So we are here with this blog to help you to find Classic Anime like Cowboy Bebop. I am pretty sure most of the fans who have been watching anime from a long time know of Cowboy Bebop. Some of them consider it to be the greatest classic anime of all time. Personally I believe that Cowboy Bebop is one of those anime ones needs to see once in a lifetime, whether you watch anime or not. Amazing fights between bounty hunters in space and that amazing soundtrack which still gives me shivers to date. You definitely need to watch the classic anime similar to cowboy bebop.

Classic Anime like Cowboy Bebeop
Cowboy Bebop

It might be a pretty big blow to you if you have finished watching Cowboy Bebop and want to fill that space with a similar anime, and trust me there are some good alternatives to watch.

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Top 10 Classic Anime like Cowboy Bebop

So without waiting any longer let’s start this top ten list. This list is ranked according to my personal preferences, so don’t be sad if your favorite anime is not on the top. And I would only be considering anime which was released before 2010 because there is not much older classic anime like Cowboy Bebop. Let’s begin!

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10. Mobile Suit GundamClassic Anime like Cowboy Bebeop

Gundam is another Classic anime like Cowboy Bebop. When Gundam first aired the plot was too advanced and therefore it was not very popular then. It got almost close to getting canceled, the sponsors of the show cut the show’s episodes in half. That’s when Bandai Namco Stepped in and started selling the Gundam models. That changed the whole course of the show making it one of the best classic anime like cowboy bebop.

It follows the story of colony clusters in space and their civil war with each other. A 15-year-old boy somehow gets caught in the battle and ends up piloting a Gundam thus becoming an Ace Pilot for the Earth Federation. The Story further develops further as the story progresses. Give this a try if you want to watch a classic mecha anime with some of the aspects of character development similar to Cowboy Bebop.

9. Legend Of Galactic HeroesClassic Anime like Cowboy Bebeop

Legend of Galactic Heroes follows the story of a 150 Year Stalemate between two factions in space. The Galactic Empire and the Free Planet Alliance. In many aspects, it is a classic anime like Cowboy Bebop. A new generation of leaders takes command. Both of them are actually badasses with their own thinking and goals. One is a Military commander and the other one is a Historian. This clash of ideologies in war and these masterminds trying to outsmart each other in the space theme similar to Cowboy Bebop is very nice.

The art is old as you would expect from an old Anime, it was considered a work of art back then. Think of this show as a Star Wars anime. The characters are memorable and their story shows beautifully in the show. Another important aspect regarding exposition is that this show has a narrator who is the replacement for expositional characters. The narrator transitions us from one setting to another very concisely and is an integral part of the anime thus a classic anime like cowboy bebop.

Watch Legend Of Galactic Heroes Here

8. Neon Genesis EvangelionClassic Anime like Cowboy Bebeop

In 2015, when humanity is in the brink of destruction it’s last hope is the Evangelion. They are giant Mechas who are the only ones capable of destroying the angels who want to destroy the earth. 14-year-old Shinji Ikari’s life is changed when he becomes the pilot of the Evangelion unit 01 and the whole fate of humanity lies on him.

Neon genesis was regarded as a huge success among anime fans is truly a classic anime like Cowboy Bebop, it’s unique and wonderful. Every character plays an important role in the story, the design aspects are wonderful and everything about them is memorable. The show sets up the tone and premise in a very good way paving way for the plot to proceed. Honestly, I would recommend you to watch Evangelion as soon as possible.

Watch Neon Genesis Evangelion

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7. Michiko & HatchinClassic Anime like Cowboy Bebeop

In South America, A criminal Michiko breaks out of a high-Security Prison for the fourth time to search for a guy she met in her past. Michiko tries to find her lost, and supposedly dead, lover Hiroshi Morenos. In order to achieve this, she “kidnaps” a girl who is supposedly Hiroshi’s daughter, initially thinking that she would know where Hiroshi is. However, the world has changed during her years in prison, becoming at times more brutal and less forgiving.

Man, this is a classic anime like Cowboy Bebop. It has all the aspects of the Cowboy Bebob in this less advanced version of the world. With underground cartels child labor and more dark things. The art and Animation are super good and the music is God Tier. It’s one of those rare underrated anime that deserves to be among the best in terms of story and characters. Do give this a try.

6. Ghost in the ShellClassic Anime like Cowboy Bebeop

I am pretty sure everyone must have heard about the live adaptation of Ghost in the Shell starring Scarlet Johansson. Turns out it is also a classic anime like Cowboy Bebop.  In the future in 2029, most of the humans living are genetically modified using cybernetics, so as you may have guessed due to this the threats against humanity have been increased. Major Motoko Kusanagi of Section 9 Spearheads a case involving a hacker who leaves its victims stripped of their memories. Soon the story gets more complicated and honestly, it’s like something you haven’t seen before. Thus being an anime like cowboy bebop to its core and setup.

Everything about this anime was so good for it to be adopted by Hollywood, but the live-action really doesn’t do it any justice. Ghost in a shell came out in 1995 still it can compete with the latest animes. The action in the movie is wicked and it will absorb you right in the anime as soon as you start watching. This is one of the highest-rated classics to ever exist, do watch it.

5. Gurren LaganClassic Anime like Cowboy Bebeop

It follows the story of Simon and Kamina who were born and raised in Japan. Both are kind of polar opposites of each other, Kamina is free-spirited and Simon is a timid boy. They both find a mysterious artifact they call a Laggan. Using this they try to fight off an attack from the surface. They meet Yoko Littner and thus their crazy journey begins. Thus being a classic anime like Cowboy Bebop.

The cast is one of the best I have ever seen, each with unique character design. It has made the characters iconic. The animation is jaw-dropping and honestly, it’s the best among mecha animes. Gurren Lagann was breathtaking. An endlessly thrilling ride from the most humble beginnings to the most fantastic of ends. Absolutely inspiring and a must-watch and an anime like cowboy bebop indeed.

4. Black LagoonClassic Anime like Cowboy Bebeop

Roanapur is a city in Thailand. It’s full of criminals and not even the authorities stand a chance here. Rokurou Okajima, an average Japanese businessman who has been living a dull and monotonous life, when he finally gets his chance for a change of pace with a delivery trip to Southeast Asia. His business trip swiftly goes downhill as Rokurou is captured by a mercenary group operating in Roanapur, called Black Lagoon. The group plans to use him as a bargaining chip in negotiations which ultimately failed. Now abandoned and betrayed by his former employer, Rokurou decides to join Black Lagoon.

Oh, where do I even start with Black Lagoon? One thing you can expect is nonstop action. Every scene is adrenaline-filled and brings immense joy to the watcher. The character development is too good, We witness Okajima transform from a boring Businessman to a ruthless mercenary. Thus not technically a classic anime like Cowboy bebop. Still somewhat similar. Black Lagoon is Simply awesome to watch.

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3. Outlaw StarClassic Anime like Cowboy Bebeop

This story follows Gene and his crew as they traverse the Final Frontier. They encounter dangerous bounty hunters, space pirates, Taoist mages, and even catgirls, there is sure to be an exhilarating adventure around every corner. This is a classic anime like cowboy bebop that you will love it to its core. Each of the major characters was written and portrayed perfectly. Gene, seemingly a selfish and arrogant ass, surprises you again and again with displays of his softer side, especially when it comes to Melfina.

The story itself moves at a decent pace, never too fast to keep up, yet in places does have the occasional filler episode, which either serves to entertain in breaks in the serious plot, or to highlight a certain plot point. Overall, this show is incredibly enjoyable and has something for everyone. It’s an adventure of the kind you used to dream of as a kid, yet it also asks what makes us human

2. TrigunClassic Anime like Cowboy Bebeop

Vash the Stampede is a guy who has a bounty of 60 billion dollars on his head. He is seen as a merciless villain who flattens entire cities for fun and leaves a trail of death and destruction wherever he goes. Although in reality he’s a really nice guy who loves donuts and hasn’t taken a life ever. We follow him in his journey and get to see how good of a man he is. Basically in a core being a classical anime similar to Cowboy Bebop.

Vash the Stampede, while an absolute ace in every category when concerning marksmanship, is also quite a carefree and kindhearted character. You can see the similarities a lot of it actually, therefore it is a classic anime like cowboy bebop. From the get-go, it is revealed that the destruction that is attributed to him is actually the fault of the countless bounty hunters chasing after the reward for his head. The animation and the art are too good and I highly recommend this anime.

Bonus Entry

Here we will put some bonus entries of anime like cowboy bebop, to help you with recommendations if in any case, you have seen all the anime in the list. So here are some Bonus Anime like cowboy bebop.

Space DandyClassic anime like cowboy bebop

If any anime can be called an anime like cowboy bebop, It is space Dandy. Following in the same footsteps of Cowboy Bebop. We are met with Dandy who is a Bounty hunter whose job is to hunt down aliens who are registered for a reward. His job may be the least boring job in the universe right now. Full with Comedic characters he meets along the way and over the top action scenes. It may not be a classic anime similar to cowboy bebop, but it certainly is it’s the more modern and funnier counterpart.

The cast and the animations are so great, it makes you fully immersed in the show. His crew of a cat alien and a robot vacuum are honestly the funniest among this list. Although there is not much character development involved, but you will forget about it by the sheer amount of comedy in the show. I highly recommend this.

Coyote Ragtime ShowAnime Like cowboy Bebop

Our story starts in the future, there are space outlaws called Coyotes who commit crimes but share a strong bond of friendship that a true Coyote wouldn’t betray. One of the most infamous Coyotes is Mister, who goes by many different aliases. Detective Angelica Burns has spent the last four years trying to track him down. She finally received an anonymous tip that Mister was at a prison and the desert planet of Sandvil. A loyal but clumsy assistant named Chelsea meets her on the planet to help her. This show can be regarded as an anime like Cowboy Bebop all with its bits and pieces matching the story and shaping it together.

The series comes with a large colorful cast of characters with varied and interesting designs, and while not all of them get a fleshed-out backstory, they all get enough of time in the spotlight, all being memorable in their own ways and it’s really easy to tell them all apart. And sure, there is a lull somewhere in the middle, but I imagine the series as a whole would be worse off if it tried to keep the action amped up to 11 the whole time.

1. Samurai ChamplooClassic Anime like Cowboy Bebeop

Samurai Champloo comes from the same roots as Cowboy Bebop, basically also a classical anime like Cowboy Bebop. Same animation, an even better soundtrack. Set in an alternate Edo Period of Japan, Samurai Champloo follows the journey of three people, Mugen, Jin, and Kasumi. Samurai Champloo is one good-looking show, with its thick linework giving an impression of manga blended with graffiti-style making it an anime like cowboy bebop down to its roots. 

The characters are so good and amazingly set up that they feel so unique and so cool from the start. As the anime progresses further, you get to know their back story little by little and you start relating to the characters more. With cool samurai fights and ever more interesting plots, it can be seen as a great anime similar to Cowboy Bebop.

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I hope you liked the list of the Classic anime Like Cowboy Bebop. Let us know down below in the comments which one is your favorite anime like cowboy bebop is among the list. Do follow us in our other social media pages to get up to date with the latest anime news.

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