To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts had an excellent first episode. I enjoyed watching the betrayal and heartbreak unfold right from the start. However, the show also dives into deeper aspects of humanity, friendship and outcomes of war. Before I get ahead of myself, let’s talk about what The Abandoned Sacred Beasts is about in general. When I first read the synopsis, my thoughts were somewhat along the lines of Incarnates vs. Beast Hunters. Little did I know that it was more like Incarnates vs. Captain Incarnate.

The Plot.

Hank Henriette is the captain of the Incarnate squad, a group of soldiers that can turn into beasts. They were created by the desperate Northern side to turn the tides of war. The Incarnates are successful in doing so but slowly begin to lose their humanity. Hank makes an oath with his subordinates that if the time came where anyone from the squad would lose their humanity completely, one of their own would put them to rest.

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2

As the war progresses, Elaine, Hank’s childhood friend and creator of the Incarnates, struggles to find a way to reverse the effects of the experiments. Unable to come up with one, she creates bullets that are able to kill the Incarnates and shoots Hank claiming that this is the only way to save them all and she will be following soon. Elaine had enlisted Cain’s help, another fellow Incarnate and also Hank and Elaine’s childhood friend. As she is thanking Cain for his willingness to help her, Cain shoots her and laughs as Hank watches, unable to do anything.

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Fast forward to two months later and Hank has woken up from his coma to Liza (Hank’s support officer) giving him the news that Elaine’s body is missing, Cain is nowhere to be found and the Incarnates have been going berserk. Remembering his oath and betrayal, Hank sets on a journey to find Cain and put his colleagues to rest.

Hank’s Journey.

Hank’s journey begins with Will, a kind man who runs an orphanage with his daughter Schaal. Schaal witnesses her father’s death at the hands of Hank and sets out to kill him. When she’s unable to do so (normal bullets don’t harm the Incarnates), she demands answers. Hank is unresponsive and Schaal decides to join Hank’s journey and find the answers herself as to why her father had to die.

Elsewhere, a new Hero, Claude, has risen in the Incarnate Extermination squad whereas Cain has been keeping an eye on Hank. However, that doesn’t mean that Hank has been just going around killing monsters, nope. He entrusts Liza to seek out Cain’s whereabouts.


They follow a lead and Schaal gets kidnapped. Hank goes to rescue and it turns out to be the age-old battle of Vampire (Cain’s transformation) vs. Werewolf (Hank’s transformation). We also find out other nuggets of info like how Claude is Cain’s little bro and Hank is apparently the King of the beasts. I mean, since he was the captain of the squad, I guess it makes sense. Hank then runs off, Cain starts a new country and Schaal goes back to her village. Basically, everything’s gone to hell.

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Soon enough, Schaal is reunited with Liza and Claude who are in search of an Incarnate who turns out to be the reanimated corpse of Schaal’s dad and this time Schaal is the one to put an end to him. She sets out with them once again to find Hank and face off against Cain.

Final Takeaway and To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2.

I’d thought that after all that, the conflict between the two ex-friends would come to some sort of conclusion but NO! We apparently need a cliffhanger in case To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2 gets greenlit (which it hasn’t as far as I’m aware).

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