The previous chapter ends with Sung Jin-Woo, giving his friend Jinho an early birthday present. Although, Jinho doesn’t actually know of this. But, sooner or later, he will definitely find out that Sung-Jin Woo is the one who saved his father from the final sleep. The story is now heading towards a new arc. Readers are now looking forward to reading Solo Leveling Chapter 140.

Moreover, according to a dream Lady Selner had, National Hunter Christopher Reid is in danger. They might summon Sung Jin-woo to look after Chris. Whatever it might be, Chris doesn’t seem to be too happy about this.

Solo Leveling Chapter 140

Most likely, we will see massive development in Jin-ho’s character. Who felt as if he lost his father. Upon finding that saving his father was Sung-Jin woo’s doing – we might get to see Jinho’s bromance towards Hunter Jin.

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On the other hand, the storyline is once again focusing on sending Sung Jin-woo to America. “What awaits him in there” is still a question? Well, whatever it might be, I’m sure our hunter will take it down.

Where to read Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 140?

The Solo Leveling webtoon follows a weekly schedule of releasing a new chapter every Thursday as per Korean Standard Time. Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 140 will release on 18 February 2021. You can read the chapter officially online on Kakao Page Magazine.

Spoilers Chapter 140:

The spoilers are now out for Solo Leveling chapter 140. Here are the leaks:

Chairman Yu’s health is not ordinary. The doctor at the hospital wants to investigate it further. Even the chairman desired to confirm it but the cameras didn’t work. The entire chapter revolves around the chairman looking for the one who saved him, but even the guards affirmed that no one entered or exited the room. With this spreading like a wildfire, the chairman is now nicknamed “The Invincible”.

On the other hand, Sung Jin-Woo now goes back to Japan to collect his shadow soldiers. He checks his stats and as usual, his stats have risen after clearing the dungeon. Sung-Jin woo now returns to his home in Korea.

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