When will Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation come? The Fans who frequently read manga or manhwa are desperately waiting for Solo Leveling Anime adaption. Solo Leveling took the world by storm. It’s a Webtoon which recently finished its first season. And readers now await the continuation, i.e, the second season for the same. Whatsoever, it has more than enough plot to make an anime.

Solo Leveling was originally a Light Novel, which later got serialized into a manhwa. So there’s a lot of Raw Data behind the Manhwa too. Read the Complete Post to get more details about Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation, Story, and Release Date.

Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation
Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation

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Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation Details

Solo Leveling is critically acclaimed by everyone. It has a rating ranging from 9-10 everywhere. And as we can see this year more and more manhwas like Tower of God andKing of High school getting an adaption with the support from Crunchyroll. So an Anime adaptation is very much closer to us than we think.

Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation Petition

The success of the Manhwa is so apparent that all the fans have already made a petition for the Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation. With already more than 100k signatures, it’s getting even more and more signatures day by day. We request our viewers to sign this so we can get the adaption even quicker.

The fans are hoping for the show to be in Netflix. As Solo Leveling’s Manhwa is considered to have a Top-Grade Art Style among the Manhwas, so it won’t be a surprise that this will be a very gigantic task for the animation studio to not disappoint the fans. So let’s hope for the best

Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation Release Date – When will it Release?

If the Anime is already in works then we can expect it to the air by Fall 2021 which is drawing near. This basically and ultimately depends upon the petition, the more fans sign it the more and more quickly we will get to see the adaptation.

Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation

When will it air?

Currently, we don’t have an official word from the creator or any studio. As Solo Leveling will be a huge workload for the Anime Production Company and due to the recent COVID 19 Scenario, the adaptation will get delayed further. This section will be updated with further new information as soon as it is released. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @guy_spoiler to get updates ASAP. But if we were to predict –

Solo Leveling Anime will release in 2022.

Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation Trailer and Teasers

What’s the best thing is that we already have two small Trailers or Teasers whatever you want to call them and they look absolutely beautiful. Although this is just a trailer for the webtoon, if it gets an adaptation, the official trailer would be even cooler.

We all so another video which unfortunately is also a trailer for the webtoon but you will surely enjoy this.

Stay tuned with us as we will update the posts very quickly as more and more data and visuals are released.

Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation Story

As we know that the manhwa just finished it’s the first season and is currently on hiatus. Basically those of you who aren’t familiar with Solo Leveling or haven’t read the manhwa yet. In this version of Earth, a portal has appeared into the world which introduces dungeons to the world. And some people are granted the title of Hunters and given ranks according to their powers Solo Leveling is about the weakest E rank Hunter Sung Jin Woo. He is barely stronger than normal humans too.

Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation
Jin Woo

He is nicknamed ‘the weakest‘. One day, he enters a Dungeon Raid which goes wrong in a deadly way. All the members of the raid find themselves trapped in the Dungeon. Everyone loses hope but our weakest hunter sacrifices himself and let’s other escape. Late when he was almost dead, he gets a ping that he has cleared the dungeon. Jin-woo has then grated the status of a Player and thus ascends the world of Hunters raining Hellfire on those who oppose him.

What will be in Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation?

The animation studio will have 110 chapters from the Manhwa to work with. With the hype behind Solo Leveling and recent animes like Tower of God being adapted from manhwas, The Production company will surely give it all. My guess is that the company will adopt a 12 episode long cour with a followup of 12 episodes after that. So it will be divided into two cours.

Although we don’t have solid data to support this, It is only my speculation. And more Seasons of Solo Leveling will air according to the response from the fans. There will be awesome Fighting scenes, awesome dungeons and cute girls to animate for the studio. Let us hope we can get to see the anime fast.

For further upcoming details, be sure to follow our socials. I hope you are having a nice day. See you next time and please do remember to sing the Petition so we can get the adaption much faster.