One Piece Chapter 979 has been delayed due to Golden Week in Japan. However, the spoilers are out a bit early for the manga. Kaido’s Son is building up the hype in One Piece manga, resulting in readers eagerly waiting for One Piece 979.

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As we all know, One Piece is one of the most popular franchises. And as for the never-ending achievements; the manga is one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time.

The manga recently aired its 978th chapter and the releasing schedule for the upcoming chapter has been postponed by a week. The new release date, spoilers, and leaks for One Piece 979 are out. Scroll to the bottom to read more about the details.

Kaido Son One Piece 979 Delay
Who is Kaido’s Son?

Before starting with the discussions of the 979th Chapter of One Piece manga, let us have a quick recap at the events of the previous one.

Chapter 978

The 978th chapter of One Piece manga got out on April 27, 2020. The Chapter was titled, “Introducing the Tobi Roppo”. As for the storyline of this chapter –

The chapter revolves around the events around Onigashima on the Polar Tang. The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance has infiltrated Onigashima. On the other hand, the second half of the chapter revolves around the former’s fortress where the Flying Six have gathered at Kaido and Orochi’s Golden Kagura party.

Members of Tobi Roppo The Flying Six:

  • X Drake
  • Ulti
  • Page One (human form)
  • Who’s Who
  • Black Maria
  • Sasaki

The chapter ends with no extra information regarding Kaido’s Son, but it seems that might not be the case with One Piece Chapter 979.

One Piece 979

The party will finally begin! The chapter revolves around King and the flying six. Moreover, the chapter will be giving a hint to Kaido’s son and bringing an end to all the rumors on the internet.

Usually, the spoilers for the manga chapter get out a day or two before the official release date. But, it seems this time it was a bit early. The official spoilers for the 979th manga chapter of One Piece are here.

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One Piece 979 Flying Six kaido Son

Chapter 979 Spoilers

This post may contain spoilers from One Piece chapter 979, so if you are not into spoilers you may stop reading now.

As per the spoilers, Kaido has a son! And his name is finally revealed in this chapter. Kaido’s Son is called, Yamato. We might finally get to see how he looks. One Piece manga has leaked the whereabouts of him, in the past few chapters but there was no exact information. And it seems, the wait is over. You can read more spoilers here:

Update: The Detailed Spoilers for One Piece 979 are out too. We see the appearance of King in this chapter. The Flying Six and King are having a conversation. The Flying Six gets a chance to challenge the calamities, if they win – they can replace the particular All-Star. Also, Kaido wants to show the strength of the Flying Six to big mom.

Besides this, Kaido’s son is somehow related to the Flying Six getting a right to challenge All-Stars. Maybe because they did find him. We finally get to see Big Mom in her Kimono during this chapter.

The One Piece 979 is titled as, “Tobi Roppo Introduction”. Follow us on Twitter for more exclusive spoilers. Note that other spoilers for One Piece Manga Chapter 979 will be out soon.

You can read One Piece manga spoilers here:

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What is the name of Kaido’s Son? How Strong is He?

Kaido’s son’s name is Yamato. As for now, we do not have an exact idea of his strength. However, he’s somehow related to both the Flying Six and All-Stars.

One Piece Chapter 979 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 979 will air on Sunday, 10 May 2020. You can read the chapter online exclusively on Viz. You can read the One Piece manga in English, Espanol, and other languages on the Manga plus app.

The One Piece 979 will release on 10 May 2020.

The leaks and raw scans for Chapter 979 of One Piece manga will be out a day or two before the official release date.

One Piece Chapter 979 Delayed

Update: One Piece 979 has been delayed for two reasons, the Golden Week holiday in Japan as well as the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Supposedly for the manga, there is a one week delay. However, if you are an anime watcher and are keeping up with the anime adaptation as well. Then, you should know that One Piece went on an indefinite hiatus. There’s no release date confirmed, it could either be 2-3 week long hiatus or it may even go up for months.

one piece chapter 979
One piece 979 delayed, why?

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How Long is the Chapter Delayed for and Why?

The chapter was originally supposed to air on 3 April. However, due to a week’s holiday in Japan called “Golden Week”, the chapter has been delayed.

Besides this, you can also buy the hard copy of the manga to support the creator. We highly condemn the use of reading manga on an unofficial website.

Update 3: Most of the raw scans and Leaks for this chapter are out, the remaining ones will be out on or around 8 March 2020. You can read One Piece 979 on all the official websites on 10 March. The information on the chapter will be then added to the Wiki.

Moreover, this chapter won’t reveal as many details regarding Kaido’s son. However, you can expect more details in the upcoming chapters, as the arc will be centered around Kaido’s son.

Will the delay affect the release date for One Piece Chapter 980?

As it may seem, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic took a huge blow on the anime and manga industry. So, it actually is possible to have this chapter delayed as well. For now, here is the list of all the mangas that got delayed recently. (Note: the tweet includes One Piece Chapter 979 as well)

About One Piece:

The One Piece is one of the most popular Japanese manga by Eiichiro Oda. The manga is being serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump since 1997. As of now, the manga has aired a total of 978 chapters, One Piece 979 will be out soon.

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