The Kodansha’s Morning magazine on Thursday addressed its ninth issue that Kaji Kawaguchi and Shinji Makari’s Manga will be reaching the climax on 4th February in the magazine’s 10th issue. Launched in August 2018 by Kawaguchi and Makari, Manga had to face a temporary stop from November 2019 to May 2020. The 7th compiled book volume was published by Kodansha on 23rd December.

The storyline of Manga rotates around two special figures, one being a Japanese police officer secretly trained in Jerusalem and the second one being a Japanese man heading a group of armed insurgents in Iraq. Started in 2014, Osamu Eya’s and Kaji Kawaguchi’s Kubo Ibuki ( Aircraft carrier Ibuki) Manga ended in December 2019. Kawaguchi’s Zipang: Shinso Kairyu Manga was ended in 2017. This one is different from his earlier time-related war Manga.

Kawaguchi’s political manga EAGLE was published by Viz Media in North America. The naval anime special was published by Central Park Media. Inspired by Kawaguchi’s Manga, The Silent Services and Geneon Entertainment released the Zipang television anime.
The author of the YUGO manga series is Makari, and it has been drawn by the artist Shuu Akana.

From 1994 to 2004, the original YUGO manga was published in the afternoon magazine and later moved to the evening magazine under the title YUGO The Negotiator in 2004. Forty-one compiled book volumes have been published by Kodansha for the series. The YUGO final sequel was ended by Makari and Akana in November 2015.

YUGO The Negotiator television anime series was premiered in Japan in 2004 and was released on DVD in North America by ADV Films.