Kingdom Season 3 has finally been confirmed to be coming out in 2020! The third season will cover the story events from the Coalition Invasion Arc.

studio Pierrot formed the first two seasons in 2012 and 2014, respectively. For Season 3 however, the anime series is produced by Studio Signpost, which is the subsidiary of Studio Pierrot.

Season 4 Kingdom Anime

Kingdom Season 3 release date

The official Twitter account for the anime series and the NHK TV station have both confirmed that the Kingdom Season 3 release date is set for April 5, 2020, during the spring 2020 anime season.

Kingdom Season 3 Trailer

On March 17, We saw the Kingdom Season 3 Trailer.

Kingdom manga compared to the anime

Season 1 of the anime covered the first 173 manga chapters with 38 episodes. The second season covered 78 chapters with 39 episodes.The number of episodes for Kingdom Season 3 remains unknown, but Hara confirmed the third season would adapt the Coalition Invasion story arc.

Kingdom Season 3 Spoilers

The coalition between Zhao and Qin may have allowed the Chinese state to expand its borders, but it caused Qin’s neighbors to begin plotting in the shadows. Zhao Prime Minister Ri Boku and Chu Prime Minister Shun Shin Kun form a Coalition Army comprised of all the warring states except for Qi, which withdrew its men at the behest of Qin diplomat Sai Taku.

Kingdom Season 4

With 540,000 men ready to invade, the Coalition Army intends to wipe Qin from the map. Qin’s leaders realize their only hope is to abandon all posts that were not of significant strategic value. They needed to gather all their troops to form a defensive position at Kankoku Pass to defend the northern path to Qin’s royal capital city of Kanyou.

The last city remaining in the path of the Colation Army is called Sai. King Ei Sei realizes their only hope is to stop the Coalition’s advance in Sai by gathering together every spare man available to prepare for a siege in Sai.

As it so happens, Xin (or Shin) enters the battle of Sai. Will Xin be able to prove his worth by becoming a 3,000-man commander on his quest to become the world’s greatest general?

Will there be a Kingdom Season 4?

Compared to the success of Kingdom manga, the anime is getting a lot of traction. Kingdom Season 4 is definitely possible. Moreover, according to our sources, there is more than enough content in the manga to have the 4th season of the Kingdom.

Kingdom Season 4 Release Date

No official release date is out for the 4th season of the Kingdom, as of now. However, as per our speculations, Kingdom Season 4 should be on air around Mid 2020.

Unfortunately, anime fans will have to wait for the Kingdom Season 3 release date to watch what happens next. Stay tuned!

About Manga:

Kingdom manga is coming from Hara, Yasuhisa. The manga is being serialized in Young Jump since January 2006. In 2013, the manga won a Guinness World Record for manga written by most people. Kingdom covers up the genre – Action, Drama, Historical, Military, and Seinen. As for the plot, the plot revolves around Xin and Piao, the war orphans who wish to become the “Great General of the Heavens”.

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