Annyeong, With ‘The Tale of the Nine Tailed’ reaching its end all we can hope for is a happy ending. The latest episodes had us on our edge.  What can we expect from the upcoming episodes? tvN has confirmed the release date for the last two episodes which are Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 15 And 16.

Highlights Of Episode 13 & 14:

  • The Imoogi is a part of Ji Ah and is getting dominant over her body, while he attacks Yeon while residing in Ji Ah. Yeon is stuck in a weird situation, he cannot even defend himself because in doing so he would end up hurting Ji Ah.
  • Yeon figures out that the curse put on the Imoogi is not just that he would grow up fast but also age faster and to bring an end to the curse he wanted to become the mountain spirit, but Yeon ended up partly killing him, that is why out of all the immortal creatures it is Yeon’s body that the Imoogi is after.
  • The Imoogi is weak and is using Ji Ah as his shield, killing him would mean killing Ji Ah, and to save Ji Ah, Yeon will have to give up his own life.

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What will Yeon do?

  • Yeon is determined to find any other way to save both himself and Ji Ah.
  • Just so you know, Lee Rang is safe.
  • The Imoogi threatens Yu Ri that he would kill Shin Ju if she doesn’t go to see him, and Shin Ju unaware of the fact ends up fighting with Yu Ri. (cry id you want).
  • The Imoogi compels Ji Ah’s parents into killing themselves, fortunately, Yeon comes to their rescue and later ends up chit-chatting with the Imoogi.
  • Yeon is probably thinking of sacrificing himself.

Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 15 And 16 Official Release Date

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How did these episodes end?

  • A cliffhanger obviously!!
  • The CEO is out to kill Ji Ah and end everything once and for all!

Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 15 And 16 Release Date

Tale of the Nine Tailed Episodes 15 And 16 will be released on December 2nd and 3rd  respectively.

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