Siren’s Lament has earned a good name for its plot and illustration. The webtoon came to an end recently. The story surrounds the main protagonist, Lyra, who is ready to give her all for the people around her. She has a crush on her best friend’s brother. But he is in a relationship with another person. As the story proceeds, we come to know more about them.

A mythical character she names “IAN” turns her world upside down. Through the story, Lyra is given the option to quit living life and escape to another world. But is she ready to give up on everything? The more you read, the more you want to know.

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Siren’s Lament Anime Adaptation

Lyra turning into a half siren and half-human

Siren’s Lament webtoon surrounds many emotions we go through in our daily lives. The webtoon has over 2.9 million subscribers with a rating of 9.75. It has recently come to an end. But the manhua has all the elements for a future anime adaptation. The plot is hopeful, inspiring, very engaging, and it deserves an anime adaptation in the future.

Every chapter of the webtoon has its own essence to attract the attention of every reader. As the story proceeds, we see character development in many, especially IAN. The manhua has not yet spilled any news regarding its anime adaptation. But a plot like this needs more reach. Therefore, nothing can be better than an anime adaptation.

Siren’s Lament Anime Plot

Lyra finds Ian on the shore.

The Siren’s Lament anime has Our female lead, Lyra, an independent woman managing her flower shop. Even when she is hurt, she doesn’t let it come in the way of her business. When she encounters the most unexpected situation in her life. But what will happen if the Siren’s words come true? Is she ready to escape this world just for the sad moments?

Siren’s Lament Anime Possibility?

Since the webtoon finished in December 2020. But as a huge fan of manhua, we know it deserves much more. The fact that the webtoon has a strong rating good rating with wholesome subscribers. It can still be a motivation for it to inspire far more than a webtoon.

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Siren’s Lament Release Date

It has received huge appreciation for its story and illustrations. Though there haven’t been many clues given about the anime adaptation. We can still expect an anime adaptation of Siren’s Lamp.

As of now, there is no official confirmation regarding the same; however, if I were to speculate – Siren’s Lament anime will release in July 2023.

The plot has done much better than expected. It has attracted a lot of readers, and the story continues. Previously many of the manhua has inspired anime. Tower of God, God of High school, is a few of them. Therefore if the plot continues, we can request an anime of the same.

Siren’s Lament Webtoon Where to Read?

To read the latest Siren’s Lament webtoon chapter, you can check out Webtoons App and Website. You can also avail of the latest chapters in the webtoon app. But we prefer to use coins and read the last three chapters and support our manhua creator.

About Webtoon

Siren’s Lament webtoon

The Siren’s Lament webtoon surrounds mythical characters known as Siren. They are cursed to stay underwater till being kissed by a human. The kiss marks the completion of the contract. Then the human turns into a mermaid when underwater. But in the case of Lyra, things didn’t turn out the same.

Lyra discovers the siren ashore when she wakes up. Unsure of the siren’s words, provide him a roof in her place until they figure out the events. She names him “IAN” after her dead pet fish. Will IAN and Lyra be able to lift to the crush? Or what is stopping the curse from turning Lyra into a full Siren?

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