Solo Leveling Chapter 136 will have a twist in the story, and we can’t wait to see what happens to the Giant monster guarding the gate. The previous chapter of Solo Leveling showcased Sung’s badass side and how respected he was in a foreign country. The series builds up to an ultimate showdown, which will finally make Sung show his real power. After all, he is waiting to fight more vigorous opponents to attain more power.

When you read Solo Leveling, it just is something else. The beautiful colored illustrations, an overpowered main character, cool-looking shadow army, etc., are factors that enhance this manga to a whole new level. What’s fascinating is that Solo leveling tends to release most of its chapters without delay and every week. No wonder Solo leveling has received immense respect from fans across the globe.

We have included all the information you need to know about Solo Leveling Chapter 136 Release Date and Where to Read? Please read the full article to grasp all the information and stay updated with us for more manga/manhwa updates.

Solo Leveling Chapter 136 Updates

Is Solo Leveling Chapter 136 on Delay?

Fortunately, no. Solo Leveling Chapter 136 is not on a delay. The Solo Leveling Team is doing an excellent job by trying to keep us weebs happy and energetic during this global pandemic. It is not easy to constantly whoop out chapters that are expected to look like masterpieces every time. But the entire team has achieved the impossible.

Solo Leveling Chapter 136 Release Date

solo leveling 136

Solo Leveling Chapter 136 will release on 20th January 2021. Most of us were expecting a fight between the final giant monster in the previous chapter. But it turns out that this is going to be a big one. The previous chapter ended with Sung ordering his army to charge towards the Giant Monster guarding the gate. Solo Leveling 136 will completely cover the final fight, which is predicted to be a big showdown.

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A Gentle Recap of The Previous Chapter

Sung surprises the Japanese by wiping out all the giants and recovering all the wounded hunters. He single-handedly manages to bring the situation under control. Sung refuses to give priority to evacuating Osaka when he can terminate all the monsters easily using his shadow army.

Sung later goes to Tokyo and acknowledges the situation. He comes to know that a few casualties were hunters themselves from foreign countries. After noticing that his mana is not decreasing as he expected although he had sent his shadows all over Japan, Sung realizes the truth. The monsters are too weak to fight back and are barely a match to his shadows. He had expected this trip to be a journey to gain more power.

Sung is sick of this and decides to end it all. In the most badass way possible, Sung decides to go all out in closing the gates as they were the main problem. He summons all of his shadows ( goosebumps moment ) in front of the Giant Monster that’s guarding the gate. Like a true king, he yells at his shadows to charge. The ultimate showdown is going to take place in Solo Leveling Chapter 136.

Predictions and Speculations for Solo Leveling Chapter 136

We had expected to see the final boss battle in the previous chapter. But instead, we got to see Sung shows off in front of another nation’s defense. His badass and confident character makes him lovable. Sung is seen acknowledging that he is not strong enough yet and needs to get stronger.

Solo Leveling Chapter 136 might make his wish come true. A battle with this unknown giant monster might push Sung to his limits. Few fans are coming up with theories that the Giant Monster is guarding the gate for the arrival of something/someone. The next chapter of Solo Leveling might feature a fight with this so-called final boss that will pose a serious threat to Sung. After all, these giants were capable enough to go against the other guild members.

Solo Leveling Chapter 136 Spoilers

Solo Leveling Chapter 136 Spoilers haven’t been released Yet. Furthermore, Solo Leveling Chapter 136 leaks will reach the internet’s surface 3 days before the official chapter release date.

Please do make sure to keep these spoilers to yourself and prevent spoiling the others’ latest chapter. Few readers love to read the entire chapter without knowing the spoilers as it does justice to the waiting period.

We will make sure to update this article if and when the spoilers of Solo Leveling Chapter 136 arrive. Stay updated with Spoilerguy to know more about new and updates about the latest and ongoing series.

Where to Read Solo Leveling Chapter 136?

Solo Leveling Chapter 136

Solo Leveling Chapter 136 and all the other latest chapters of the manhwa can be read on Kakao Page Magazine. Solo Leveling is yet to have an official online streaming platform for its weekly releases. The translated version is available on the internet through numerous Reddit Threads. Due to the unavailability of an official website for reading the manwha, it is best to stay updated with us to know more about Solo Leveling Chapter release date and spoilers.

About Solo Leveling

“Chugon” is the mastermind behind the creation of Solo Leveling. He made his breakthrough via D&C Media who published the Manhwa series back in 2018. The series spans 3 volumes and is currently awaiting an anime adaptation. Considering the popularity that the series would have to offer, any major production company would be happy to take up the project. Fans are eagerly waiting for Chugon and his team’s official statement for the release date of Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation.

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