Solo Leveling Chapter 137 is what fans are looking forward to right now. From the very beginning, Solo Leveling has been receiving tremendous support and overwhelming response from the fans. Due to the Global Pandemic, there were a few setbacks, but this was also a bane for Solo Leveling. Because of the lockdown, many weebs started trying out new things, such as Anime-only weebs started reading mangas and manhwas.

Veteran weebs who are experienced will obviously recommend Solo Leveling as the first manhwa to read and then God of Highschool and so on. Considering the success it has acquired over the past few years, fans very much expect an anime adaptation. Also, the manhwa alone is bringing in a massive income for the team behind the series.

Solo Leveling is currently wiping out all its competition with quality content, solid plot, amazing character designs, top-notch illustrations, etc. Since the start of 2021, Solo Leveling has gone on the beast mode by showing its main character in the most god-like manner possible. Fans are expecting to see more of this in Solo Leveling 137. Read this article till the very end to know about Solo Leveling Chapter 137 Delayed? Everything you need to know!

Solo Leveling Chapter 137 Release Date

solo leveling chapter 137 release date
One of the most Badass Heroes of all time!

Solo Leveling Chapter 137 Release Date – 27th January 2021. The exact release date and time may vary across different time zones across the globe. This release date is a fair assumption from the current ongoing Solo Leveling Release Date Schedule. We will definitely make sure to change/update this article in the event of a change regarding the Solo Leveling Chapter 137 Release Date.

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Is Solo Leveling Chapter 137 on Delay?

Solo Leveling 137

Lucky for you weebs, Solo leveling 137 is currently not on a delay. We haven’t received any news regarding the delay of the latest chapter of Solo Leveling. We will update this article when there is any official notice regarding the delay of the Solo Leveling 137 Release date. Stay updated with us to know more about such news on delays and the latest anime/manga news.

Solo Leveling Chapter 137 – Updates

Recap of the Previous Chapter

The Chapter begins with Sung screaming Charge. All his shadows rush to take on the giant monster. But to everyone’s surprise, the giant monster takes a huge swing across the shadow army. This eradicates 100 of Sung’s shadows.

But Sung being the badass character he is doesn’t mind it. Instead, he tells his best shadows to stand down and wait for the giant monster to show its weakness. Initially, Sung was agitated and was surprised that he felt that way. He didn’t want to run away from it instead he decides to destroy it.

He finally sees a hunch which is possibly its weakness. Sung sends Kaisel to perform a test run which ends up successful. Sung now is ready to tale on the giant monster himself. He uses Mutilate on the giant monster with the help of Beru. The chapter ends with the text “You Have Defeated The Enemy”

Spoilers for Solo Leveling Chapter 137

According to the latest updates, there are no such spoilers of Solo Leveling Chapter 137 yet. But these spoilers and leaks will definitely reach the internet a few days before the original chapter’s release date. Stay tuned to us to receive updates on the spoilers and raw scans of the latest solo leveling chapters.

Solo Leveling Anime Updates

A lot of fan speculations and theories are spreading across various social media platforms. Petitions are being filled for it as well. But the most likely fan speculation to become true is that Netflix will be taking over the production and license for the anime adaptation. Of course, Netflix would love to get a taste of this manhwa as it has the potential to take over the big names in the anime industry.

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Where to Read Solo Leveling Manhwa at the earliest?

Kakao Page Magazine is the current manhwa reading platform for Solo Leveling. As Solo leveling doesn’t actually have an official online reading platform for all the other fans worldwide, online threads from Reddit are the best choice. Solo Leveling Chapter 137 in English can be read on these threads as well.

That’s all we have for today on Solo Leveling Chapter 137 Delayed? Everything you need to know!. While you wait for the next chapter, we would recommend hacking out The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date