Sasuke’s Death in Boruto? Will Sasuke Die in Boruto? Is Sasuke Going to use a forbidden Jutsu that will make him the ultimate sacrifice? Is Sasuke’s Death Inevitable in Boruto? Will Sasuke Save Naruto in Boruto? – Questions like these have been circulating the internet for quite some time now. We are here to address these questions with the best possible answers using proper facts and theories. Make sure to read the article till the very end to understand the entire article in depth.

It is a well-known fact that Sasuke is one of the strongest characters in Naruto and also “The strongest Uchiha Clan Member.” His involvement in the 4th great ninja war was crucial in defeating Madara, Obito, and Kaguya. Sasuke in Boruto has had little screen time but has made every moment count. His involvement in the Shin Uchiha episodes, Time Travel Arc, and Boruto and Sarada Training episodes have been essential in bringing viewers to the Boruto Anime.

Now, the big question is – Will Sasuke Die in Boruto?. Is Sasuke’s Death Inevitable? The past few episodes have shown Sasuke in a fragile state. This is because, unlike Naruto, Sasuke has very little chakra. It was also shown during the time travel arc where he is almost useless against Isshiki. Whatever happened to the Sasuke who went against Momoshiki alongside Naruto.

Sasuke’s Death in Boruto?

Sasuke Death, will sasuke die in boruto

Sasuke’s death might actually be true based on how the series is currently going. The past few times, Sasuke encountered enemies he hasn’t been on par with Naruto and has lost miserably. It is sad to see the shadow Hokage be beaten to dust and worry about his chakra reserves. He has been shown as a weak link who might eventually die. In Boruto Chapter 53, Sasuke lost his Rinnegan, which means he can no longer use his OP Jutsus. He is frail now and cannot defeat any enemy by himself as he doesn’t have one arm, nor does he have any chakra, plus his Rinnegan is gone.

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Is Sasuke’s Death Inevitable?

As of now, Naruto is lying lifeless, and Boruto is back in his right mind. But Sasuke is seen really worried in the end after seeing Naruto in that condition. Because Sasuke is currently powerless, all he can do now is sacrifice his life in the event of an attack.

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A complete Change in the Storyline!

sasuke death in boruto

We are well aware that Sasuke and Boruto have a lot in common. But looking at how things are going, there might be a chance where Boruto inherits Sasuke’s character. In the very beginning of Boruto, the clash between Kawaki and Boruto showed Sasuke’s headband and overcoat on Boruto. This was an obvious indication that he was shadowing Sasuke. But to think that this is how he actually gets it is unimaginable.

Kishimoto has really played his cards right and built up an amazing story. The best part is that all of this was already planned from the very beginning. Naruto symbolizes good and Sasuke symbolizes bad, this was the ideology he followed from the very beginning. Sasuke was the one who chose the dark path, whereas, Naruto fought through it.

The same is expected to happen in the Boruto series. But the big question here is, Was Isshiki/Momoshikki in possession of either Boruto/Kawaki during the first Boruto scene on the destructed Stone faces. That would change this entire theory and place major doubts in whom actually dies, either Naruto’s Death or Sasuke’s Death may be inevitable.

Will Sasuke Die in Boruto?

If Naruto is actually dead, Sasuke would have used his rinnerebirth jutsu on him. It was confirmed in the novel series that he had mastered the Rinne-re-birth and would choose to use it carefully. But currently, he has no way of getting back his rinnegan. It just doesn’t simply evolve due to a close person’s death. The Sharingan needs the blood of Hashirama or the six paths chakra to evolve into a rinnegan.

Sasuke being Sasuke might have an ace up his sleeve. What if he has a forbidden jutsu that allows him to give up his life to save Naruto. This would call the ultimate sacrifice in the Naruto series’s history, considering that Sasuke had killed multiple people just to try and kill Naruto. But Sasuke’s Death will surely have a great impact in the Boruto series.

Sasuke might use a Jutsu similar to what Chiyo used to revive Gaara in exchange for her own life with the help of Naruto’s Chakra. But there is no official proof claiming that such a jutsu exists. Besides, it is also not sure if he can use it if it exists given his current state.

Does Sasuke Die in Boruto?

Suppose Nauto is alive but is immobilized. Sasuke would have to take on the enemy by himself and sacrifice his life to buy them some time to escape. In the very beginning of Boruto, we saw Kawaki and Boruto on the stone faces. Boruto is seen wearing Sasukes outer coat, shinobi headband, and his sword. Kawaki looks like the enemy in this scene, and it might be either Isshiki or Momoshiki controlling him. These factors point towards Sasuke’s Death in Boruto.

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The Aftermath of Sasuke’s Death

We can expect Boruto to avenge Sasuke and go down a dark path even if necessary just as Sasuke did. When a master dies in the Naruto verse, the student always tends to get stronger and avenge their master. In the case of Boruto, he always considered Sasuke as his master and has been on many adventures with him. He was trusted by Sasuke and guided in many ways. So we might see Boruto following the footsteps of Sasuke when all of this is over.

Possibility of Reanimation Jutsu

One must realize that the reanimation jutsu is the strongest jutsu in the Naruto verse. The person who posses it will have the power to create an entire army of elite shinobi who can only be sealed and not killed. Taking Sasuke’s Death into consideration, he would be a huge deal for the caster of the Jutsu( cough cough Orochimaru ). The chances of this happening are pretty much slim to none. But if it were to happen in the near future it would emotionally break Naruto when he battles him.

Conclusion –

Sasuke's Death in Boruto, will sasuke die in boruto

There is a 90 percent chance for Sasuke’s Death. Given the current information, his power has been depleted over the past few arcs, and he has lost his rinnegan. Also, Naruto had become extremely powerful when Jiraiya Sensei had died. He chose to avenge him and become Hokage.

Similarly, Boruto needs a traumatic incident to take place for his attitude to change. If Sasuke dies, Boruto will become someone who will avenge him as he is very similar to Sasuke. Even the latest anime opening has foreshadowed Kawaki resonating with Naruto and Boruto resonating with Sasuke. This might only mean that Boruto will go down the same path as Sasuke, and Kawaki will replace Naruto.

But currently, nothing can be confirmed due to insufficient data and infinite possibilities. The release of Boruto Chapter 55 might clear out most of the confusion mentioned above. Well, That’s all for today on Sasuke’s Death in Boruto, Will Sasuke Die in Boruto? Ultimate Sacrifice!! Until then, make sure to check out our article on Naruto Watch Order, How to watch Naruto without Fillers?