Run On Episode 9 Release date is what everyone out there is excited for. Run On has been a great drama and has kept us on our toes from the first episode. Therefore, it attracted traditional fans and many international fans as it is airing on Netflix. We will get to know about the release date of the 9th episode of Run On through this blog.

Without any further delay, let us get into the details.

Plot Of Run On:

Ki Sun Gyeon is a runner who has been expelled from the National team due to some legal issues and has freshly started working as a sports agent; at this stage of his life, he comes across Oh Mi Joo, who works as a subtitle writer for movies, he starts to fall in love with her and Mi Joo is very sure that it was their destiny.

Seo Dan Ah is the CEO of a sports agency and is the heir to her father’s company ‘Syeomyeong Group.’ Despite all the hard work she put into the company, hardly anyone acknowledges her as the successor since she is a woman. She has a very different experience when a university art major named Lee Young Hwa enters her life. He is a fun-loving guy who often believes in breaking social norms.

This Drama is more than just sweet romance; and it sheds light on some serious issues faced by the youth in this generation, like gender Bias, How people often push others to make the wrong decisions, patriarchy, etc. We will see every relationship grow and learn more about life through this sports and romance drama by JTBC.

Cast :

  • Im Si Wan as Ki Seon Gyeom, a retired sprinter.
  • Shin Se Kyung as Oh Mi Joo, subtitle writer for movies.
  • Choi Soo Young as Seo Dan Ah, the successor to Syeomyeong Group.
  • Kang Tae Oh as Lee Young Hwa, University student, majoring in art.

Highlights of Run On Episode 8 : 

  • Dan Ah proposes to Seon Gyeon; the real question is, ‘ How will he respond to the proposal ?’
  • Young Hwa ends up going on a date with Dan Ah’s secretary!
  • Seon Gyeon finally confesses to Mi Joo.

  • Seon Gyeon stays with Mi Joo while she is in the hospital.

Run On Episode 9 Release date: 

Netflix and JTBC will release Run On 9th and 10th episodes on January 13 and January 14, 2021.

Runtime/Air time: 5:30 PM KST.

Where to Watch: 

You can watch this drama on Netflix or Dramacool.

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Authors Review of the Drama:

Run-on has been a drama which, from the very first episode, kept me intrigued. Although the female lead character set up is what I liked the most, it kept me happy to the core. Not only is she hard-working, but she is also a hot head and eccentric. On the other hand, the male lead is very calm headed and loyal but not motivated enough; he quickly gives up on things; they might not be perfect as individuals, but they balance out each of their faults when brought together.

What makes this drama better than other romcoms is that the storyline, not a cliché. It’s very unpredictable and new. Each character set up is more than perfect. One could instantly get to like the drama after watching the first episode.

What makes this drama even better is that it has successfully managed to gain popularity by bringing both the K-drama fandom through Shin Sae Kyung and the K-Pop fandom by casting ZE: A’s I’m Shi Wang and Girls Generation’s Choi Soo Young.

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This will be it for today’s blog for the release date of Run On Episode 9! I hope you enjoyed reading it.