The Promised Neverland was one of the best anime of 2019 in my opinion. The 12 episodes long anime started back in January 2019 and became popular among anime lovers very quickly. Being slightly different from other mainstream shounen anime. This anime gives a complete pack of Sci-Fi, Mystery, Horror, Psychological, Thriller and much more. Due to the huge fanbase, the franchise have now decided to bring in The promised Neverland live action.


Emma 11-year-old orphan living happily with other orphans in Grace Field House. Life has never been better: with delicious food; nice and clean beds; games; and a mother like a caretaker, Isabella. Emma was having the best time of his life with his two best friends Ray and Norman. But one fine day these kids found out something that changed their life.

The Promised Neverland Live Action Movie

Recently, TOHO revealed about The Promised Neverland – Live Action Film. But much information if known about it. Moreover, It will open in Japan in December 2020. Minami Hamabe is Starring as Emma in the film. Also, Jyo Kairi is playing as Ray and Rihito Itagak is starring as Norman.

The Promised Neverland Live Action

Yūichirō Hirakawa is directing the film. Moreover, Noriko Gotou is penning the script. This amazing duo worked together in the Erased Live-action movie. But this movie is going to be very different compared to their previous works.

Release Date- 

There is no affirmed exact release date coming from the studio yet. However, according to our sources, the release date for promised neverland live action is in or around December 2020.

Many live-action movies are coming out in 2020. Let’s see how well the movie performs. Moreover, fans are super excited to be able to see their favorite anime getting a live-action.

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