Solo Leveling has been trending in the past few days due to the health of Jang Sung Rak. Readers are now eagerly waiting for Solo Leveling Chapter 104. The 103rd chapter for the manhwa aired a while ago, and with the support its getting. Solo Leveling aka I level up Alone is going places.

Chapter 103 of Solo Leveling covers up an amazing fight, the manhwa really did “Go Forth”. Fans are looking forward to the end of this fight against Ant King. The writer/Illustrator did an amazing job of differentiating the power levels. Moreover, with the plot twists and nail-biting fight scenes. Solo Leveling is gaining a lot more traction.

The previous chapter ends at a cliffhanger; Readers are all the more hyped for Chapter 104 of I Level up Alone.


I Level up Alone aka Solo Leveling Chapter 104

Before starting, please note that this article may contain spoilers and leaks from I level up Alone Chapter 104. If you are not into spoilers, then you shall stop reading now. However, if you don’t mind spoilers, then without any more delays.

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Here is the official tweet for the previous chapter of the manhwa-

It seems the final fight between our protagonist and the Ant King will come to an end. Besides this, The Light Novel for I level up Alone has been over. Readers can expect improvements in the quality of the manhwa. According to our calculations, Solo Leveling is almost half over. There’s somewhat 130-140 chapters left of the manhwa. Which means the manhwa will end around 2023.

As for the leaks – The leaks for Solo Leveling chapter 104 are out. According to our sources, It seems our protagonist has beaten the Ant King. Jin Woo was using the Ruler’s hand against the Ant King’s soldier resulting in pulverizing each one of them. The manhwa chapter ends with, “Can you turn off the camera for a moment?”

There are no updates out as of now. If there is any, we will make sure to update the blog.

Release Date

The release date for the 104th chapter is confirmed to be, Thursday, 6 February 2020. If you are wondering where to read Solo Leveling Chapter 104 then

Solo Leveling Chapter 104 Release Date, Where to Read, Leaks, Spoilers

All the chapters for the Solo Leveling are exclusively available on its official website. Besides this, fans can also buy the hard copy. We highly condemn the use of an unofficial website to read manhua. Moreover, if you buy the official version, it will help the creators and the staff.

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So, this is a story of a world that connects with a portal to a world full of monsters. The story becomes interesting when some people got powers and the ability to hunt the monsters. And, they are called hunters. The protagonist of the story is Sung Jin-Woo who is an “E” rank hunter. Furthermore, he is nicknamed by his companion hunters as “The Weakest”. The story changes when he and other hunters find themselves trapped in a supremely dangerous dungeon. Sung Jin-Woo hardly survives it because he obtains some strange strength. He is the only one who completes all the courses in this dungeon. And this where he started his journey from the E-Rank hunter to the S-Rank hunter, from “weakest to strongest” hunter. As of now, the manhwa has aired 103 chapters, Solo Leveling Chapter 104 will be out soon.

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