Overlord is an immensely popular Isekai anime with the Overlord Season 4 in Production. Instead of a normal human protagonist who is destined to be a hero, what we get is a character who is not a human and with over the top items and skills. This all in all was proved to be a good combination after the hugely successful 1st Season.

Overlord Season 4

Overlord Season 4
Ainz in his garb

Season 2 and 3 were very popular and very much hyped. The same hype is behind Season 4 too. It was originally a Light Novel and all the seasons are being adapted from it. Ainz and the rest of his subjects are extremely powerful. So let’s get started with more details about Overlord Season 4.

Overlord Season 4 Release Date

We surely know that Season 4 is coming soon, as Madhouse the production anime behind Overlord Season 4 has confirmed it. What we don’t know is the exact release date and on top of that, there has been no official announcement yet.

Ainz Overlord Season 4

The only thing we have is a tweet from KSManime which interviewed Madhouse who confirmed that Overlord Season 4 is in production.

By the way, on Saturday in the overlord panel, our guests of honor have the fourth season of #Overlord announced there was no further information yet.
Although the tweet is old, we can hope that Madhouse will give us more information. Due to Covid-19, the anime might get delayed, so it’s hard to predict when the anime will come out.

So when will Overlord Season 4 Air?

Overlord Season 4 will be out in April 2021. We will update this part as soon as the information comes out. For future updates, you can follow our twitter handle- @guy_spoiler.

Overlord Season 4 Trailer

Unfortunately till now, there has been no trailer yet. So we are leaving this column empty. Don’t worry the trailer will out soon enough. Although what we have are the visuals from the Light Novel Volumes which season 4 will adapt from. They are available all around the internet.

Overlord Season 4 Spoilers

Overlord can be seen as a dark form of SAO. It’s an MMORPG kind of game. With 3 hugely popular Seasons and a good set of characters. Overlord Season 4 has a lot of hype behind it.

Story until now

Ainz is left behind by his friends and Party members as the game is soon going to shut down. But after the game shutdowns, Ainz still hasn’t logged out. And thus begins his journey in the MMORPG world with NPCs now acting like living beings.

We saw Ainz created Nazarick. And his aim is to take over the world in the most badass way possible. Everything about Ainz is absolutely badass. He battled the entire Empire army Solo and absolutely annihilated them.

Story for Season 4

As the Anime is being adapted from the Light Novel. We will see Volume 10 and 11 being showcased this season. The first arc is the “The Ruler of Conspiracy“. It will deal with Aniz’s decision of making his kingdom a utopia for all the races. However, the rulers of the other empires are not happy and plotting to oppose him and his goal.

The next arc will be “The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc”. It is a major story arc and focuses on Ainz’s visit to the Dwarf Kingdom with Aura and Shalltear. They discover that Dwarves are being threatened by the Quagoa. So we could see some major fights. However, this time around, let’s hope that the CGI fight scenes are avoided or not as bad as the ones in season 3.

Overlord also has a very nice Soundtrack and has very good openings and endings. You can listen to them here.

So all in all, Let’s hope that Covid 19 pandemic doesn’t delay Season 4 by a lot. As because of the Pandemic Japan is in Lockdown and a lot of animes which are currently airing and others in production are getting delayed.

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