In this post, we are going to be talking about the latest and upcoming Talentless Nana Episode 6 Release Date and More. Talentless Nana is a hidden gem of this season. This anime can easily be overlooked but in reality, it’s one of the darkest animes this year. The official description of the anime doesn’t do it any justice at all. The story revolves around Nana who is a human without powers in a school made for all the humans who have special powers.

Nana is tasked with killing every single one of them for having special powers and she does so in the coldest and cruelest way imaginable. Like it has so many Twists and Turns that it will get you hooked.

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Talentless Nana Episode 6Talentless Nana Episode 6

Talentless Nana never fails to surprise us with its twists and turns. After covertly murdering her classmates and putting the blame on others. Nana grows more and more cold-hearted each time.

Story until now

A new student joins the school. His name is Hatadaria and he has the power of clicking photos of literally anywhere. The new student has photos of her showing how she pushed Nanao off the cliff. She prepares to trap Hata by saying she will do anything if she vouches for her innocence.Talentless Nana Episode 6

Nana becomes his girlfriend in hopes of killing him. A lot of things happen and Nana is waiting for an opportunity to Kill Hatadaria. Fortunately, Hata is not as kind and caring as Nanao so it will be easier for Nana. One night Nana decides to do the deed but Hatadaria overpowers her and tries to have some quality time with her.

Suddenly Kyo and Michiru show up to Nana’s rescue and believe that it was Hata who had killed Nanao too. Somehow the photo of Nana pushing Nanao off the clip is found out by Michiru and the episode ends.

Talentless Nana Episode 6 Release Date

The new and upcoming Talentless Nana Episode 6 is scheduled to release at 9:30 PM JST, Sunday on November 8th, 2020. Be sure to check up on Spoilerguy for more such release dates and other spoilers.

Where to Watch Talentless Nana Episode 6?

You can watch all the episodes of Talentless Nana as they release on Funimation and Amazon. Although, If you want to read the Manga you can do so on Crunchyroll.

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