The Orient Manga has been making rounds around the Anime community, it is also loved and well received by the otakus. The publisher of Orient is Kodansha Comics, which is one of the best publishers in the manga community. The Creator of Magi, which already has an anime adaptation, is also the creator of Orient! Magi Manga and anime adaptation did really well in the market, so they expect Orient to get a boost from the start as it’s from the same creator. The News of Orient Anime Adaptation has made the fans excited and they want more information about it.

Orient Anime Adaptation

Shinobu Ohtaka is the creator of both “Orient” and “Magi”, the Shounen Magazine announced that the manga will get an Anime series and also released a teaser on youtube!

This teaser was enough to stir up the Orient Manga fans, despite the anime announcement the Orient weekly chapters will keep releasing on Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. Crunchyroll has released few details about the orient anime adaptation and other information on the anime.

The Manga of Orient started its serialization in Kodansha’s Weekly Shounen Magazine in 2018! From February 2021 it shifted and started its serialization in Bessatsu Shounen Magazine which is also owned by Kodansha, it appeared in the March issue of 2021.

What is Orient Anime about (Synopsis)?

The Orient Anime will be fully based on the Manga created by Shinobu Ohtaka, with the teaser being released caused a surge of excitement in fans. The Story is based on two friends Kojirou and Musashi, where five years ago Musashi made a promise to Kojirou. The Promise was that they will become Samurais, form a proper league, and go on hunting Demons. All this will be shown in the orient anime adaptation.

orient anime adaptation, release date

But after a huge change in society in those five years, the dream they once dreamt of seems impossible. As the Demons are worshipped by society and Samurais are shown disrespected. This makes Musashi realize that if anyone finds out about his dream, he will be shunned by the people. Musashi makes the decision of blending in with society and joins a mining workplace where he can secretly polish his swordsmanship.

On the other side, Kojirou decides to give up on the promise he made five years ago to Musashi. Despite being a direct descendant of a Samurai, Koijirou decides to give up on his dream to become a samurai. Until a day where he saves Musashi from a near-death experience, this is where something sparks inside him and he embarks himself on a journey to fulfill his dreams. Both Musashi and Kojirou leave on an adventure where they will discover their true feelings and dreams.

Not knowing what the outside world has in store for them, they dive right into the world of beast and demon-slaying. Their main goal is to clean the tarnished image of the Ancient Samurais and end the rule of demons in society.

When will the Orient Anime Adaptation Release?

In the video released by Kodansha, you will some animated glimpses of Orient Manga. This is clearly made for an announcement and cant be counted as a proper teaser for the anime. The orient anime adaptation process has started and it’s slowly growing, so we don’t have many details as of now. It’s still unknown when the series will start and which animation studio will take the project.

orient anime adaptation

Kodansha has so far published Eleven Volumes of Orient, which started in the weekly shounen magazine by Kodansha. Being a creator of an already famous manga and anime gave Orient a boost in sales. Crunchyroll will surely be one of the platforms to play Orient Anime. The Information of the Cast and Crew, The Release Dates, The composers, and the Animation Studio isn’t decided as of now! We have to wait for further details for the orient anime adaptation.

The News of Orient Anime, stirred mixed feelings in the Magi fans as they started asking whether Magi will have a new season or will it be dropped. But Some part of them is happy that they will be able to watch a new series created by Shinobu Ohtaka. We are very excited for a tale of 15-year-old Samurai going against all odds and slaying demons in a society where they are worshipped!

Till now these are the details out there about the anime release, when we have more details about the Orient Anime Adaptation, we will notify you and let you know about it.