To Your Eternity
To Your Eternity Vol 1 Cover

To Your Eternity is an upcoming anime based on the manga of the same name written by Yoshitoki Oima. Oima is also known for writing the hit manga A Silent Voice. There was an announcement on Monday that due to the new coronavirus disease the anime production is severely affected. It was supposed to premiere in October 2020 but it will be delayed to April 2021.

In case you want to read the Manga you can go to Crunchyroll for all the chapters of the Manga in English. The Manga is critically acclaimed ranking in one of the best Graphic novels for teens by the American Library Association’s (ALA’s) Young Adult Library Services Association. The Manga has been going on since November 2016.

To Your Ete will premiere on Crunchyroll and will have 20 episodes. The story is described by the manga as-

“A new manga from the creator of the acclaimed A Silent Voice, featuring intimate, emotional drama and an epic story spanning time and space…
A lonely boy wandering the Arctic regions of North America meets a wolf, and the two become fast friends, depending on each other to survive the harsh environment. But the boy has a history, and the wolf is more than meets the eye as well… To Your Eternity is a totally unique and moving manga about death, life, reincarnation, and the nature of love.”