postponed and will follow a different schedule. One Piece 998 releases on 13th December 2020. For more release date information and the latest anime news, stay informed with Spoilerguy where fellow weebs like yourself are working together to create a well-informed anime community. Stay tuned with us to know more about One Piece Chapter 1000, What plans does Eiichiro Oda have for the ultimate Chapter?

Major events from the Past Chapters

Release Date of One Piece Chapter 998

  • Franky draws in Hatcha, ultimately making a hole in the floor which gives Momonosuke, Shinobu, and Yamato an escape route. Yamato takes down Hatcha with one blow.
  • Simultaneously, Law keeps pursuing to find the road Poneglyph with the ultimate goal of revealing the Will of D. As Killer and Kid make their way to the roof, Kiado collects all the weapons.
  • Nine Red Scabbards takes on Kaiso, but Big Mom rushes to the roof. Luffy and his team are on their way to the roof. Sanji hears something with a terrified face.

One Piece Chapter 997 Summary

One Piece Chapter 997 Summary

  • Black Maria and her team trap Sanji when he gets filled by the sound of a woman crying out for help.
  • Big Mom flies to the roof of the Skull Dome and Ice goes on a rampage.
  • Zoro takes away the antidote from Apoo, Chopper announces to those infected that they can prevent the spread of the virus only if they stand near a fire.
  • Queen almost shoots Chopper but is interrupted by Zoro.
  • Yamato, Shinobu, and Momonosuke finally reach the harbor. But all of a sudden the entire place starts shaking.
  • Kaido lifts the entire Onigashima Island towards the flower Capital.

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One Piece Chapter 998 Possible Spoilers, Raw Scans and Leaks

Leaks and spoilers can be simplified as raw scans which sometimes get revealed and translated by fellow weebs. This is usually done when epic suspense takes place in the anime and fans just can’t wait long enough to read it officially. We will make sure to update this post if any spoilers and leaks are found.

Feel free to comment on your views and opinions on the amazing One Piece Chapter 998 that’s going to release on 6th December 2020.

Where To Read One Piece Chapter 998 at the earliest?

one piece Chapter 998


The latest chapters of One Piece manga including One Piece Chapter 998 can be read on official websites like Viz or Mangaplus. We highly condemn the use of streaming anime or reading manga on an unofficial website. A new chapter comes out every week. Although a delay may occur sometimes due to various factors such as the global pandemic etc.

About Manga

About Manga

One Piece is a popular Japanese manga that has been a part of Weekly Shonen Jump since July 1997. The manga is officially available to read in Viz Media. As for the publication, the manga is being published under Shueisha. As of now, the manga has a total of 991 chapters. One Piece 997 will be out soon.

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About Anime

One Piece Chapter 997 Release Date

One Piece is one of the most popular anime franchises all around the globe. Moreover, the anime is based on a manga with the same name. As for the never-ending hits, One Piece is one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time.

Where to Watch One Piece Anime?

You can watch One Piece Episodes officially on FUNimation, AnimeLab, and Crunchyroll. Besides this, We highly condemn the usage of an illegal anime streaming website. You can read more about Anime streaming Websites here.

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