Solo Leveling Chapter 134 is going to be the very first chapter of this year. It has fans hyped up as they are getting further into the uprisal of Sung Jin-woo. The main reason why Solo Leveling is a super hit among the fans is that the main protagonist is badass in every way possible.

Constantly giving him attention and powerups only provide more fan service which ultimately gives stonks. The manwha will definitely bring sheer joy to its fans this year with the possibility of an anime adaptation release. This blog will fill you in on the details regarding Solo Leveling Chapter 134 Release Date, Where to Read at the Earliest?

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Solo Leveling Chapter 134 Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 134 Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 134 will release on January 6th, 2021 as per schedule. This year is guaranteed to bring out the best in Sung as we have seen him grow at a rapid pace. The previous chapter ended with Yoo Jin-Ho and Sung Jin-Woo reaching Japan to put an end to the monster outbreak. For more details and updates on Solo Leveling Chapter 134, stay tuned to Spoilerguy.

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Recap of Solo Leveling Chapter 133

The Previous episode was informative and didn’t have any action scenes. It begins with reporters trying to deduct the unsightly scene in Japan as giant monsters are strolling through the city.

One reporter says that they received reports on only 2 giants been killed in the event so far. At this pace, many lives will be lost and a large-scale evacuation would have to take place. A total of 31 giants were reported with one massive monster guarding the gate.

It is still not confirmed as to why the giant hasn’t moved a muscle from the gate so it is safe to assume that it is waiting for something or is guarding it.

Solo Leveling Chapter 134

Sung Jin-Woo plans to go to Japan

After listening to the news he Sung can’t help but offer to go to Japan to help the people out. Yoo Jin-Ho explains the reality of the situation to Sung in hopes of him turning down the offer. But Sung is determined to save those people, in the end Yoo Jin-Ho decides to go to Japan with him and states that he will be safe if he’s around Sung.

Holy Water Heals Sung’s Mother

As we all know sung’s mother was in a terrible state but miraculously manages to become completely healed. When questioned, Sung denies the use of any special method of healing used on his mom and tells that he wouldn’t keep any secrets if it would make him money.

The Holy water had completely healed his mother and he only has 3 bottles of holy water and must choose to use them wisely.

Sung Jin-Woo’s Acknowledgment of his Power Level

Sung constantly keeps thinking to himself about how powerful he is yet was almost equal to the Architect. Although he is over level 100, he still doubts that there are people stronger than him in this world. In the end, he makes up his mind to go to Japan and grow his power to level up solo.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 134 Spoilers

The spoilers for Solo Leveling Chapter 134 are not out yet. Spoilers and leaks usually get released two days prior to the official release date of the latest chapter. we will make sure to update you on the spoilers of Solo Leveling Chapter 134 when they come out.

Stay updated with Spoilerguy for more anime/manga-related news and updates.

Where to Read Solo Leveling Chapter 134 Manwha?

All the latest chapters of Solo Leveling including Solo Leveling Chapter 134 are available on Kakao Page Magazine. There is no official platform that provides the English translated version. So to read the English version you can visit various Reddit Threads.

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What is Solo Leveling Manga About?

In the Manhwa, 10 years ago, The Gates opened a portal leading to a world of monsters. People who gained powers from this were called hunters and fought these monsters. Jin-Woo is the weakest hunter in the guild. But he tries his best and risks his life to support his sister and mother.

After a sudden incident, Jin-Woo’s life changes for the better good. He is the strongest hunter now and is acknowledged by all his comrades. Jin-Woo goes on to face more adventures and unveil the secrets behind the Gate.

That’s all we have for today guys, hope you found this artcile on Solo Leveling Chapter 134 Release Date, Where to Read at the Earliest? helpful. While you wait for Solo Leveling Chapter 134 to release make sure to read about Tonikawa Season 2 Release Date, OVA Confirmed!!