As the show has been going on for a long time, quite a few of you must be wondering about who’s the most strongest Black Clover Characters. For those, we have this Updated List of the Strongest Black Clover Characters.

Black Clover is a new generation Shounen Anime. As soon as it started Airing, it became an instant Phenomenon. In the beginning, we all know how annoying Asta’s voice was. From then the show has come ahead a lot. We all know how Asta and Yuno have been training to become the Wizard King.

It’s often the Strongest people of an anime that interests people in watching it. Be it the Heros or the Villans. This list will include them all.

Let’s start this list and discover the Strongest Black Clover Characters.

10. GadjahStrongest Black Clover Characters

He’s a tall muscular man with black hair and a scar running across his face. He’s a Spirit Guardian from the Heart Kingdom. Heart kingdom is a country bordering the Clover Kingdom. Gadjah is most loyal to his country and can do anything for the sake of his country. He even tricks the Magic Knights from the Clover Empire to capture Asta. He has an affinity with Lightning magic, making him fast and strong. His, spell Tenjiolia can obliterate enemies.  Tenjiolia’s Long-range version Irial Astrauza has immense Destruction Capabilities thus being one of the strongest black clover characters.

He is also super fast as he caught up to Finral despite him using Spatial Magic. He can also levitate mid-air without using any magic. Due to him being a Spirit Guardian he has disastrous magical Powers. Even Juilius acknowledges his power.  Later Gadjah trains more under Juilis and Lolpechka to become more powerful. Thus he deserves the Number 10 spot in the list of the strongest black clover characters.

He is also capable of summoning Magical Signs using his heart Grimoire which gives him excellent defense. Although he may be the Strongest Black Clover Magical Knight, he sure is powerful enough and maybe in the future, he might become even more worthy of going to the top of the list for the strongest black clover characters.

9. Yami SukehiroStrongest Black Clover Characters

Yami is the captain of the Black Bulls and formerly a member of Azure Deers. He is not native to the Kingdom of Clover as he came from the Hino Country which is similar to Sengoku Era Japan. He is extremely Tall and Muscular. Yami is one scary Captain who starts giving Death Threats to anyone be it another Knight-Captain or Julius himself. He also is shown to push his teammates beyond there comfort zone by often giving them Highly difficult missions. On top of a great Squad Captain, he’s one of the strongest black clover characters.

Yami has an affinity with Dark Magic. One of the most powerful and dangerous attributes. He uses his Dark Magic by channeling it to his sword and then using it to slash enemies.  He can also make a Black Hole using his Dark Magic. He has yet another High-Level Magic which can cause mayhem within the enemy. This magic is so powerful that it can even cut through Spatial Magic or any other kind of Magic thus him being one of the strongest Black Clover characters is apparent as he is only one of the few who uses dark magic in the show.

His black Cocoon is a Total Defense Magical Spell which repels all the attacks and has high Durability. Yami also has Strong Reinforcement magic, and it’s because Dark magic takes time to cast so He has to be strong enough to Tank the Enemy hits. It’s Strong enough to withstand Dante’s Devil Boosted Gravity Magic.

He also has great Sword skills with his Katana thus he’s a magic Swordsman that too an extremely powerful one. As Yami comes from Hino Country, he’s trained to Sense Ki. Ki is a natural Energy flowing through people. By using Ki he can predict and better protect against Attacks. Thus making him one of the most Strongest Black Clover Characters and Magical Swordsman.

8. Lemiel Silvamillion CloverStrongest Black Clover Characters

Lemiel, The First Wizard King. It’s a given he’s someone over the top powerful Wizard previously thought to be the strongest Black Clover characters, and some might be surprised that he’s the 8th Entry to the list. Lemiel straight up looks like royalty. Blonde hair and blue eyes and a petite face. And also unlike other Royalty, he doesn’t have any prejudice towards Commoners, elves, or anyone.

He’s not like most people. Lemiel is shown to have a great curiosity towards the magic. Lemiel is the first Wizard King and extremely powerful. It is said that after the encounter with Licht’s Devil Form he died but that wasn’t the case. He was sealed by Secre. Finral and Secre later break his seal and ask his help to fight the devil.

Lemiel has quite an arsenal of High Damage Dealing spells. Lamp of Avior is one of such spells. It creates a big explosion, powerful enough to stop a tornado.

On top of that, Lemiel can also use Union Magic, allowing his magic to synergize with other magic. When he synergizes with Asta’s Demon Dweller sword which can do the same thing, he uses Demon-Dweller Sword: Protecting Light. This creates a Protective Aura and boosts Target’s speed. He is one of the strongest black clover characters with all the different kinds of magic he has.

Because Lemiel has a four-leaf clover, He has immense magical capacity. It is seen that his spells are as powerful as Licht’s demon spells. He also has immense speed and reaction time. And is very skilled with a sword, that’s why he became the first Wizard King and previously thought to be the strongest black clover characters.

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7. ZagredStrongest Black Clover Characters

Zagred is a High Ranking Devil and he’s the one who is responsible for the annihilation of the Elf Tribe and later Reincarnating it. He looks like a human coved with a black aura and one thing about him is he can have mouths anywhere, even his heart. Though we cannot deny the fact that he is one of the strongest black clover characters out there.

Zagred is a true demon and Sadistic in nature. He believes that humans and elves are his playthings. He orchestrates the killing of the Elf tribe and acting as Lemiel to trick Litch into thinking he has betrayed him. His thinking comes from a deep desire for a body just so he can manifest cause destruction. He underestimates his opponents, this is what leads to his ultimate demise.

Zagred uses Kotodama magic through which he can use to alter his surrounding through his speech. He can absorb magic, summon magic tridents, and overall can do the magic of the body it possesses. Zagred is also capable of doing Reincarnation Magic and also can possess other people at whims. Thus he can be considered one of the Strongest Black Clover characters.

6. Fuegoleon VermillionStrongest Black Clover Characters

Fuegoleon is probably the most Powerful OP Squad Captain of all time. He’s the First Son of House Vermillion. He is tall and with a handsome face. Fuegoleon has a great character to him. He judges a person based on their abilities. He also has shown great leadership qualities that he’s able to order the magic knights in a short period when the capital was under attack. Fuegoleon is probably the strongest black clover character who is a knight Captain.

His affinity with fire magic is like everyone in his family. He also can use creation magic, allowing him to create Fire Familiars like Leo Rugiens. He summons a Fire Lion which is capable of high damage dealings. Well in my books if you can summon a fire lion who can burn enemies left and right you are one of the strongest black clover characters.

He can also use his magic to create a fire spiral Pillar which protects its user from any spells. So it’s a high defensive spell. He also can summon the salamander Spirit which assists him in battles and can make him even more powerful. Leaving aside his magical prowess, he is also a great Tactician being able to find an enemy weakness in one go. Therefore with both brains and brute strength and magical power he is a good entry on our list of Strongest Black Clover Characters.

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5. LolopechkaStrongest Black Clover Characters

She is the princess and the Ruler of the Heart Kingdom. She is seen to be kind of absent-minded and clumsy at times. But she takes her duties very seriously often doing all the things herself. Lolopechaka is also suffering from Megicula’s curse. The curse mark is shown in her abdomen.

Lolopechaka uses water magic is a very powerful user. She can generate and manipulate water. Lolopechaka can also summon her Water Magic Spirit, Undine. She is among the Strongest Black Clover Characters and is truly a powerful ruler.

She also has inherited a lot of magical power from the previous generation of the princess. Which makes her one of the strongest Black Clover Characters. Although we haven’t seen any of her offensive or defensive spells, the amount of magic power she has immense that’s why she has been placed this high in the list. At this point, we don’t have much information on her. So we will update it soon.

4. Zenon ZogratisStrongest Black Clover Characters

Zenon is a member of the Dark Triad in the Spade Kingdom. Dark Triad is a trio of powerful mages who rule over the Spade Kingdom. Being a part of the Triad makes him extremely powerful. His most notable feature is his scar on his left eye which is in the shape of a scar. The Trio consists of the Strongest Black Clover Characters to exist.

When he uses his devil powers, his appearance changes. He sprouts horns and wings and the marking on his face extends. Zenon is extremely powerful and doesn’t prefer to talk much. He’s merciless and a bloodthirsty guy. Going as far as to attack the Golden Dawn’s headquarters in the Clover Kingdom to get an Arcane Stage Mage. His magic is quite weird and unique. He can control Bones and manipulate them. Well thinking about it is an OP ability making him one of the strongest black clover characters.

He summons a lot of sharp bones that skewers the opponents and it’s impossible to dodge it. Zenon can also make a sword out of the bones or other weapons. His Spell Eternal Fangs is extremely powerful.

He is Possessed by a devil, whenever the devil grants him his power he becomes several times more powerful. Making him one of the strongest Black Clover characters. His devil is powerful he defeats Yuno without any efforts.

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3. VanicaStrongest Black Clover Characters

Vanica is a member of the Dark Triad of the Spade kingdom. She’s also possessed with a Devil Spirit Megicula. She wears an eye-patch on her Right eye. Vanica is more of a cheerful and enthusiastic girl. She also likes fighting strong people and thinks that weak people are a waste of time for her. That Attitude also makes her one of the Strongest Black Clover Characters.

As she has been introduced recently we don’t have much information on her. But we know that the demon she hosts is one of the most powerful demons to exist. But if we just take Vanica she’s said to have enough power to withstand to a Devil. On top of her already existing immense magical power, she’s possessed by the strongest devil, Megicula. This makes her ridiculously overpowered and of the strongest Black Clover Character.

She also posses a Spade Grimoire granting her various spells and powers. Thus along with her devil, she is the strongest Black Clover Character.

2. DanteStrongest Black Clover Characters

Dante is also the part of the Dark Triad and host of the Devil Lucifero. His most noticeable feature is a mark running across his forehead. He is also seen wearing a tall crown most of the time. When he’s in his devil form, he grows wings and Horns. His mark also expands. He is the strongest Black Clover Character who is also a villain and the strongest among the dark Triad.

Dante seems to be an easy-going and calm person, not losing his temperament in difficult situations. Although he can be a bit extreme at times, it’s seen when he tortures Gauche in front of Asta to push him to his limits. He also likes being called Evil as he thinks it’s the true nature of Humans. Dante is seen to like Vanessa calling her his woman multiple times. Dante is truly fearsome and one of the Strongest Black Clover Characters.

He also thinks very lowly of people who have no Mana, but he seems to enjoy fighting with Asta. Dante is skilled with Gravity Magic and has high control over it. His spells are also very powerful. The presence of the Demon King is an Area that affects Gravity Magic which increases the gravity of an area, truly a devastating ability making him the strongest Black Clover Character.

Dante can also compress rocks from the ground and make it into a sword, he calls this Evil God’s Pressure Crafts He’s also very skilled in Hand to Hand Combat. Dante’s seen to dominate Black Asta with his bare hands. Dante also has his demon powers. The more he draws in the more devil-like he becomes. At 60% power, he can even Nullify Red Strings of Fate. Thus he is truly one of the most Strongest Black Clover Characters till now.

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1. Asta/Asta’s DevilStrongest Black Clover Characters

Asta is the main protagonist of the Show, Thus it is justified him being the Strongest Black Clover Character. But the thing is Asta is not that powerful at all it’s the Devil residing within Asta, The Anti Magic Devil. Its name is unknown but not it’s powered. He’s so strong that he nullifies all and every magic in existence. It is born when Litch’s Grimoire gets taken over by the Zegerid. After that, The Anti Magic Devil posses Litch’s Grimoire.

When all the elf’s get Slaughtered, Licht’s 4 leaf clover gets transformed in a 5 leaf clover, Showing that a demon resides within it. Centuries later, The grimoire is given to Asta.

Anti Demon’s power is so powerful it can negate the user’s magic, That’s why magic-less Asta was the perfect host for it. So far Antimagic is the show to work through the use of Swords. There are three swords until now. And all three are in the possession of Asta making him the Strongest Black Clover Characters.

Till now there has been no Magic which the Antimagic doesn’t work on. So this instantly makes him the strongest character in the Black Clover. Therefore Asta’s Devil is the Strongest Black clover Character. To date, there hasn’t been any information about Asta’s Devil True. Although without any Information, everyone has speculated that Asta if he unleashes his Demon powers will become one of the strongest Black Clover Characters.

Bonus Characters

As we already mentioned above that this is the list of only 10 strongest possible characters. But here are some bonus characters from Black Clover. So, let’s get started with the bonus character list of the strongest black clover character-

1. Nozel Silva

Only sworn rival of the strongest fire mage and only mercury magic user so far- Nozel Silva. Nozel is an arrogant man who believes himself superior to others. Although he looks down on commoners and peasants. He takes his position as a Magic Knight very seriously and holds himself and his siblings to a high standard.

2. Julius Novachrono

Julius was the former captain of the deer squad and is the current Wizard King. As we all know all the wizard kings are very powerful, but the reason he didn’t make it in the list was that he originally died fighting against Patoili, and he had been storing additional time in his forehead. Therefore coming back to life as a teen. Julius is an expert in Time Magic, it’s basically an OP ability as he can alter the flow of time to his needs. Well, personality-wise he is very playful often ignoring his duties as a king to go outside and have fun. He gets even more childish when he sees any new magic skills and types.

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And so here we finished our List of the Strongest Black Clover Characters, Do let us know what your top 10 Characters are in the comments below. Be sure to share this post with your friends so they can get to know the Strongest Black Clover Characters.

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