In this list we will discuss the top 10 Strongest Fire Force Characters. Enen no Shouboutai, also know as Fire Force is one of the best anime of 2019. It follows the story of Shinra Kusakabe, in his rescue mission for his brother after he finds out he is alive. This Unfolds a Dark Secret about their current world and the occurrence of Infernals. Shinra is the user of Adolla Burst and with the help of Adolla Link, where he synergizes with the Evangelist. He is capable of moving faster than light.


Shinra fights a lot of people in his way and makes a lot of friends. In fact, there are a lot of powerful people in the show. We will try to make a list of all the strongest fire force characters and rank them. So you would get to know the strongest characters in Fire Force?

So like any other list, we will start it from our 10th entry making our way to the Strongest Fire Force Characters. Let’s Get Started.

10. Arthur Boyle

Strongest FIre Force Characters
Strongest Fire Force Characters

He is our 10th entry in our Strongest Fire Force characters list. He’s a fire soldier in the Special Fire Force Company 8. He has long blonde hair and generally prefers it to tie it in a ponytail so it won’t be in the way while fighting enemies. Arthur is a third-generation Pyrokinetic user, so with doubt, he is very powerful. He for some reason thinks he is a knight and has medieval fantasies. Arthur believes Shinra to be his Rival and will do anything to surpass him in the future and obvious quality of the strongest fire force characters.

Arthur is also seen to be pretty cocky, as he is never faced when facing a powerful opponent. That is majorly due to his lack of brain cells or intelligence which is, strangely enough, a good thing for Arthur earning him the entry as one of the strongest fire force characters.

Arthur has Raw Physical Strength as he’s capable of Punching an Infernal and on top of that he has his Excalibur. He also possesses very reactive eyesight and an ability to react very fast. He was also able to dodge Sho’s severed Universe but not entirely.  Arthur’s Ignition ability is very very very strong, strong enough to heat the flames so much they turn into plasma and obviously deserves to be in the list of strongest fire force characters.

Techniques and Abilities

He also has very powerful attacks utilizing his Excalibur and his agility. He can use a variety of techniques to fight. Arthur uses Breath of Life to boosts his ability to fight. The more Delusioned from reality he is, the more powerful he gets.

Arthur can also produce lightning with his sword and move at a very high speed. He uses this speed in various deadly techniques which is a one-hit kill move. He can also use his Sword to launch long-distance attacks.

All these dangerous abilities and skills makes him a strong contender for the 10th Entry on our list of strongest fire force characters. Arthur if he had a few more Brain cells would be even more powerful making him one of the Strongest Fire Force Characters.

9. Sho Kusakabe

Strongest Fire Force Characters
Strongest Fire Force Characters

He is the long lost brother of Shinra and one of the Strongest Fire Force Characters. They were both pleased siblings living with their mom. Shinra used to love Sho very much and vowed to protect their family by becoming a hero. Unfortunately, due to Sho and Shinra being the users of Adolla Burst, Haumea turned their mom into a Demonic Infernal with horns and kidnapped Sho and brainwashed him.

He is effectively the Third Pillar of the Evangelist Sho has a Vampiric Angelish look to him, with white hair and red eyes. He and his abilities are really powerful. Despite his looks, he is very distant and cold-hearted. He even showed in the anime series that why he should be in the list of Strongest Fire Force characters.

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He only thinks of Shinra as his blood relative and shows disgust that they both are siblings. Sho believes only in the Evangelist and her teachings. He is also the commander of the Knights of the Ashen Flames thus holding a lot of power and authority.

Techniques and Abilities

Similar to Arthur he’s Third Generation Pryokinetic user and a skilled swordsman utilizing a Katana. He is fast enough to battle Joker evenly and his ability. He is also a holder of the Adolla Burst, this is the reason he was kidnapped when he awakened Adolla burst as a child thus naturally making him on the strongest fire force characters

Sho if he uses Adolla Link with the Evangelist he is capable of using a Fourth Generation Ability called Severed Universe. It is a super-powerful technique where he absorbs all the universe’s heat reducing the expansion of the universe itself, theoretically stopping time. The only drawback of this power is that it makes Sho’s body extremely cold therefore he can’t use it for an extended period therefore making him one of the limited time strongest Fire Force characters.

This ability is based on him and his ability to use Evangelist’s Grace, therefore a lot of restrictions apply to it. That’s why he’s the 9th entry in our list of Strongest Fire Force Characters till now.

8. Shinra Kusakabe

Strongest Fire Force Characters
Strongest Fire Force Characters

Shinra is the main character of Fire Force and one of the Strongest Fire Force Characters. The whole story revolves around Shinra therefore he is naturally one of the strongest characters in the Fire Force. Shinra promised his mother that he will become a hero and protect her and his brother. Unfortunately, due to Haumea, she ends up becoming a demon infernal and his brother is kidnapped and brainwashed by The Evangelist. Due to this incident, he seems to have developed a condition where when he’s nervous he will have this creepy demonic smile but he is one of the strongest characters in the Fire Force.

Shinra, after growing up becomes very brave and righteous. Never backing down and always doing his best. He’s basically aiming to be the strongest Fire Force Characters He is also very proud of his dream because that was promised to his dead mom. Shinra is very smart and has good judgment. His dream changes when he finds out that Sho is alive, he is very happy and relieved and will try his best to bring Sho back.

Techniques and Abilities

Shinra although recently graduated from the Fire Force School, he’s more than capable of holding his ground against very powerful foes. He has even defeated Princess Hibana, the captain of Company 5. While relying mostly on his Adolla Burst, Shinra has exhibited exceptional skill, being able to pin an opponent to the ground and break their guard with just a kick. He is also capable of defending himself from Highly Destructive Attacks which describes that he is one of the Strongest Fire Force Characters.

Shinra has an arsenal of combat moves, which he can boost by using Hand Signs taught to him by Benimaru. He uses Tora Hishigi and Corna to boost his abilities. Shinra possesses an Adolla Burst which allows him to move faster than light itself.

He can kick enemies at super high speed using Rapid, and mow down opponents using his super fire. Superfire allows him to use 100% of his Adolla Burst. He is also capable of using Hellfire, as cool as this name sounds the ability is even cooler. It’s a short-range Ultra Offensive move that is capable of obliterating enemies by sheer force.

All of this combined together makes Shinra Unstoppable, there may yet come a time in the Manga where he will become the Strongest Fire Force Characters but for now, he is the 8th Entry to the List.

7. Haumea

Strongest Fire Force Characters
Strongest Fire Force Characters

Ah, Haumea the craziest and one of the most powerful fire force characters. She seems like she’s silent and nonchalant but that’s not the case. In reality, She’s very cruel and sadistic often using her powers to cause suffering to others, like Shinra’s Family. She was the one responsible for making Shinra’s mom a Demon Infernal. But do you think she deserves to be in the list of strongest fire force characters? Obviously-

She has blonde hair tied up in a bun and wears a single white jumpsuit kinda outfit with a crown covering her eyes.

Techniques and Abilities

Although her Ignition ability is not that powerful, but her power’s tactility is way more than others making her one of the Strongest Fire Force Characters. She has the power to control Electricity. Using this electricity she can control any electrical signals even the one in the bodies of humans. Which basically means she has the ability to control other people according to her whims and wishes. But Arthur’s Plasma sword Excalibur can negate this effect and cause interference.

Her Ability Radiohead can basically let her do Telepathy by controlling the neurotransmitters and enzymes released by the body. This can be an extremely vital source of information in battles, she could talk to her accomplices without even being with them making her one of the most powerful fire force characters.

Using a motorhead, she can control the release of endorphins in the body and make the targeted person go in berserk like a frenzy.  Due to her Adolla Burst, she can summon and somewhat control Demon Infernals. Haumea is also able to undergo a ritual that summons a Doppelgänger Demon, though this summoning places her under great strain and is extremely painful. Thus is a good entry in our list of Strongest fire force characters.

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6. Leonard Burns

Strongest Fire Force Characters
Strongest Fire Force Characters

And he is my personal favorite Fire Force character- Leonard Burns is the captain of Fire Force Company 1. He is the captain of the strongest Company, which basically means that he is very powerful therefore one of the Strongest Fire Force Characters. Leonard by appearance and aura has a strong presence. He is tall and muscular with long hair tied in a ponytail. He likes to cover his right eye with an eye patch. But whenever he uses his abilities the eye patch gets covered with flames. His right eye is severely burned that’s why he wears a patch.

Leonard is the captain of Company 1, therefore he’s a man of authority. He seems very Intimidating but has a caring part for him. He acts like a father figure to Shinra sometimes. He’s so powerful that he keeps his hand folded most of the time until the dire need for his strength comes. In all of his history, Shinra was probably the first person to land a hit on him who is also one of the most powerful fire force characters.

Techniques and Abilities

As Leonard has been in the force for a long time, he has awakened third-generation Pyrokinetic abilities thus earning him the nickname of Fire Incarnate. He is a master in hand to hand combat. Despite not being in his prime he can stand his ground to many young people. He has also been given the title ” The lion that banishes all Evil”.

His ignition ability is Voltage Nova. While most of the Third Generation fighters release flames, he stores them in his body to increase his physical power. He gains extreme speed and extreme strength in the fire nova from. Furthermore, he can increase the levels of Voltage nova. It has 5 levels until now.

Level 1

In level one a flame aura surrounds his body, and he has fire coming out of his eyepatch. He becomes strong enough to counter Arthur’s Plasma using his bare hands. He can knock people back by making small movements.

Level 2

Everything gets more intense in level 2. The aura becomes so strong that it acts like a defensive barrier not allowing the enemies to get closer. Although this stage leaves him vulnerable to large scale explosion he’s strong enough to break through concrete walls with just a punch.

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Level 3

Fire starts leaking out from his mouth in this form. His hair looks like fire and his body seems more ill defined. Leonard can push a person through a stone wall with just one hand in this form. The aura becomes so strong that it can withstand Shinra’s Hellfire without any problems.

Level 4

More fire keeps coming out of his body, and he begins to take the appearance of a literal lion. His defense becomes so strong that even people affected from Evangelist’s Grace can barely even scratch him.

Level 5

Leonard finally takes the form of a very gigantic Human-like Lion making him one of the most powerful fire force characters His hands become big and can just burn anything by touch. The offensive and Defensive capabilities of this form haven’t been shown yet but this should probably make him one of the strongest characters in Fire Force as well as in the list, only Drawback being using it for a limited amount of time.

5. Joker

Strongest Fire Force Characters
Strongest Fire Force Characters

Joker was introduced to us as a villain but over the course of time, his image shifted into somewhat of an Anti-Hero character and he’s one of the Strongest Fire Force Characters. He has this curiosity to know the truth of the world, which drives him to do the things he does. Joker is a tall man with long black hair and ties a bandana on one side of his face to cover his eye. He is seen wearing formal clothing most of the time and smoking a cigarette.

Early in his life, he was a trained assassin, therefore he is very stealthy and intelligent. He is very protective of Shinra in his own way and condemns Burns on the reckless path he is taking. Burns and Joker worked together before until they met a demon infernal who took them to the Adolla Realm where they both lost an eye. Then he found out that the Sol teachings are nothing but a lie and thus he was not happy with the way Burns continued to live and this is when he grew and make an obvious place in the list of Strongest Fire Force Characters

Techniques and Abilities

Joker is as good as Burns or even better in hand to hand combat. He without using his ignition ability is capable of keeping up with both Sho and Shinra. Due to him being an ex-assassin he also has good eyesight being able to notice small things and has good control over a knife.

He is also a Third Generation Pryokinetic user, capable of manipulating flames and creating objects and letters with it. Joker can also make playing cards which are very powerful and capable of deflecting swords and attacks, like sho’s katana. He can also make the cards blow. Although he tells everyone that he can only make 52 cards before he gets overheated but that’s just a false limit.

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4. Benimaru Shinmon

Strongest Fire Force Characters
Strongest Fire Force Characters

He is now the captain of Fire Force Company 7 and one of the Strongest Fire Force Characters. He has somewhat long hair which covers his face slightly. What’s unique about him is his eyes. His both iris have a different shape, across, and a circle. Benimaru is seen to be short-tempered and prefers working alone, but this changes when the White Clad attacked his town. He becomes a good leader and a captain. He is also very prideful and Honest always staying true to himself and one of the biggest to quality to be stronger in an anime series with having a positive vibe.

Benimaru later also is seen to be a great teacher when he trains Shinra and Arthur to become more powerful. He was also the one who taught Shinra the Hand Signs. Generally, he is very calm and nonchalant, even while purifying Infernals. But the case is different when he’s angered, he becomes like a demon and just mows through the enemies with pure strength.

Techniques and Abilities

Benimaru is considered the strongest Fire Solider in Fire Force series, capable of defeating a demon infernal on his own. He is given the nickname “King of Destruction”. He is extremely good at hand to hand combat as he overpowers the Entire company 8 alone. Benimaru is both a Second and a Third Generation Pyrokinetic user.

So basically he can control his own flames and as well as flames from external sources. He can also use his pole to fly for long distances and using his other abilities he can control the other poles remotely. And like Takehisa he can also control the trajectory of bullets. Benimaru is a practitioner of Iadio Martial Arts.

He doesn’t even need a sword to fight. He can make his own sword of Flames to fight with. Benimaru is capable of using Highly Destructive move, Crimson moon which is a huge blast that turns the moon and the atmosphere red. Thus he is truly the most powerful Fire Solider in the Fire Force and one of the Strongest Character in the Show.

3. Dragon

Strongest Fire Force Characters
Strongest Fire Force Characters

Dragon is part of the Squad called Butchers in the White Clad and one of the Strongest Fire Force Characters. He is a huge person having the appearance of a Shogun. Dragon is also very confident in his abilities. He also vows to kill everyone who will stand in his way. He’s so confident that he even compliments enemies and tell them strategies to beat him. Although not much information is not known about him, from what we have seen he is one of the most powerful fire force characters.

Techniques and Abilities

Benimaru, the strongest Fire Solider says that Dragon is too powerful even for him to fight to call him a monster. He also has very high Physical Strength not even getting grazed by Arthur’s Excalibur despite Arthur being in full delusion mode. And instead of him getting hurt in the battle, his opponents get hurt by merely his presence.

This is known as Draconian Pressure. Like a dragon, he has the ability to breathe fire and has a Dragon scale to fortify his entire body. He can also use Dragon Coordinate to take an appearance like a demon infernal with wings.

Dargon is one of the top 3 Strongest characters in the show, he’s too overpowered and thus truly one of the strongest characters in the fire force.

2. Woman in Black

Strongest Fire Force Characters
Strongest Fire Force Characters

Although there is almost no information on her, what we know is this nameless lady is very powerful even comparable to the evangelist and one of the Strongest Fire Force Characters. She has black eyes, that’s too weird and creepy with long black hair. She generally wears a black robe which only shows her face.

Techniques and Abilities

Being bitten by a Bug and turning into a Third Generation, she could expose her flames to individuals to prolong their lives and cure them of their hunger. Possessing the Ignition Ability Adolla Burst, she used its power to fuel the Shintai to give life to the Oasis. She can also establish an Adolla Link with another Adolla Burst wielder to grant them the “Divine Protection of Adolla” for only one second.

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She can basically control life itself and has the ability to give Grace of the Evangelist to anyone. Basically she can give anyone gives the ability to fight the Evangelist- This is Shinra and together they will someday defeat the evangelist. Apart form this, She is one of the strongest characters in Fire Force.

She is basically in normal words, Death Incarnate and along with the Demon Shinra, they will bring balance to the world.


1. Evangelist

Strongest Fire Force Characters
Strongest Fire Force Characters

The Evangelist is the leader of the White-Clad and as per our knowledge- Stronger Fire Force Character so far!!!. She generally wears a large hood that covers half of her face. She also has two horns on top of her head that’s why the hood has an uplifted look. There is also a sun-like structure floating behind her. She is the strongest in the list of the Strongest Fire Force Characters

She emerged after the Great Disaster, Tempe met her. He thought that she was a god and named her the Evangelist. Tempe asked her to give him back everything the disaster took from him. She uses a bug to turn Tempe into an infernal. Later, she orders Yona to create the Holy Sol Temple Religion. She was then from Year 187 to 198 kidnapped a lot of children to teach them about Human Combustion, Adolla Burst, and past events of the world. Thus creating the White Clad.

Techniques and Abilities

The Evangelist is capable of inhuman feats. She can pass through the Tear in Space, cause country wide Earthquakes. She can also give her grace to all the people who possess an Adolla Burst. With her grace, the user gets access to Fourth Generation Abilities. And also for some reason, looking at her is equivalent to looking at the sun. This is how Joker and Burns lose their eye.

Special Mentions

We would like to introduce some honorable mentions who are pretty strong in their own way. So let’s find who the honorable mention is for our special spot among the strongest fire force characters. They are not as powerful as other but can shine on their own when needed.

1. Akitaru ObiStrongest Fire Force Characters

Obi as you know is the captain of Fire Force Company 8. Also called a bodybuilding Goriliia by his teammates, he is just a normal human without any power of his own. Despite that, he faces the internals and the Evangelist soldiers without any Fear. He has a great value of justice and always abides by it.

Having no power at all, the only trick up his hand is the sheer amount of raw strength he has. He is able to rip rail tracks off the ground and bend them to his desired shape. He is in a raw sense is one of the most powerful fire force characters. He also can grab internals with his bare hands.

And to top it off in one episode an entire ceiling collapsed on him, still, he came out unscathed saving others in the process. Along with his Brute force, he also is a competent strategist often assigning tasks to his underlings and creating an opening for them. Although not as powerful as other pryokinetics, he is the strongest fire force characters among normal humans.

2. Maki Oze

Maki is one badass Female. Capable of holding her ground against many skilled opponents at once. She is a Second Generation Pryokinetic user. She is often seen working out and has a muscular body, often she is called a gorilla woman by her teammates. Generally speaking, she is a softie inside but if someone pisses her off, she along with her two fire spirits can give anyone a run for their money.

So this is for the list of the strongest characters in the fire force. Hope you all enjoyed this in-depth list. Be sure to comment on your favorite characters from the show. Stay tuned for more interesting lists in the future.