Chapter 139 was really interesting, with a lot of informative content. We finally got to see Blast in the present time. What’s crazy is that he was literally standing in front of Saitama and claimed to be the Number 1 hero. It is still uncertain if Blast is superior or inferior to Saitama, but the name One Punch Man was given to the MC for a reason. In today’s article, we will talk about One Punch Man Chapter 140, Saitama Is Back In The Game!!

Saitama was finally shown after a long time. Now that Blast has sent them to the surface, they can regroup with the others. But what’s next? are there more monsters to deal with, or will the Heroes association have to deal with a new threat that might need Saitama’s assistance. Make sure to read the article till the very end to know more about this. So without any delay, let’s get right into OPM Chapter 140.

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One Punch Man Chapter 140 Release Date

One Punch Man has always been very mysterious when it comes to release dates. It has a very unpredictable release date schedule and is never announced at the ending of the latest chapter. Murata Sensei sure does his hands occupied, which is why he is unable to confirm a release date. He does this to prevent any hatred from the fans in promising a release date and not staying true to it. As of now, there is no official release date announcement for One Punch Man Chapter 140.

Murata Sensei always confirms the release date before releasing the latest chapter of OPM. Make sure to stay updated with us to know more about any delays about OPM Chapter 140.

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What Happened Previously on OPM?

one punch man chapter 140

The latest OPM chapter had everyone in awe as we got to see the 2 most hyped superhumans stand near each other. The blast was finally introduced to Saitama as the number 1 hero. It was already hinted in the past that Blast was the Number 1 hero, but fans never knew that a time would come where Blast meets Saitama to save him.

Saitama, Flashy Flash, and Manako hear a sudden voice in the dark asking if they would like to attain power. This is when Blast interferes and explains that they can hear the voice due to their past interaction with the cube. Flashy Flash doesn’t believe him and tends to attack him after being the Number 1 hero. And the voice was indeed true; Blast easily dodged Flashy Flash’s attacks.

Blast vows to meet Saitama soon and opens a portal for them to go back to the surface. Back on the surface,  Child Emperor, Zombieman, and Sweet Mask battle it out against Psykos and Orochi. Zombieman gets ripped due to a surprise attack, and it is a brutal sight to see.

Tatsumaki asserts dominance but plunging the energy spear into the monster like it’s nothing. Everyone is amazed by this amazing and overwhelming strength—the Chapter Ends.

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One Punch Man Chapter 140 Spoilers

One Punch Man Chapter 140 spoilers are not out yet. It does take some time for the spoilers to reach the surface of the internet. A lot of rumors and predictions have been circulating based on the webcomic. A few sources suggest that Cadres(Top Tier henchmen) will arrive on the scene to apply pressure on the heroes. Personally, this would be the coolest possible thing to possibly happen as it would finally give Saitama a reason to fight seriously. Also, now that he is on the surface, we might see the baldy a bit more.

Where to Read OPM Chapter 140?

where to read opm chapter 140 manga

All the latest One Punch Man chapters, including OPM Chapter 140, are best read on Viz Media. It is one of the best online manga reading platforms that brings you all your favorite manga under one roof. The best part is that all the latest chapters of the ongoing manga are completely free.

Well, yet another informative article comes to an end. I hope you guys like this article on One Punch Man Chapter 140, Saitama Is Back In The Game!!. Before you go, make sure to check out Top Fastest Anime Characters to Ever Exist!