Hey Everyone! Tonikawa has released its latest Chapter 137. In this post, we are talking about the latest updates on the upcoming Tonikawa Release Date and Other Details. In the previous episode, we found Kaname Chan asking Naza Yuzaki to take his wife on a fancy date.

Note – This post may contain spoilers. I suggest you read it off your own accord. However, we will update the article with all the spoilers, leaks, and raw scans for Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 137, including the sources to read it online. 

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Tonikawa Chapter 137


This chapter of Tonikawa is about Naza Yuzaki gathering up his courage to ask Tsukasa for a real fancy date. Kaname Chan explains to him the whole process of an expensive date. But will Naza be able to convince Tsukasa for a real date?

In Tonikawa Chapter 137, Kaname from the bathhouse asks Nasa Yuzaki to take his wife on an expensive date. Nasa Kun is confused by Kaname chan’s words. Then she explains the whole process of a perfect date asks Naza to explore his manhood. Read more at Spoiler Guy to know more about the upcoming Tonikawa chapter 137.

Tonikawa Chapter 137 Release Date

Chapter 138 of Tonikawa is expected to release on 26th December. Any changes regarding the release date of Tonikawa Chapter 137 will be updated in the future. Do stay tuned to Spoilerguy for more information on Manhwa chapters.

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Tonikawa Chapter 138 Spoilers and Speculations

NOTE:- This post may contain spoilers. If spoilers bother you, I suggest you read it with utmost care. 

The chapter will feature Tsukasa’s reaction on a fancy date with her husband. To know how the date ends up stay hooked to the upcoming chapters.

Tonikawa Chapter 137 Where to Read?

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About Tonikawa

Tonikaku Kawaii is the Japanese name of the manga. Kenjiro Hata has illustrated and written the manga series. Therefore, The story is about Nasa Yuzaki who aspires to become an astronaut. He meets a girl, Tsukasa Yuzaki. Tsukasa saves Nasa from an accident and in the process, the girl agrees to marry him someday.

Two years later she winds up at his door with official marriage documents to marry Nasa. Therefore, it starts an adorable little romance series about a couple that lives together. As the story proceeds it shows the everyday life of their sudden marriage.

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