Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 42 would be the next thing you will search on internet after the release of the previous chapter. In this post, we’ve included every possible detail regarding the release date and where to read Record Of Ragnarok 42. So, what is the official release date chapter 42? Let’s find out-

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 42

What is the official release date of Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 42?

The previous chapter of the series released on 31st December 2020. If we talk about the schedule of releasing chapter- there is no fixed schedule but somehow each chapter release in the obscure interval of a month. So, we can expect that Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 42 will release on 3-4 February or the first week of February.

Record Of Ragnarok Manga Chapter 42 Spoilers, Leaks And Raw Scans

As per the details- The Spoilers for Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 42 are yet to be released. Generally, it takes 4-5 days to release the spoilers before the release date of the upcoming chapter when a chapter is on delay. Furthermore, spoilers are basically the raw scans that get leaked online and translated by internet junkies. We will make sure to update this article if and when we receive proper spoilers of Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 42.

Record Of Ragnarok 42

Where To Read Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 42?

As for now, there is no offcial source regarding where you can read this series. But somehow, se suggest you to buy magazine from Monthly Comic Zenon. We are against the and do not support the illegal source to read manga. We only promote the official source because this helps creator.

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 41 Recap

Fans got more hyped after the release of the chapter of 41. But what exactly did happened in Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 41? Let’s have a brief-

Chapter 41 is a continuation of the battle between Raiden and Shiva. Raiden managed to fought Shiva on an equal terms. Chapter begins with both landing strong punches on each other.

Both exchange strong blows on each other cause them to receive intense damage. Finally, Shiva uses his Tandava Karma which turns the event in Shiva’s favour. Even other strong contestent were appreciating Shiva’s Karma and denote ot with the “another level of strength”.

Shiva’s attack causes severe damage on Raiden because his attack damages muscles and burn it away despite Raiden’s endless efforts of protecting himself. But somehow, this Shiva’s formidable form cause him a severe damage on his body as well. He gets his body burn as well.

But Shiva’s Tandava Karma overwhelms Raiden in every aspect. Even the people notice that Raiden is somehow hanging there.

So, to give motivation, all the sumos presenting in the Arena begins cheering Raiden because he is been fighting with Sumo itself on his back. This helps Raiden somehow and he started countering Shiva. Shiva’s body started crumbling because of Tandava Karma as well.

This is when Rudra helps Shiva by motivating him- “You Better Not Lose”. And this is when this battle takes another turn, both of them get tired but doesn’t want to give up either.

Finally, this battle takes Raiden on a turn where he left with just a single blow. Raiden uses his every bit on that single strike but Shiva dodge it cleverly and ends Raiden game. Raiden thank him for the best fight of his whole life and Shiva accepts his appreciation.