Howdy Guys, In this post we are going to be talking about Plunderer episode 16. In this post, we’ve included details regarding the Plunderer episode 16 release date. Note:- This post may contain spoilers. If spoilers bother you I suggest you skip the content to the release date section. So, let’s get going-

As for now, the story is following the army school arc. In the previous episode of Plunderer, Davi revealed that they got tricked by the enemy and they have speed up the ace process, no matter what.

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Furthermore, there is no doubt that Schmelman Bach loves his children more than anything else. In order to winter war, Firenda suggests that they have to start the process on humans as soon as possible. It means, they have to start the process on children. At first, Schmelman opposes it but he realized that situation is critical.

The episode ends with, Schmelman hugging Rihito as he got selected for the ace project. In a process, where he may get killed. Will he get killed? Let’s find out-

Plunderer 16

Plunderer Episode 16 Spoilers

  • Plunderer episode 16 is going to be one of the most amazing episodes. In episode 16, Alan will reveal that Rihito will go through a process where he might get killed. As we all know that, Rihito is like a captain of a class who helping in heading towards an army who doesn’t kill.
  • As Rihito will go through a process everyone in the class will get upset. “What if he gets killed?”. This is what everyone will think.
  • Furthermore, in the middle of this Pele will indirectly confess his love for Lyne in plunderer episode 16.
  • Later, Alan will reveal that the process will be successfully completed.
  • Plunderer episode 16 will also reveal the meaning of “they tricked us” mentioned by Davi when he got killed. In episode 16 of Plunderer, The Union Nation army will attack Japan before the schedule which was March.
  • In order to save other children, Alan will stand between the children and bullets in Plunderer episode 16.

Plunderer episode 16 release date and spoilers

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Obviously, this is the beginning of the great war known as the “Abandoned War”.

So, this what is going to happen in Plundere episode 16. This where the tragedy begins.

Plunderer Episode 16 Release Date

Episode 15 of plunderer was out on Thursday, 23rd April 2020, at 1:05 AM JST. So we expect Plunderer Episode 16 will be out on 30th April 2020. Besides this, the title of the upcoming episode which is episode 16 is “The War of Waste Disposal. Alan Dies.” For more information regarding the release date, click here.

As we all know that Plunderer anime series drop a new episode each week on Thursday. However, episode 12 was delayed due to some reasons which re-disturbed the schedule of the whole series.

So, that’s all for Plundere episode 16. Hope you like it!!!