In this article, we will be discussing the strongest characters in My Hero Academia anime. My Hero Academia is one of the most popular shonen shows right now. However, with the 5th season on its way, the hype is going to be even stronger. We will only be discussing the strongest characters in the latest season of the anime.

Therefore, there won’t be any spoilers from the manga about other vital characters. Even though there will be a fair bit of spoilers from the anime, we will be sure to keep them to a minimum.

Strongest My Hero Academia Characters

There are many powerful heroes, and there are many powerful villains in the show; it will be tough to rank them as each one of them is very powerful. However, this list is my opinion, and I will try hard to organize the Strongest Boku no Hero Academia Characters. So without any delay, let’s begin!

10. Tamaki Amajiki


Tamaki or better know as Suneater, might seem like a timid and shy person at first. However, that is the case, at least until determines to get something done. We were able to see his fierce side when he fought against three big notorious villains at once.

He displayed a tremendous tactical intellect while fighting the three powerful villains at once. All the other heroes present there might not have been able to find all three of them off at once. Therefore he is one of the strongest My Hero Academia Characters on this list.

His quirk is manifest, through which he can create any physical enhancement of the thing he has eaten. Through very intense training, he can create multiple manifests at once. It is thus making him a great all-around fighter. There are not many people who have great intellect; Suneater can devise strategies while fighting very efficiently. That’s what makes him a perfect entry on the list of Strongest Boku no Hero Academia characters.

9. Stain


Stain is one of the most iconic villains. However, he is more of an Anti-Hero or a Vigilante. He was the one who first started the villain movement after his declaration after getting caught after Deku, Todoroki, and Ilda defeated him.

He might not be the strongest My Hero Academia Character, but he indeed is one of the most influential. He was the one who reminded the Heroes what they needed to do, why they were considered heroes. He has also inspired heroes and villains alike.

On top of that, he also has a great quirk. His quirk allows him to completely immobilize someone who he has consumed the blood of that person. This makes him one of the strongest My Hero Academia characters on this list and the most influential character.

8. Deku


Most of the fans will be disappointed with this placement, even more after his fight with overhaul. But the fact is that he is not the strongest My Hero Academia Character on the list. He used 100% of his power because Eri was using her Quirk in Synergy with him. Although he was still injured after his major fight, this doesn’t mean he is any less potent than others; at the least, he is the strongest Non-Pro Hero in My Hero Academia.

There is no doubt that over time, Deku is bound to become the strongest Boku no Hero Academia Characters, but he still has a long way to go. As of now, he’s only capable of using 8% of his total strength without Emily. His Detroit Smash and Full Cowl are compelling moves. On top of that, he still hasn’t figured out the real power of One for All. So there is a lot of room for improvement.

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7. Ryukyu


Ryukyu is the current number 10 hero. Although she seems humble and gentle, she is more than capable of defending herself and keeping composure in a fight. She has a soft spot for children and likes them a lot. Although what’s contrasting is that she is one of the strongest my hero academia characters on the list.

Her quirk gives her the ability to change into a dragon. Dragon form she has enhanced strength and is extremely durableβ€”more than capable of taking care of multiple enemies at once. She can also fly using her wings and has powerful jaws and claws, making her one of the strongest My Hero Academia characters.

6. Edgeshot


Edgeshot is the No.4 Ranked Pro Hero and one of the strongest heroes in My Hero Academia.Β  His quirk allows him to flatten his body. This makes him able to pass through very tight places and also incapacitate enemies at once.

He is also capable of creating blades from his body. He is also the leader of the Hero Group, Lurkers. He has a ninja-style way of fighting and using his quirk. This overall makes him very versatile and one of the strongest My Hero Academia characters on the list.

He can also transform into a razor-sharp string that can pierce a nomu easily. On top of his potent abilities, he can also devise while he is fighting. He is knowledgeable and tactical in fights.

He is also very co-operative as he effortlessly tag-teamed with Endeavor. Therefore he is one of the strongest Boku no Hero Academia characters. He also held up his own in his fight with All for One.

5. Tomura Shigaraki


He is the leader of the League of Villains. He also serves as the main antagonist of the series. So it’s natural that he will be powerful and one of My Hero Academia’s strongest characters.

He wants to kill All Might and destroy the society so he can rule over it. He is also the student and discipline of all for one as someday he will inherit the quirk. Although he looks like a lunatic, he is brilliant and has a lot of plans.

His quirk also allows him to be flexible in his strategies and fights. Over the development of the past few seasons of My Hero Academia, he has become more powerful. This makes him one of the strongest characters in Boku No Hero Academia. Someday after inheriting the all for one quirk, he will be even more powerful.


4. Hawks


Hawks’ real name is Keigo Takami. Hawks is the current number 2 hero. Although he may look stylish and frail at once, he has an overpowered quirk in reality. He is knowledgeable and more than capable of using his brain during intense situations.

At the end of season 4, we saw him and his quirk in action. He has been on the list of top 10 heroes since he was 18. He also has incredible control over his quirk, making him one of My Hero Academia’s strongest characters.

Hawks are capable of saving cars that are going at a speed of 130km/h. He can also slice through multiple enemies using his wings. He also has very defined eyesight and is extremely formidable in any fight he’s in.

You can also remotely control his wings and use them to lift objects such as falling rocks or people. However, its biggest weakness is fire. Thus he’s in 4th place in the list of strongest my Boku no Hero Academia characters.

3. All Might / All For One


ll might and all for one have been each other’s nemesis for a long time now. However, the truth is that they are well beyond their prime. Once, they were both capable of leveling cities at once when they fought. Now they are focused on teaching their inheritors. All might have the quirk One for all. His quirk allows him to pass on his power to the next inheritor. This way, one for all accumulates the ability to fight against all for one.

Meanwhile, all for one steals power from others to use it to his own needs and demands. Over time, they both have fought countless times over and over again. Now, they both have fallen from their prime and are no longer as powerful as they used to be. They both are one of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia.Β 

2. Overhaul


He is a sociopath and psychopath who wants to return the world to the way it was before the quirk phenomenon. He is extremely sadistic and will go to any extent to make his dreams come true. He even tortures Eri since childhood as her power can revert things as it was before.

He is smart and calculative, as seen in the fight with Deku and night eye. On top of that, his quirk is very powerful. He is a compelling villain who manages to gain the attention of all for one. Therefore he is one of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia.

His quirk allows him to reshape or disassemble anything he touches, including a person or an object. We can even reshape the ground to avoid an attack or defend ourselves. In his fight with Deku, he even fuses with other people that makes him even more powerful. Thus, for now, he truly is the strongest character in Boku No Hero Academia, who is a villain.

1. Endeavor


After All, Might announce his retirement, the whole hero world was looking upon Endeavour to fill that gap left behind by All Might. Although it seemed like a gigantic task for him, he slowly began to accept himself, realize his mistakes, and ask forgiveness for his family’s behavior.

He truly gained the position of Number one hero after his battle with Nomu. In this battle, he showed everyone what it truly means to be a hero after All Might left. People start believing in him, and he starts accepting his faults more. Thus he truly becomes the strongest Character in My Hero Academia.

His quirk is Hellfire. This allows him to create and manipulate flames in a highly efficient manner. In his battle with All for One, he came out uninjured, which means how proficient he is. After years of training, he has developed immense durability and strength, which rivals everyone on the list except All Might.

His indomitable will makes him able to fight till he completely exhausts himself and still not giving up. His Hellflame burns as hot as the sun. Therefore he is one of the strongest characters in Boku No Hero Academia.

This is it for the list of the Strongest My Hero Academia Characters. Hope you enjoyed this. We will see you next time. Meanwhile, you can read about the strongest characters in Jujutsu Kaisen and No Guns Life Season 3.