The previous chapter aka Tonari 184 of One Punch Man manga was titled Stones and Diamonds. With Metal Bat as the cover page, the chapter revolves all its events around the Monster Association arc. With the manga releasing over 140 chapters, readers are now looking forward to reading OPM Chapter 141.

In this post we have mentioned every small and big detail you need to know about One Punch Man Tonari Chapter 185, so without any further ado – let’s start:

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One Punch Man Chapter 141

The manga has always been very mysterious when it comes to release dates. It has a very unpredictable release date schedule and is never stated at the ending of the latest chapter. Murata Sensei sure does his hands filled, which is why he is unable to affirm an airing date. He does this to prevent any hatred from the fans in promising a release date and not staying true to it.

One Punch Man Chapter 141 spoilers are not out, as of now. It does take some time for the spoilers to reach the surface of the internet. A lot of rumors and predictions have been circulating based on the webcomic. Stay Tuned to @Guy_Spoiler for all the spoilers.

However, that’s not the case this time. One Punch Man Chapter 141 will release on 3 April 2021.

You can read the latest chapters of the manga online on Viz Media.

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