In Solo Leveling Season 2, Chapter 168, Sung Jinwoo meets his father for the last time before the coming of the Demonic Beast Army. He swears that the Rulers will be held accountable for his father’s death. Since the fall of King of Beast, Monarch of Frost, and Monarch of Plague in Solo Leveling Season 2, the age of the Demonic Beast has begun.

The Hunters meet after an intense struggle and witness the arrival of the Demonic Beasts in the newest Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter, as they prepare to strike. They are taken aback when they hear a voice commanding them to halt.

The Chairman inquires as to why Sung Jinwoo is preventing them from fighting. Since they are confronting the Demonic Beast without attacking, the Hunters are perplexed as to what is going on. Sung Jinwoo takes a step forward and approaches the Demonic Beasts’ commander, his hands stuffed into his pockets.

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The remaining Demonic Beasts float in mid-air, waiting for their leader’s commands. The two locked gazes and the Demonic Beasts’ commander spoke Grand-Marshal Bellion. After hearing that S-Rank Sung Jinwoo is a respected man, Bellion falls to his knees in front of Sung Jinwoo, expressing reverence. The Demonic Beast Army falls to their knees as well.

Summary of Solo Leveling Chapter 167

Sung Jinwoo wonders if this is the actual Shadow Army, and thinks that the Shadow Monarch from the past, Ashborn, may have left this army for him. That is why the Shadow Army was able to spot them from afar and avoided a brawl. Sung Jinwoo is in front of the Army.

General Beru is behind him, and all the warriors are positioned according to their ranks. Hunters are still stunned when a large army collapses in front of an ordinary Human Hunter, as Sung Jinwoo predicts that the true fight will begin. Sung Jinwoo’s new Army has been assembled for a few days now.

The higher-ups later met in the measures committee meeting room of the Korean Hunter Association. They’ve heard that the international press is requesting an explanation for what happened a few days ago. The American Hunter’s Bureau demands that they divulge the location of S-Rank Hunter Sung Jinwoo.

The city’s disaster headquarters informed them that residents would be evacuated to the city. Sung Jinwoo, an S-Rank Hunter, has also been approached by the press for an interview. The Jimmy Show wants to be the one who meets with Sung Jingwoo. The higher-ups respond that they don’t care who Jimmy is as long as they can meet with him and bring him on the channel.

Solo Leveling Chapter 168 Release Date Confirmed?

On Thursday, September 23, 2021, Solo-Leveling Season 2 Chapter 168 will be released. Keep in mind that the newest part of Solo Leveling Season 2 will be released on Thursday. General Beru and Grand Marshal Bellion fought for the #1 place in Sung Jinwoo’s Army, while a new Hunter arrived at the airport; everything will be revealed in the next chapter. We are unable to access the official website for Solo Leveling Season 2.

Where To Read Solo Leveling 168?

Solo Leveling is a Korean Webtoon that originally gets featured on Kakaopage. Since it is the original version it comes in Korean. The English version releases sometime later depending on the translation speeds and the content of the chapter.

That’s all for today on Solo Leveling Chapter 168 my fellow weebs. The next chapter is simply going to be amazing as it will involve jaw-dropping illustrations, hyped-up action sequences, and unbelievable twists and turns in the plot. I think it is safe to say that fans must expect the unexpected in the chapters to come.

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