The Solo Leveling Manhwa has skyrocketed the views ever since the second season arrived. We recently read the 124th chapter, and readers are as eager as ever to read Solo Leveling Chapter 125. As per the releasing schedule, there are no delays in this chapter.

Now when Sung Jin-woo has gone back to the same place where it all started. I think it’s time where we finally get an answer to the system. What exactly is this system? How did it all start? What exactly is the secret behind this system? We will surely get an answer to all these questions in Solo Leveling manhwa’s upcoming chapters.

This post has included every major-minor detail you need to know before reading chapter 125 of Solo Leveling manhwa. So without any further delays, let us get started –

Solo Leveling Chapter 125 Read

Solo Leveling Chapter 125

Ever since the release of the second season of the manhwa, we all have been waiting for the time we get an answer to the secret behind the system. The system that turned the Weakest Hunter into the strongest Hunters among them all.

From the progress of this plot, it seems the system was specifically created for Sung Jin-woo. But, we never know, right? What if another massive plot twist awaits? Well, we will surely be getting an answer to that in Solo Leveling manhwa chapter 125.


Solo Leveling 125 Release Date

The Solo Leveling manhwa drops a new chapter every Thursday until or unless there’s a delay. And as per the releasing schedule, there is no delay this week – that means, Solo Leveling Chapter 125 will release on 29 October 2020, Thursday.

I Level up Alone Chapter 125 Spoilers

Basically, Spoilers are translated leaks that come straight from the Raw Scans. And, these raw scans are leaks coming straight from either the production house or staff. They generally leak the raw scans 2-3 days prior to the official release date. That means the leaks and spoilers for Chapter 125 of Solo Leveling will release on 27 October 2020.

Update: The Spoilers are now out for Solo Leveling Chapter 125, here, give them a read –

The 125th chapter is divided into two categories, the first half deals with things around Yuri and other S-rank hunters. After Yuri’s demands being ceded by the Japanese govt. Yuri and other S-rank hunters from Japan arrive at the airport. Upon reaching they find themselves being surrounded by media at the airport. Soon after leaving the airport, they are invited to a TV Interview, and upon being asked how Yuri will take on the monsters from the S-rank gate. Yuri responds with his plans to use a magical barrier and block the gate, the secret behind the strength of Yuri’s Magical Barrier is that it absorbs energy in form of magic from its surroundings. Since it is an S-rank gate, his barrier can absorb a sheer amount of energy and become unconquerable.

On the other hand, Sung-Jin Woo is still at the Cartenon Temple, Jin-woo takes on the stone statue with a lot of curiosity in his head. The unanswered questions behind this “system” have been bothering him ever since, and now when he is one step away from getting the answers – he won’t hold back. Unlike we all predicted, the stone tablet held no meaning at all. This chapter ends with the Angel Statue confirming itself as the one to call Sung Jin Woo. The plot will now continue in Solo Leveling 125.


Since the spoilers for Chapter 125 are already out, there is not much to predict. However, it is only a matter of time until we get to know about the secret behind the System’s power in Solo Leveling. Sung Jin-Woo’s past and father’s powers remain a mystery too. What do you think of this system? Let us know in the comment section below.

Where to read Solo Leveling Chapter 125?

As of now, there is not a single official way to read the manhwa. However, stay tuned to DNC Webtoons and there will surely be a way to read your favorite Solo leveling chapters including I Level up Alone Chapter 125.

While you wait for this chapter to drop, make sure to read our recent on Dragon Ball Super manga.

Will Solo Leveling anime ever be a thing?

Yes, there comes the thing we all have been waiting for. The Solo Leveling anime adaptation – considering the fanbase’s rapid growth, it is only a matter of time until we see the anime adaptation for Solo Leveling. There is already a petition that is going viral among fans. So, while we are at it, don’t forget to sign it!

Solo Leveling Chapter 124 – Author’s Review

Holy moly! The Chapter turned out to be something else. The chapter twist was actually great; no one expected the statue holding the commandments to be the main boss. And you might not have noticed this thing(just like me), but in Chapter 6 of the Solo Leveling manhwa, we actually see that it is the only statue with different colors, and when it’s the “Overhead,” other statues are all bowing in front of this one.

Now then Jin-woo is back at the place where it all began, the ending of the beginning and the beginning of the ending – the temple of Kartenon. From being the Weakest Hunter to now being a National Level hunter, Sung-Jin Woo has made long progress, and he will continue to do so.

Overall, the plot progress was great too. Readers are now looking forward to the release of Solo Leveling Chapter 125.

Solo Leveling – About:

In this manhwa, the story of Solo Leveling spins around “The Gates” that first appeared 10 years ago, which opened up a portal to the monster’s world from the real world. To combat the monsters, ordinary people began receiving powers, and they were ranked as hunters.

However, not all hunters are powerful. The main character of the story Sung-Jin-Woo, is an E-Rank hunter. That is to say, he also holds the title of the “World’s Weakest.” He risks his life every day and enters the gate with other hunters to support his sick mother and his sister’s education.

In one such raid, our main hero and his guild met a tragedy that led to many deaths. Sung-Jin-Woo got betrayed by other hunters, and he had given up and accepted his death. However, he was granted a strange power. As a result, leading him to the path of becoming the greatest hunter that ever existed! Here is the trailer for the manhwa:

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