With the end of the year, 2020 many prestigious award shows are announcing their winners for different categories. Recently the Tokyo News Services’TV Bros announced the Bros Comic Award 2020. The award goes to the manga “My Broken Mariko”. The mangaka of My Broken Mariko is Waka Hirako.

With the amazing winning news, it has also announced that the December issue of the magazine will feature content related to the manga. It will also include an interview with the mangaka, Hirako. The December issue will have two different cover variants. With both of them illustrated by Hirako. One of them will be a regular version and the other one is a limited edition from Amazon. The December issue of the manga launches this Friday.

Yen Press has licensed the manga The Broken Mariko. It will also be published in English in a deluxe hardcover book on November 10. The story revolves around a Shino who is an ill-tempered office assistant. Later her friend Mariko dies out of nowhere and she resolves to get to the bottom of it. The plot is based on sisterhood and romance portraying the soulful connection between the girls. The manga is compiled in one volume.  With Kadokawa in charge of publishing it in Japan. It also includes Hirako’s debut one-shot manga “Yiska”.

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