The 105th Chapter of Solo Leveling aired a while ago, and readers are full of beans for Solo Leveling Chapter 106. Everyone’s shocked after knowing that Sung-Jin can summon a dead. But after the request of Hunter Baek, he uses “Cancel Summon”. Moreover, the previous chapter reveals that there’s someone even stronger than Sung Jin. Besides this, Ant has been recruited in his Shadow army.

According to the fans, Sung-Jin taking off with his Shadow dragon is one of the most liked scenes. Fans are looking forward to read Solo Leveling 106 and see what the series have to offer.

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Solo Leveling 106 Read online

Solo Leveling 106

Now that the Jeju Island raid is finished, and the monster is dead. Readers are in doubt regarding the next arc. Moreover, the anime adaptation of a popular manhwa is in production. Many Solo Leveling want the series to get an anime adaptation but there’s no official confirmation coming from the studio yet. You can read about the anime adaptation here.

Before starting, please note that this article may contain spoilers and leaks from Solo Leveling Chapter 106. If you are not into spoilers, then you shall stop reading now. However, if you don’t mind spoilers, then without any more delays.

Leaks and Spoilers:

Finally, the leaks and spoilers for Solo Leveling Chapter 106 are out. The leaks and spoilers for the chapter got out on Monday, 18 February. The raw scans for Solo Leveling 106 will be out during the same time, as well. If there are any discussions regarding the same on Reddit, we will make sure to include the link.

Solo Leveling Chapter 106, Ant King asks for a name.
Ant King – Solo Leveling

The official spoilers for Solo Leveling 106 are out, Sung Jin-Woo accepted Baek’s request as he was going to do the same thing anyway. Readers will also get to see a helicopter rescuing all the injured Korean hunters. Our protagonist has stayed behind to destroy all the unhatched ant eggs. Sung has finally reached level 100. All the higher-ups are full of beans. Some major details regarding Sung’s father will soon be unveiled. Moreover, Sung visiting America in the future is highly anticipated. With this pace, the manhwa is going places. Readers are as excited as they could be for Solo Leveling 106.

The original leaks and scans for the manhwa are now out. Don’t worry if there is anything else left, we will update this article, once they are out.

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The Shadow that speaks:

The shadow knelt down after meeting his gaze with Jin-Woo’s. Without a doubt, the ‘absolute loyalty’ that affected all the other Shadow Soldiers also applied to this guy, as well.


Next stop, the ant queen.

Jin-Woo formed a satisfied smile and turned around. But, then….

“Oh, my king….”

Jin-Woo’s steps came to an abrupt halt after he heard that voice coming from behind him. He never thought that he’d got scared that easily, but at least at this moment, he did feel like his heart had taken a nasty tumble down to the pit of his stomach.

…. Could it have been an auditory hallucination?

Jin-Woo looked behind him. Even without doing that, he could tell with his acute senses that there was nothing there besides the ant’s shadow. That shadow was still kneeling on the ground, his head deeply bowed.

Solo Leveling Chapter 106


Jin-Woo studied the shadow as he slowly turned around.

“Was it you?”

The shadow opened its mouth as if he was waiting for this moment.

“Please grant me… a name……”

Although it sounded a little inarticulate, the ant’s shadow was definitely speaking back to him.

According to the spoilers of Solo Leveling 106, no shadow could ever talk but the Ant King’s shadow started talking. And as we all know, the summons depends on the summoner level, which is now 100 in the case of Sung. So, all his summons are now far stronger than they ever were. Moreover, readers will get to see a talking summon for the first time in Solo Leveling chapter 106.

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Release Date:

I Level up Alone chapter 106 will be out on or around Wednesday, 19 February. And You can read I level up Alone on –

Solo Leveling Chapter 106

All the chapters for the Solo Leveling are exclusively available on its official website. Besides this, fans can also buy the hard copy to read Solo Leveling chapter 106. We highly condemn the use of an unofficial website to read manhua. Moreover, if you buy the official version, it will help the creators and the staff. The official twitter account posted:

Although the battle is over, there is much work left to do. Meanwhile, the new eye catches up with Sung Jin-woo’s abilities revealed to the world!

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The story of I level up Alone aka Solo Leveling is based on a popular Korean Light Novel with the same name, by Chu-Gong. The publication started in Feb 2014. As for the plot, it revolves around: a world that connects with a portal to a world full of monsters. The story becomes interesting when some people got powers and the ability to hunt the monsters. The protagonist of the story is Sung Jin-Woo who is an “E” rank hunter. Furthermore, every other hunter refers to him as “The Weakest”. Here is the review of the popular manhwa by Chibi Reviews:

The story changes when he and other hunters find themselves trapped in a supremely dangerous dungeon. Sung Jin-Woo hardly survives it because he obtains some strange strength. He is the only one who completes all the courses in this dungeon. And this where he started his journey from the E-Rank hunter to the S-Rank hunter, from “weakest to strongest” hunter. As of now, the manhwa has aired 105 chapters, Solo Leveling Chapter 106 will be out soon.

Currently, there’s a viral petition on the internet for Solo Leveling anime series. More than 80,000 people have already signed the petition.

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