Fun, comedy, action, and love are few things that Spy X family has to offer. And that’s not all, the manga is consistent with cliffhangers and multiple plot twists. We previously saw Yor run for her life as assassins were hell-bent on killing her. Thanks to her super skills she was able to easily judge, predict, and act according which gave her time to flee. She is now under a dilemma if she should make a scene and kill everyone or flee from the scene and kill them one by one. Regardless of which, Spy X Family Chapter 48 is going to be insane and we are here to update you on all the latest updates.

Spy X Family Chapter 48 Delayed??

It was recently announced that Spy X Family Chapter 48 will be on a short delay. Spy X Family has always tried their best when it comes to being regular in releasing chapters. At times they would even provide our fans with special illustrations during gap weeks. But unfortunately this time we will have to wait longer than usual to know about the chronicles of the spy family.

Is The Spy X Family Chapter 48 Release Date Announced?

spy x family chapter 48

Yes, the final delayed release date has been confirmed. Spy X Family Chapter 48 release date is set to be June 27th, 2021. While the original release date would have been June 13th, 2021, the delay has postponed it by 2 weeks. But fans need not worry as the best action sequence is yet to come in Spy X Family.

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Spy X Family 48 Spoilers!

As of now, we haven’t received any updates on Spy X Family Chapter 48 spoilers. But if we were to speculate, our best guess would be June 25th, 2021. It takes time as the leaks must get translated by unofficial translators and then reach the surface of the internet. For more updates on Spy X Family, stay tuned to Spoilerguy.


SPY X FAMILY began its journey recently in 2019 and has been published by Shueisha ever since. The series has completed a total of 6 volumes in this short time frame. The reason for its success is plain simplicity. The fun and wholesome vibe it produces is something most mangas fail to offer. Most fans are predicting an anime adaptation would release soon in the years to come.

Well, that’s all we have for today on Spy X Family Chapter 48 Delayed?? – Latest Updates on the Release Date!