In this article, we have included everything you need to know about 20th episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. The anime, recently aired its 19th episode and guess what? fans are excited about the upcoming episode. The recent episode wraps up the Universe conflict saga. Besides this, Fans are now eagerly waiting for more action-packed episodes. Moreover, Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 20 will cover-up a new arc.

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Note: this post may contain spoilers. If you have watched all the episodes of the series, then you can keep reading. Otherwise, I suggest you may stop reading, so you don’t get spoiled. So, without any more delays, Let’s get started-

Gogeta vs Hearts

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 20

Episode 19 of Dragon Ball Heroes aired a while ago, and the episode is getting support from all the corners of the world. The episode showcased the final fight between Hit, Jiren, Gogeta, and Hearts. With no preview for Episode 20, it’s hard to guess what arc would come next?

Dragon Ball heroes episode 20 release date

There have been various questions in Dragon Ball Super regarding, Why Goku and Vegeta didn’t fuse against Jiren in Tournament of Power? Well, that’s because – Vegeta is not interested in fusing with Kakarot/Goku. Additionally, there’s a time limit to this fusion technique.

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Release Date

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 20 release date is not officially out yet. However, the episode is scheduled to air in February. Besides this, if there comes any information regarding this, we’ll keep you updated.

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