Hey there, Beyblade Burst may not be the best among all the Beyblade seasons we have come across previously. In this post, we are going to be talking about the Strongest Beyblade in the Beyblade burst series.

But it’s still entertaining with all the bladers trying their best to win matches. Each Blader has unleashed the wrath of their blade in every match trying to be the best.

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Beyblade Burst Series

Hiro Morita has created the toyline and the manga Burst Beyblade series. It is originally based on the original Takara Tomy’s Beyblade franchise. The Burst manga has been compiled into a total of 16 tankōbon volumes. The series is ongoing and has a total of five seasons.

Beyblade Brust (2016)

Visual: Beyblade Burst first season

Beyblade Burst is the first season of the Burst series. The burst series has a total of 51 episodes. The series follows the story of Valt who is invited to a local tournament. However, he fights alongside his friend Shu Kurenai. As the story proceeds, they continue their journey to the finals match of Beyblade.

Who is the best blader in Beyblade Brust?

In the first season of Burst, the bladers were all different having their own different character. However, among all the characters, Lui Shirogashi is considered one of the best Bladers. He did have much character development in the first season. But we get to know more about the Strongest Beyblade in Beyblade Burst in the latter two seasons.

Lui is just like any other extreme competitor we find in every class. That being said He fights opponents worthy of facing his wrath. He never holds back his opinions especially those who don’t live up to his expectations. He doesn’t like the fact of being cheered by his peers and makes it a point to win the matches completely on his skills and having one of the Strongest Beyblade in Beyblade burst.

Speaking of Lui, one of the notable characteristics is he does not fight the injured opponent. In the final tournament against Valt, he made a point to have a sense of honor though he had done something opposite previously. Probably in the burden of his victories he also carries the guilt of injuring his opponents.

In the end, given all the events Lui has proved to be one of the strongest bladers in the Burst series. He has won consecutive five National Championships. Also, his victory was against his all-time greatest opponents like Valt Aoi and Shu Kurenai.

Which Beyblade is the strongest in the Burst Beyblade?

As the series of Beyblade Burst proceeds, we get to judge each Beyblade based on their performance every match. Therefore, the strongest Beyblade is the Burst Starter Nightmare Longinus. His Beyblade has special moves such as ultra counter break and upper launch. The Beyblade belongs to Shu Kurenai. He bonds well with his Bey. And the joint effort of the duo is what makes them a perfect competitor for the others.

Beyblade Burst Evolution (2017)

Visual: Beyblade Burst Evolution

Beyblade Burst Evolution is the second season of the Burst series. The series is also known as Beyblade Burst God in Japanese. The second season has a total of 51 episodes. The second season was later aired in Marvel HQ in 2018. The story follows the exciting adventure of Valt Aoi and his friends. Shu Kurenai gets possessed by his new Beyblade his powers are corrupted. But Valt and others save him and it shows his journey to the finals.

Who is the best blader in Beyblade Brust Evolution?

The Burst Evolution also had a fierce competition among all the bladers. But the best was Valt. Though he was a complete noob in the first series. He did catch up with his other competitors such as Shu Kurenai. Shu is also Valt’s best friend. The battles help Valt to grow as a blader and he becomes an influential character for many in the upcoming series.

In previous matches, Valt was insulted by his peers for losing matches. But his losses had fueled him up. He grows his bond with his Bey. Later he had almost defeated Shu in the District finals. Therefore, His fierce determination had also made him defeat Lui in the National Finals. Given all the events, Valt was one of the greatest Blader in Beyblade Burst Evolution.

Which Beyblade is the strongest in the Burst Beyblade Evolution?

Legend Spriggan is one of the greatest Beyblade in the Burst Evolution series. It is a monster with two long extended claws. Sprrigan has two horns and a lot of overflowing rages of fire.

It also has a massive weapon in hand with a huge red tail. However, it has one weakness which is the two of its teeth which can wear down quickly. Therefore being one of the Strongest Beyblade in the burst series.

Beyblade Burst Turbo (2019)

Strongest beyblade in beyblade burst
Visual: Beyblade Burst Turbo

Beyblade Burst is the third season of the Burst series. The burst series has a total of 51 episodes. The plot revolves around a group of bladers. It centers around Aiger Akabane who is brought up in wild. However, he wants to enter a chance bey battle with Valt Aoi. As the story proceeds, it shows Aiger’s tale of epic adventures and fierce battles on his way to be the best of the best.

Who is the best blader in Beyblade Brust Turbo?

The Burst Turbo has introduced many strong characters. Fubuki Suniye and Suoh Genji are a few of them. Among all of them, Fubuki Sumiye is one of the strongest Bladers in the Burst Season. He is very hardworking when it comes to training. Probably that’s the reason Suoh Genji called him a monster since he is obsessed with training hard for battles.

He is also someone who believes in natural talent more than being called a natural talent. Even with Aiger’s loud character, Fubuki supports him.

Which Beyblade is the strongest in the Burst Beyblade?

Gargoyle is one of the strongest Beyblade in this series. It has a strong depth of energy levels. The name sounds more like reptile originated. So we have an idea of its monster as well.

Beyblade Burst Rise 

Strongest beyblade in beyblade burst
Visual: Beyblade Burst Rise

Beyblade Burst Rise is the fourth season of the Burst Series. The anime has released 52 episodes in Japan. But only 26 of them are available internationally.

The story begins with Valt Aoi trying to train for the next generation of elite Bladers. Dante and Delta are happy about the Beyblade of Valt Aoi. The story tells about the journey of Dante and the Dragon’s rise to the peak of the Blading world.

Who is the best blader in Beyblade Brust Rise?

In this season the best characters are Aiger Akabane. Speaking of Aiger, he is a hothead person and in many ways similar to Valt. However, taking into account the events of the season Turbo. His character has improved a lot. Aiger became older and wiser.  His strongest point is his strategies. He wins his battles because of the strategies.

Aiger has lived his life surrounding farms. He loves animals and instead of dorms prefers staying in a tent. He realizes his mistake in the previous season and gives up on his stubborn character. His new change is what makes him the strongest Blader of the season Burst Rise.

Which Beyblade is the strongest in the Burst Beyblade?

The best Beyblade from this season can be nonother than Beyblade Burst Master Diabolos. It is a bipedal demonic creature. It has four claws with dark red skin. Along with four dark-red spiky things that give rise to four flaming wings of fire. It also has a flame on the tip of his tail. Although the bey is the polar opposite to that of a dragon.

The Beyblade belongs to Dante Koryu. However, The Beyblade has made Dante stronger enough to win battles. His Bey always wants to fight and become stronger. The Bey feeds on the Blader’s desire.

This is it for the Strongest Beyblade in Beyblade Burst. Beyblade Burst Surge is yet to be completed. Therefore it is not included in the article. What has made the Burst series exciting is its characters.

All the seasons have strong opponents with a  past reference which has made viewers more curious about every battle. Hope it has everything to interest you more about the Burst Series. For more such content stay tuned to Spoiler Guy.

Where to Watch Beyblade Burst 

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