Shinra’s past and parents have puzzled most fire force viewers. In this post, you will find out everything there is to know about Shinra’s past and parents with detailed explanations.

Enen no Shouboutai revolves around Shinra trying to find the demon that murdered his mother and brother. As events unfold he learns that his brother is alive and works for an evil organization that creates artificial human combustions called ‘The White Clad’. Shinra also finds out that his mother is alive in the form of a demon. Now Shinra’s goal completely changes to trying to transform his mother back to a human and bring down the Evangelist.

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Shinra’s Past explained!!

Shinra’s past is filled with sadness and sorrow. Shinra and Sho lived happily with their mother in the very beginning. During their time of happiness, an unfortunate event takes place that changes the life of Shinra forever. His mother unexpectedly turns into a demon and burns the entire house down along with Sho. Shinra subconsciously activates his pyrokinetic ability and saves himself from the fire.

Shinra’s past – Devil Smile

When the first fire force company arrives, the entire house turns to a terrible state. Shinra develops a devilish smile due to the trauma of seeing his family being burned. Everyone assumed that the Shinra was the cause of the fire due to his Pyrokinetic abilities. No traces of his mother nor Sho were found in the house.

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The Demon with Horns and Shinra’s Past

Shinra’s past- Devil With Horns

Captain Leonard Burns reveals the truth to Shinra after he encounters his younger brother Sho. Captain Burns explains to Shinra that he saw a demon with horns inside the house. He got transported to hell for a second and as a result, losses his eye in exchange for seeing hell. He tells Shinra that his mother had transformed into a demon with horns. The same demon that had taken his younger brother with her.

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Why did Shinra’s Mother turn into the Demon with Horns?

The Evangelist predicted that a child with the Adolla burst would be born. Due to this, he turns Shinra’s mom into an Infernal to bring the child to him. Sho accidentally sets the house on fire due to awakening the Adolla Burst. She obeys the Evangelist’s command and escapes the house leaving Shinra behind.

What happened to Sho after being Kidnapped by the Evangelist?

The Evangelist raises Sho Kusukabe for his gain leaving Sho with no memories of his mother and brother. Sho joins the White Clad at one point and becomes a member of The Knights of the Ashen Flame. Sho becomes extremely powerful as he is a Forth generation pyrokinetic. He receives the Evangelist’s grace and gains access to the Adolla Link.

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What was the cause of Shinra’s past?

The Evangelist is the cause for the entire storyline to unfold. He plans on collecting all the eight pillars. This is to cause another Great Disaster which caused numerous combustions.  The Evangelist runs a group called the White Clad. They perform tasks such as induce artificial human combustions to find powerful hosts to awaken unique powers, find people with the Adolla Burst, and Kill everyone who pursues them.

Who is Shinra Kusakabe’s father?

Shinra's Past - Joker
Shinra’s Past – Joker

Shinra’s past doesn’t contain much information on his father. So far there hasn’t been any news regarding Shinra Kusakabe’s father. When Sho has flashbacks due to the Adolla Link, he sees only Shinra’s past and his mother. But there are a few speculations regarding the identity of their father. A few suspicions arise towards Joker for being the guardian of the 4th pillar( Shinra Kusakabe ).

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About Anime

Fire Force (Enen no Shouboutai) is an anime that revolves around the basis of fire fighting. But the characters in this anime fight against infernals (fiery-burnt beings). Things start to get serious when the captain of the fire force company 8 and Shinra suspect the spontaneous human combustion to be man-made.

Shinra intends on putting a stop to this by solving this mystery. This anime has one of the best animations you will see. It is full of surprises and will keep you intrigued and wanting more. The sound effects in this anime will definitely catch your interest. You can check out the Ongoing Fire Force Season 2 trailer below.

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