Recently, the animation studio Shuka hit anime fans with amazing news. This update was about The Case files of Jeweler Richard. Shuka Announced on Thursday that they are going to produce an anime adaptation of TNanako Tsujimura’s Hōsekisho Richard-she no Nazo Kantei. Besides this, the animation Studio Shuka hit fans with some amazing anime like- Durarara!! And 91 Days. The Case files of Jeweler Richard is going to premiere on January 2020.

Even the official Twitter account and the official website of an anime reveal the teaser visual. So, the teaser visual introduces the two protagonists. They are Richard Ranasinghe Dvorpian and Seigi Nakata. And Shuka will work on anime adaptation. Here is the teaser visual-


The Case files of Jeweler Richard


Official Twitter Report-

The story follows a Richard Ranasinghe Dvorpian. He is a jeweller. And another one is a Japanese university student. He is known as Seigi Tanaka. He is a bright and sincere personality. Besides this, the two solve various cases related to jewels by finding out the mysteries hidden within the jewels. Furthermore, they also solve the mystery hidden inside of their owners.

Ukato Yukihiro illustrates the novel. Besides this, Tsujimura released the novel in 2015. Furthermore, it released in the Shueisha Orange Bunko imprint. According to the official report, the series has 8 volumes so far. Besides this, the 9th volume is in the planning.

SO, what do you think of this update? Are you excited for The Case files of Jeweler Richard gets an anime adaptation? Let us know your views in the below comment section.


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