The best anime of 2019 by Crunchyroll was awarded to Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. This Japanese manga written by  Koyoharu Gotōge is an absolute masterpiece. The morals and mentality of the main protagonist is an admirable aspect of this anime, expressing the quality of character development. The fights are portrayed in a fluent yet intense and colorful manner, making it a  beautiful spectacle to watch. The narrative is perfectly paced and addictive due to little hints of suspense placed throughout the anime.

Who is Tanjiro Kamado ?

Tanjiro Kamado is the main protagonist in the demon slayer. He joins the Demon Slayer corps when his family was massacred by a demon leaving his sister who turns into a demon but has her human conscience. Tanjiro is determined to kill Muzan who is the cause for people turning into demons.

He uses both water and fire breathing techniques combined with his amplified sense of smell making him a unique Demon Slayer. He is a boy with tremendous fighting spirit but kind-hearted at the same time. He always feels the sadness of the demon he’s about to kill and shows immense respect for his victims.

Tanjirou Demon Slayer

Tanjiro’s Demon Form

After a tiresome fight with Muzan, all the Hashiras are relieved. Muzan gets eradicated due to the sun and the Demon slayer corps have won, All the remaining Hashiras are badly injured and are on the verge of death. The remaining corps members immediately rush to their aid and help the wounded. Giyu meets Tanjiro, both have lost one arm and are seriously injured.

Whilst this takes place, Tanjiro has an internal fight with Muzan who is still present in his cells. Muzan pleads Tanjiro to take on his will as he pumps all his blood into Tanjiro making him the king among demons.

All of a sudden Tanjiro grows out his lost left arm. Everyone is left in shock as they see Tanjiro turn into a demon. Giyu yells “Kill Tanjiro before he kills somebody”. Even though Tanjiro was being burnt in the sun he was able to cause a lot of damage. Tanjiro in his demon form was a despicable nuisance, not to mention that all the others were already worn out.

Inosuke who is able to make it there in time gets his sword close to his neck but snaps. He is unable to kill his brother in battle. Nezuko tries to comfort him but all efforts go in vain. Tanjiro creates a blast after which he grows spine like tentacles that cause major destruction.

For a brief moment, Giyuu realizes that he doesn’t kill Nezuko even though she is dripping of blood right in front of him. Tanjiro was actually battling inside his mind trying to fight off his demon conscience.

Kanao who barely could move charges towards Tanjiro carrying the antidote that cured Nezuko. She uses her Breath of Flower Final Form to inject the serum but gets severely injured.

Tanjiro is pulled back to his conscience with the help of his friends and Nezuko. The serum works and Tanjiro are finally back. After a grueling few minutes, all the commotion had come to rest.

3 months later Tanjiro wakes up and meets everyone. The Hashiras that survived meet Tanjiro and are grateful to him. All things are back to normal and The Demon Slayer corps get disbanded. The last Chapter is emotional in all aspects as everything comes to a halt.

Demon Slayer Tanjiro Demon

Why did Muzan turn Tanjiro into the king of Demons?

Muzan was always chasing immortality and power. He had figured that he was limited due to his body and that his feelings were indestructible as they were eternal. Muzan decides to entrust all his emotions onto Tanjiro.

Even though Tanjiro’s heart had stopped, Muzan uses his cells to transfer his emotions. He uses Tanjiro as his last ray of hope to live on to fulfill his dreams. He says ” You will make my dream come true, Kamado Tanjiro “.

Muzan uses Tanjiro as his vessel because he is the only one who can use the same breaths as Yoriichi Tsugikuni who is considered as a monster according to Muzan due to his sun-like blows. Muzan feared him and resented him all his life as he was spared by Yoriichi at his last encounter.

Tanjiro Demon

The other reason is that Tanjiro is Nezuko’s brother and shares the same blood. Muzan was the one who killed Tanjiro’s family in search of the perfect demon. Since Nezuko’s ancestors were a breath of sun users, he injected his blood in her to see if she was compatible. Due to his success with Nezuko, Muzan chooses Tanjiro as he would also be compatible. As a result, he turns the most strong-willed boy into a king of demons.

Tanjiro’s identity remains the same even after his transformation into a demon. He tries his best not to kill Nezuko. Tanjiro’s character is close to being flawless as he loves everyone and shows no hatred towards his comrades. He is kind-hearted and cheerful, does everything in his power to protect his sister, and goes past his physical limits using only sheer determination.

Tanjiro And Muzan Demon

About Anime

Tanjiro sets out to find a cure for his sister Nezuko who had turned into a demon when her family was killed by a demon. He joins the Demon Slayer corps to avenge his family and save others from experiencing his pain. Tanjiro along with his comrades Inosuke and Zenistsu embark on various adventures and hunt down demons. The anime has aired 1 season so far, look forward to Demon Slayer Season 2.

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