Hey guys, this article will focus on all the latest updates, spoilers, news, and release date of One punch man Chapter 147. The previous chapter was simply amazing, we got to see tremendously artistic illustrations with so much detail. But now the series is getting increasingly interesting. The last chapter ended with awakened Garou reaching the surface. Will Bang right his wrongs this time? or will he die trying?

One Punch Man Chapter 147

Even without Saitama’s involvement, all the other S-class heroes and A-class heroes have been backing up the surface by doing a good job but also sacrificing their bodies. In the previous chapter, we saw the council of swordmasters make an incredible entrance and stack up on bodies in an instant.

But things get complicated when awakened Garou emerges from the ground. Bang is called immediately to handle the situation but is quite busy. This is when Atomic samurai tells him to go and right his wrongs as a master. Now fans can’t wait to see the superficial action sequences that are sure to come in OPM Chapter 147.

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One Punch Man Chapter 147 Release Date

one punch man chapter 147

As of now, there is no official update on the release date of OMP Chapter 147. But if we were to speculate, the past two chapters have released on a bimonthly basis. This would mean that the projected one punch man chapter 147 release date is June 13th, 2021. This is just a prediction and can undergo a few changes depending on future speculations.

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OPM Chapter 147 Spoilers –

OPM Chapter 147 will feature a fight between Bang and Garou. A few speculations suggest that Garou might actually kill Bang during the fight including his brother. Bang’s death is a possibility as he isn’t mentioned in the Light Novel series. Besides, Murata Sensei loves surprising his fans. The spoilers and leaks for Chapter 147 haven’t been released yet. stay tuned to Spoilerguy to know more about OPM Chapter 147.

About Manga

In 2019, One Punch Man had sold 20 million copies of its manga illustration making it one of the most popular animes ever. One punch Man revolves around the main protagonist called Saitama. The anime takes place in an era where monsters appear from the underworld and plan on taking over the surface.

Heroes stand up against these monsters in order to protect their city, Saitama is an infamous hero who has his own ideology of being a hero. He becomes a hero for the fun of it and goes in search of worthy opponents who he expects not to finish off in a single punch. Fans are eagerly waiting for One Punch Man Season 3.