The fanbase of the Millionaire Detective is as excited as ever for the upcoming episodes and so are we. But there’s bad news to all those who have been waiting for this anime. Fugou Keiji: Balance: Unlimited aka The Millionaire Detective Episode 4 has been postponed, as the production team has stopped working on this anime. You can skip to the bottom to Read more.

As of now, the anime has aired a total of 2 Episodes, the third episode will be out this Thursday, 26 April 2020. But currently, the anime have stopped the production and prerecordings for the upcoming episode. Just like One Piece anime.

The official twitter account for the anime recently posted, Notice of postponement of broadcasting] “Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED” has decided to postpone broadcasting after the third episode in order to give maximum consideration to the spread of new coronavirus infection. We will inform you about the future broadcasting schedule on the official website of the program etc. As soon as it is decided.

The safety of voice actors and the other staff members should really be the priority of the studio. It’s one of the greatest decisions, which is being appreciated by all the fans out there.

Will there be The Millionaire Detective Episode 4 in the Future?

Yes, there definitely will be. Health comes first, so once the pandemic issue gets sorted. The studio will definitely continue the series.

Where to Watch The Millionaire Detective anime?

All the episodes of this series are available on FUNimation and Ani-One YouTube. We highly condemn the usage of an illegal streaming website to watch anime.

FUNimation describes the show as, Detective Daisuke Kanbehas no problems using his own fortune to solve crimes even if he assesses human lives based on their financial worth. Compassionate Haru Katosees all life as sacred and is sickened by Daisuke’s materialistic ways. Can they stop butting heads and overcome their opposing world views for the sake of solving the toughest crimes in the precinct? Here is the trailer for the same:

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