Tale of the Nine tailed has taken us on a roller-coaster ride, if the last episode hasn’t given you the chills I don’t know what will. Episode 12 did let us known how the imoogi was able to survive despite being slashed by Lee Yeon’s sword. But, How much more do the brothers have to suffer at the hands of the imoogi? Will Lee Yeon be able to save both, his brother and lover? Will Yuri Sacrifice herself for Lee Rang? All these questions will answer in Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 13 but before that, let’s have the recap of the previous episode-

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Episode 12 Recap:

In the initial half we see Ji Ah’s, teary yet sweet reunion with her parents, Yeon leaves them be and steps outside the house to a waiting Gu shin Joo, who then praises Yeon and Rang for doing this good deed for Ji Ah.

Yu Ri is driving Rang back home when Rang tells her how happy he is that the relationship between him and Yeon is all better now. Yu Ri gets jealous and demands Rang to not forget her now that he has Yeon, Rang declares that he would never forget Yu Ri.

Flashback !!!!!

Lee Rang rescues a bruised Yu Ri, gives her food, teaches her the ways of the world and to effectively kill her.  After her first successful flight, she excitedly hugs Rang and kisses him on the cheek. He laughs and pets her head. Now, they joke around and argue about where to eat.

Ji Ah’s parents see the bulletin board full of flyers of their disappearance and the music box Ji Ah received from her father just before the accident, they hug their daughter and tell her how it feels as if they have woken up from a very long nap. Ji Ah shows them the pressed flower with the save me a request. Her father remembers waking once and being told if he wrote the message, he’d help save them. Ji Ah says that man didn’t save them, Lee Yeon saved them. Ji Ah smiles when she describes Lee Yeon. She calls him her boyfriend. The trio is happy to be together again.

Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 12

Later Yeon gets a video call from Ji Ah and we see a very sweet and peaceful sight of them after all the struggle they’ve been through.

After almost losing his life to the brother the CEO is returning to his house, when he receives a call from the imoogi and is forced to spill how he lost the ground cherries to Lee Yeon, he is threatened and summoned by the imoogi but instead drives away.

Ji Ah in her dream finds herself in the CEO’s mansion where she is taken to the imoogi’s room by the nanny and finds him sitting on the desk, the imoogi prefers being addressed as ‘Terry’ as that is what Ji Ah initially named him.

He tells her how fate has connected then and they are the same and she could check it herself in the mirror, the mirror crack and Ji Ah see the imoogi’s scales on her skin.

Ji Ah wakes up from the dream, slides out if the bed and checks herself for the scales, and sighs in relief when she is assured.

All the while Yeon is looking at the Chinese Lantern tree in his living room and is trying to think of a way to get rid of the imoogi without bringing any harm to Ji Ah. He calls the CEO and asks him to meet him as promised, at this point the CEO is willing to do anything for his own survival.

Ji Ah gives her mother a cell phone and asks her not to answer any unknown phone calls. JI Ah’s father shows his willingness to have a meal will Yeon.

Ji Ah lets Yeon know about the unordinary dream she had while he is driving her to work and then tells him that her parents would like to have “her boyfriend” over for dinner, to which he answers “that’s me”. Lol

At Shin Joo’s clinic, the Imoogi visits with a bruised kitten who according to him was caught in a trap. While examining the kitten, Shin Joo communicates with the kitten only to get shocked that it was the same man who bruised her. Shin Joo realizes he’s the imoogi. Shin-Joo is very nervous and tries to covertly pick up a scalpel, the imoogi reveals his identity and grabs Shin Joo by the throat. How would it feel to keep Yeon’s right-hand man hostage?

Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 12 Recap

Shin Joo would rather kill himself than being used as someone against Yeon!

At the Snail Bride’s Yeon asks Sae Rom & Jae Hwa to interview the imoogi, which could possibly help in finding any of the imoogi’s weaknesses. Further Sae Rom & Jae Haw are shocked to know that the imoogi who killed them in their past lives was actually their intern.

Back in the clinic, the imoogi whispers to Shin Joo “When the imoogi inside her calls, you’ll … ” and Shin Joo is left shocked and pale.

Ji Ah leaves the Snail Bride’s early to go back to her parents, while Yeon asks the still uncomfortable Sae Rom & Jae Hwa to sit back as he needed advice.

While Ji Ah is cooking with her parents, Yeon tries serval outfits and gets ready for dinner.

Yeon taking Jae Hwa’s advice very seriously presents Ji Ah’s parents with an expensive it, umm a Car! Haha

Ji Ah trying to handle the situation and trying not to reveal that Yeon is a Gumiho, Yeon being presented with baby Ji Ah’s cute photos, the evening smoothly passes by.

Yu Ri bumps into the Imoogi, “I want to kill” he says.

Meanwhile, the imoogi shows up at the Snail Bride’s and puts everyone but Hae Ja to sleep. She’s left shocked and terrified as he tells her to bring him whatever Yeon usually eats. In a conversation with Hae Ja the Imoogi tells her that his and Yeon’s story will only end with one of them dying.

A blank looking Yu Ri shows up at Le Rang’s where she sits beside him and stabs his chest with her hair pin. Rang is left utterly shocked, he holds Yu Ri’s face with one hand and is trying to figure out why she did that.

In a café we see a sweet conversation going on between, Yeon and Ji Ah. Where he says that the evening was so beautiful that it made him want to spend his whole life with her, have children and grow old like normal humans, which makes him a little sad. Ji Ah immediately uplifts his mood bu sliding a couple’s ring into his hands.

Yu Ri comes to senses and stares in disbelief at the bloody hairpin in her hands and Rang’s bruised body on the floor.

Yeon’s happiness is short-lived, Shin Joo treats Rang’s wounds with Yeon and a shaken Yu ri by Rang’s side. Shin Joo does not look very hopeful when

Yu Ri remembers that she bumped into a man who said something about killing, Yeon sighs and concludes that it was the Imoogi. Since Yu Ri is the only person Rang completely trusts, the imoogi used her.

Shin Joo is not very hopeful and asks Yeon about the Chinese Lanterns, which brings some hope in Yu Ri’s eyes, but the idea of sacrificing a life to bring back his brother and commit a sin to displease Yeon. He sets out to find any other way to heal his brother !!!!!!!!

The Imoogi is very amused seeing Yeon in this jeopardizing situation.

Yeon suggests that they will catch the Imoogi rather than using the lanterns.

At a Pojangmacha, we see a sweet moment between drunk Hae Ja and Team Leader Choi.

Yu Ri is devastated and tried to talk Shin Joo into convincing Yeon to use the lanterns, to which he replies that they should just trust Yeon. Yu Ri tries to steal the Lanterns but they disappear once she reaches Rang. Shin Joo is very disappointed in her and later apologizes to Yeon on her behalf.

The Puppy Boy has a special appearance here!

Yeon gets to know through the CEO that the Imoogi cannot be killed but only put to sleep, which would require Yeon’s mountain spirit powers and human sacrifices.

Sae Rom and Jae Hwa research the Imoogi and find that there is never a happing ending to it and also that it is averse to horse blood, suddenly the Imoogi appears in front of then.

Yeon receives a text from Jae Hwa with the story he found and asks the CEO to get him a body of a living human. Throughout the night, Yeon sits by Rang’s bedside and strokes his hair. “I will never abandon you. I’ll save you. I’ll catch the imoogi,” he promises.

The next day the Imoogi video calls Ji Ah and asks her to go out for a date with her or he would push her friends off the roof.

Ji Ah goes to the decided location wearing the clothes the imoogi sent and seems very uninterested to be there, to which the imoogi says that she should be nice to him since her friend’s lives depend on it. Ji Ah asks him that why was it her, to which the imoogi replies that he thinks she could find something which was stolen from him and tells her the story of how the imoogi came into existence.

Tale of the Nine Tailed

Shin Joo with Yeon is trying to find Jae Hwa and literally sniffs her out using Jae Hwa’s slipper. Disgusting!

Ji Ah tells the Imoogi that she only has Yeon in her heart and has no place for him. This makes the Imoogi really angry and he grabs Ji Ah by her shoulder when suddenly Yeon appears and strangles the imoogi’s neck.

Yeon suddenly performs the ritual only to find that the imoogi is unaffected. He tells Yeon that he is not in his main body.

Ji Ha puts her hand on the chest and says that its burning, Yeon hugs Ji Ah and the scales appear on Ji Ah’s neck and face.

Ji Ah smiles and stands in front of Yeon “It’s been a while, Lee Yeon.” Yeon steps back and screams in anger, “Get out of that body!”

Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 13

The wait ends, Tale of the Nine Tailed episode 13 is going to release on Thursday, November 25th 

About the Drama:

The legendary nine-followed fox, or gumiho, Lee Yeon needed to get comfortable the city numerous hundreds of years ago. Ready to change into human form, he kills powerful creatures that threaten the human world. His real aim is to discover the rebirth of his lost first love.

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