Dragon Ball Super manga has been airing chapters every month for a while now. Readers all around the globe are looking forward to reading Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60.

In this post, we are going to discuss the upcoming events including release date, spoilers, leaks, and scans for Dragon Ball Super 60. Before starting let us have a quick look at the previous chapter.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60

The 60th chapter of DBS manga will be continuing the most anticipated battle of the arc, Goku vs Moro. While we talk about the anticipates things in this arc, we shall include Vegeta’s arrival. Yes, you read that right. Readers are as eager as ever for Vegeta’s arrival on earth. And, according to our sources, Vegeta will finally return on planet Earth after finishing his training in DBS Chapter 60.

There are two possibilities, either Vegeta will appear on earth and interrupt Goku vs Moro, or Vegeta will appear the same way he did in “Resurrection of ‘F’ movie/arc”. The second possibility is most likely to happen. Whatever it may be, readers are full of beans for Vegeta vs Moro in Dragon Ball Super manga.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 – Release Date

Just like every other Dragon Ball Super manga chapter, the last page of the previous one unveiled the date. Dragon Ball Super chapter 60 will release on 20 May 2020. Additionally, all the leaks and spoilers for the 60th chapter of DBS manga will be out on or around 16 or 17 April.

As for delays, there is no delay in this chapter. However, the Attack on Titan fans and One Piece manga fans might have to wait a bit longer due to this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Where to read Dragon Ball Super manga?

You can read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 online. As all the chapters of Dragon Ball Super manga are exclusively available on Viz. The next chapter will be out in next month’s V-Jump magazine, as well.

Update: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 is out now, you can read it on the official source as mentioned above.

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Dragon Ball Super - Moro
Moro – Dragon Ball Super manga

DBS Chapter 60 – Spoilers, Leaks and Raw Scans

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Update: The spoilers are out for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 is out.

As we said, the fight continues in Chapter 60. Goku vs Moro continuation in this chapter of Dragon Ball Super. The chapter is titled, “Merus’ Miscalculation”. It seems both of them are finally serious now. Both Goku and Moro are trying to show off their powers. It’s more like a clash of egos between these two. The Z-fighters are getting blown away with their ki only.

We see Moro using his full power to defeat Goku without absorbing his powers, whereas Goku is using his best to not let him. Also, everyone is impressed with how Goku has improved his techniques. Moreover, Moro is having a really hard time against the Ultra Instinct Goku in this chapter.

We might see Moro turning the tables in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60.

But as per our speculations, Goku might be defeated soon. Yes, you read that right. Ending a fight in a few chapters is not Dragon Ball style. Moreover, Vegeta didn’t appear yet. So, one thing is for sure – it is going to be Goku & Vegeta vs Moro in the end. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 will focus on Goku vs Moro, completely. Fans can expect Vegeta’s return in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61.

Will Vegeta come up with a new form?

Vegeta’s new form is highly expected in the upcoming chapters, why you may ask? In order to tackle Goku’s Super Saiyan God Kaioken, Vegeta did come up with the Super Saiyan God Evolution. But for the UI, we either need Ultra Instinct Vegeta or another form that Goku didn’t attain yet. This might sound a bit in Vegeta’s favor and it’s time Vegeta steals the limelight in Dragon Ball Super.

Note that the leaks and spoilers for DBS Chapter 60 will be out a day or two before the official release date. Moreover, the spoilers and leaks are basically the raw scans, that are being translated by the popular translators on the internet. But you may not worry, we will make sure to add the leaks and spoilers to the article, as soon as they’re out.

DBS Manga Chapter 59:

The previous chapter was titled “Activate – Ultra Instinct – Sign”, Just like every other chapter the previous chapter was a 48 pages chapter. As for the plot, it revolves around Goku vs Moro. We get to see a surprised Moro after he saw Goku attaining the Divine technique – Ultra Instinct.

The fate of the entire universe is dependent on Goku’s fight against Moro. Even though Goku has attained Ultra Instinct, there’s not a single chance of Moro being serious or going on a rampage.

Goku vs Moro, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60
Goku vs Moro

Moro quickly realizes the weakness of his technique, and Immobilize Goku using one of his techniques. Goku’s Ultra Instinct is now having a hard time against Moro. However, as someone who’s been keeping up with Dragon Ball for a long time now.

I believe that Goku’s holding back intentionally to make Moro use more of his powers. What makes my point more valid is the fact Piccolo mentioned. Even though Goku is back, he can not read his “Ki”. Which makes us fans wonder, how strong is he exactly?

Moro is having a hard time against Goku, hence resulting in him using his “Energy Absorption” technique against Kakarot. But, guess what? Goku’s speed is faster than that of Moro’. In such a way, he can dodge the energy absorption.

On the other hand, Whis thank Merus for training Goku to the extent that he can stand toe to toe against Meru. When Whis asks Merus of Goku mastering Ultra Instinct, he answers, “Goku is nowhere near attaining the True Ultra Instinct”.

Dragon Ball Super Manga - Read Online

Back at the earth, Moro finally shows the true extent of his power, which is invincible enough to overwhelm the ones around him. And like I said, Goku wasn’t serious either. But when he remembers that Gohan and co. have gathered the Dragon Balls from Earth already and it can be revived, Goku finally gets serious against him.

You can read DBS manga chapter 59 officially for free on VIZ. The Ultimate battle will be continuing in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60. Please look forward to the official release of this chapter.

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About Dragon Ball Super:

Dragon Ball Super manga is a sequel to Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball. The manga is illustrated by Toyotaro. The manga is still ongoing and as of now, the manga has aired a total of 59 chapters. The Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 will be out soon. The manga covers up the events after Majin-Buu saga.

That’s what we have, for now, Thanks for reading! What do you think, will Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 be able to bring back Vegeta in the manga? Who will win the fight Goku or Moro? we will surely get an answer to this in Dragon Ball Super manga.

Update: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 will be out on the same. There are no new details regarding the same except for the leaks.