D & C Webtoon’s Solo Leveling Chapter 138 centers around the actual motive of the lords. Sung-Jin-woo has now formed an oath of faith with the monarch, and due to its restrictions, they can not lie. Until or unless they mutually agree to break the pact. The previous chapter ends with Sung-Jin-woo figuring out the motive behind Lords sending the soldiers to them.

Solo Leveling Chapter 138 – Everything you need to know

Chapter 138 of Solo Leveling manhwa will most likely cover up Sung Jin-woo breaking the seal and liberating the monarch. Either these two will take down each other or the dungeon’s boss.

So far, Japan is already in considerable debt to Sung-Jin-woo. If he takes down the final boss, he will get massive authority among other hunters of Japan. The events of the upcoming chapter might contact clearer once Solo Leveling 138 spoilers and leaks are out.

When will Chapter 138 release?

Solo Leveling manhwa drops a new chapter every Wednesday/Thursday, as per its weekly airing schedule. Solo Leveling Chapter 138 will release on 4 February 2021, and the raw scans for this chapter will drop a day or two before the release date.

Where to read Solo Leveling 138?

All the chapters of the manhwa are available to read on Kakao Page magazine. However, if you are an English reader, you might have to wait for third party translators to translate Solo Leveling 138.

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