Demon animes have been all the craze lately. People these days like to watch more demonic shows where either the mc is a demon or whether there is killing demons involved. So here we have compiled a list of all the best Animes which have a Demon-centric story. They will have an amazing Lead Character and awesome animations with amazing scenes.

Top 20 Demon Anime

Let us start the list, it will feature 20 Demon anime in a Descending order leaving the best for last. Hope you go through the list completely as there are a few hidden gems all over the list which are good in their own way.

20. The Testament of the Sister New Devil

The testament of the sister new devil is an ecchi harem Demon anime with a lot of High Paced action scenes. Basara is our overpowered MC, he’s decisive and badass in his own league. He was previously a part of the Hero Clan but was exiled due to his hidden powers. The characters are good but they can follow a certain trope. A fair warning, the show has a bit of fan service and a lot of ecchi scenes.

Overall it’s an enjoyable anime with a decent plot but really well-done fighting scenes. The art is nice, the characters are attractive and our MC is overpowered. There are plenty of demons and heroes in the show to make it in our list of Demon Animes.

19. Blood Lad

This Demon anime takes a comedic twist on the demon things. Although the plot is pretty common and easy to expect what’s going to happen next. But the art is super pretty and very popping. The story follows our Vampire Lord who doesn’t wanna be the lord anymore. Stanz is too overpowered but he is an otaku. Well, the anime is decent and light-hearted but it has some amazing fight scenes.

Blood Lad is more like a supernatural demonic comedy. It has a lot of parodies and references every weeb will understand. The Art and the soundtrack is pleasurable

18. Maoyuu Maou YuushaTop 20 Demon Anime

Maoyuu is more like a romance-Demon anime with a cute demon waifu. The anime depicts a fantasy world where humans and devils are fighting for the ultimate authority while exploring the infrastructures involved in wars. The hero meets the demon queen and falls in love with her. Together they aim to change the world. The connection between them is very pure and fun to watch. The side characters are also well done.

Maou is cute and romantic, but it also has an amazing MC who is very op, and the fight scenes are just amazing to look at. You will enjoy this if you want to watch something light-hearted without getting much mentally involved.

17. Shingeki No Bahamut

Shingeki no Bahamut takes place in a fantasy world where humans, gods and demon work together and have sealed the world ending Bahamut away. The key is splited into two parts and both the parts are kept with the Demons and the Gods Respectively. Then we have our MC who steal’s the god’s key and kicks up her mighty adventure. Joining our MC Amira our two Bounty Hunters with crashing sets of personalities.

Humans, monsters, gods, and demons of all different shapes and sizes come in for a battle royale that never fails to disappoint because the action is paced to be fast and furious which leaves little room for exposition. The art is really pretty and very nicely executed. The characters have a lot of flavor to them and there is a lot of character development in the demon anime.

16. Claymore

Claymores are very strong female warriors whose job is to slay demons. We have our badass demon-slaying cutie Clare, who is also the protagonist and one of the claymores. The story follows her going from town to town and slaying demons with increasing difficulty, pretty standard. However, once you start to get to know her current self and compare it with the young Clare when she wasn’t a claymore you would find it hard to believe that they are the same person. That’s the true beauty of the show.

The fight scenes are awesome and have superb animation quality. A lot of detail is put in every aspect of the show, this paired with the awesome heavy metal soundtrack you get a very enjoyable experience. On top of that Clare is one of the badass female leads to ever exist so you might just want to watch it for her. Be sure to give Claymore a try if you like action as this is more of an action-driven demon anime.

15. The Devil is a Part-TimerBest Demon Lord Anime With Angels, Demons and Heroes

This Demon anime was a pleasant surprise for me. It’s a really well-made anime about a Devil king and his assistant who escapes to Earth after the Hero and his party defeat the Demons. The Hero leaving his party behind following the Two devils and the three of them are left stranded on earth where there is no magic. To earn a living to survive in the world, the demon lord takes up a part-time job. The anime follows his daily life and his interaction with the hero.

The art of the anime is so nice and pleasant to look at. Honestly, the art and animation is too good. During the fight scenes in the show, we get to know how Overpowered our part-timer is.

14. Dororo

Man Dororo is probably a Demon anime you all haven’t seen before. It is about a kid who dosen’t have any limbs, and no sense organs. Basically he’s born without eyes, a nose, ears or even skin. This is because his father had sacrificed him to the demons. Although he is saved by a medicine man who provides him with prosthetics and weapons to help him survive.

His aim is to kill all the demons who took him as a sacrifice. With every demon he kills he gains back one of his body parts. On his journey, he meets a Kid, Dororo. The anime is about their journey and their fight for survival. The art and animation are really nice. Hyakkimaru is one badass fighter for a disabled person. The animation is really great and I think anyone who will watch this.

13. BeelzebubBest Demon Lord Anime With Angels, Demons and Heroes

Ah, it’s probably the funniest Demon anime on the list. Beelzebub is a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and this approach works very well for the story being told. The main characters, particularly Furuichi, seem aware that the part of a show that routinely sets them up with ludicrous scenarios, as if to test their reactions, and they are not shy about calling out some of the more preposterous elements that arise.

Characters also address the viewer directly, which adds a nice touch of humor to the show while making the situations more relatable. I found this approach more satisfying than one where we are asked to accept ridiculous circumstances at face value.

12. Owari No SeraphBest Demon Lord Anime With Angels, Demons and Heroes

Owari no Seraph in easy terms can be defined as a general Demon anime which follows the shounen tropes and does it perfectly. It might not stand out storywise, but in terms of characters and their development, it does wonder. The story is of a power struggle between humans and vampires, but the real story is much darker with a fair bit of generic plot twists. The art is really good and but the fight scenes do feel lacking sometimes.

Humans on their own can’t kill vampires, so they form a contract with a demon who takes the form of cursed weapons to fight demons. Everything about Owari No Seraph can be easily predicted but the enjoyment is nice.

11. OverlordBest Demon Lord Anime With Angels, Demons and Heroes

Overlord is the kind of Demon anime you begin watching with some reservations.”A popular MMORPG game traps its players inside and the players now have to play the game where the consequences are quite real”. Sounds familiar? Well, that’s exactly what happens in Overlord but it sets new stereotypes in the genre. Instead of being left as a hero or even a human, he’s stuck as Ainz who is a demon lord.

Overlord is a work of art, it looks really pretty and detailed. The fight sequences are just amazing with an amazing soundtrack to follow. This is easily one of the most enjoyable amines on the list so be sure to watch it.

10. Black Butler

Black Butler is simply beautiful. It’s set in the Victorian era London. The story which the show follows is very very good. There are tons of deep and dark issues to discover and there are a lot of plot twists in the show. Ciel is our badass Mc and along with the Demon Butler Sebastian they solve a lot of crimes and mysteries involving the supernatural working directly under the Queen.

The flow of the animation in the Demon anime is gorgeous. From the fight scenes to humorous antics to zany parties to heart-wrenching death scenes, absolutely everything here is flows so smoothly and sweetly. An aspect I noticed a lot in this anime was lighting. There are so many hidden stories and suspense builds up as the show progress. I highly recommend this show.

9. InuYasha

Inuyasha is a very enjoyable Demon anime to watch. It’s a classic on the list. The storyline is basic and very easy to follow, however, the story does seem to drag on, so if you have patience with animes this could be for you. The characters are very nice and unique having a dark backstory. The fights are also very well done. The storyline is basic and very easy to follow, however, the story does seem to drag on, so if you have patience with animes this could be for you.

Inuyasha is a big series but it’s actually fun to watch. There’s a bit of everything in this anime but it’s also followed by a lot of fillers.

8. Yu Yu Hakusho

It’s basically DBZ with Demon Anime elements. The main character is also very well done. He was a disquiet who got the powers to detect spirits or demons. He then becomes a fighter who takes care of the demons who escape to the world of living. As it is an old anime, the art is not that vivid and modern. That’s why the action scenes are also a bit lacking. Think of this as old Goku vs Vegeta fights.

The plot and the characters are what make up this anime. It’s a very special anime for a lot of people too who watched it while growing up. Yu Yu Hakusho manages to deliver an engaging story with a large dosage of clever humor as well. If you like Retro 90’s anime give this a try.

7. Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist follows the story of Rin Okumura who has a demon living inside of him. Rin and his brother lived in a monastery with their father where a blue fire demon monster took control of Rin and burned one priest. The story is fairly interesting and follows Rin on a path of becoming an Exorcist. The art and the character models are really good with good pacing in the fights. If you want to enjoy a good shounen show, you can give this a try.

Blue Exorcist is the definition of a typical modern Demon Anime, with it’s share of badass fight scenes and very good character development although it is lacking in some parts.

6. High School DxD

High School DxD is the greatest ecchi Demon Anime ever made. Even if we consider other Demon Anime, High School DxD ticks all the boxes. The only reason it’s not number one is that it lacks seriousness. The story follows Hyodo Issei, a pervert who gets reborn as a demon after a certain incident. He is reborn as a pawn under Rias Gremory who is a Demon Nobel, thus begins his journey of fighting angels, and other demons. But that’s now the charm of High School DxD. The charm lies in the women of the show who becomes a part of Issei’s harem.

The Characters and their development is one of the best among anime although it follows the standard tropes of an Ecchi Harem Anime, it obliterates the standards. The art and the animation are so good that it makes every fight 10 times better plus Hyodo Issei one over-powered boi. I definitely recommend each and every one of you to watch this show.

5. D-Gray Man

D- Gray-man is one of the best Demon Anime with a great plot. The story is very original, with very op characters. The animation is also very good and fluid. Each and every character is Amazing! Each main character is lovable, unique, strong, nice-looking and they all have mysterious pasts and secrets. It

The characters and the plot are what drives this demon anime forward. IF you want a good demon anime to binge watch, D gray man is a pretty safe bet. It’s serious and in depth so you have to pay attention to every detail as it will keep you hooked for a long time.

4. Devilman: Crybaby

This demon anime created a wave in the demon anime world. It became one of the best demon anime on Netflix. The story follows Akira who with strong willpower takes control of a demon and become a devilman gaining the power to defeat the demons. Akira generally is a crybaby with a big heart but after he becomes a devilman he has this primitive side to him. He has a body of a devil and a crybaby heart which makes up for a good plot.

The animation of Devilman Crybaby is what makes the show what it is. It’s gory and chic. The colors and the cinematography can make a viewer completely enthralled. The sound along with its unique animation makes this show Bomb as Hell. Be sure to watch this show at least once.

3. Berserk

Ah, guts, the most badass op character to ever exist in the Demon anime world. Both the Berserk animation is good, but the 1997 one is Critically acclaimed and accepted to every one. The Story is so good along with the characters. You follow Guts, the black mercenary who slays every being to oppose him. Be it other humans or demons. Plus the art is really good if you compare it to the other anime of the time.

Set in the medieval era, Berserk is a dark, gritty tale that follows one man’s struggle to find his own path, while supporting another’s lust for power, and the unimaginable tragedy that begins to turn the wheels of fate.

2. Demon Slayer

The latest and the greatest show which took the demon anime world by storm. Demon Slayer is one of the best anime to air recently. It has everything you can wish for a show to have. Awesome sword fights between demon slayers and man-eating demons, great Comedy and a great cast of characters. The Story follows Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko who becomes a Half Demon. Tanjiro is one absolute badass demon Slayer with a more deep past behind him.

The animation of the show is a very good one of the best even while compared to anime movies which have several times the budget of a TV show. IT won many awards in 2019 and is regarded as the best anime of that year. With amazing character, be it the good guys or the demons are very well executed. The show will keep you hooked from the first episode. Demon Slayer is a must-watch for any anime fan out there.

1. Helsing Ultimate

Helsing Ultimate is one of the Highest Rated Tv Shows in the world. You take a really overpowered monster slayer who is a monster himself and put him in control of one of the most badass female bosses, what you get is blood and guts. His name is Alucard, which is Dracula spelled backward. The main characters are supposed to be the one putting up a struggle, not the other way around. The only time I was excited about a fight was when the villains felt like they could pose a challenge. But then Alucard whips out a power-up, and I’m left saying hmmmmm, interesting.

This show has Drama, Gore, Blood and guts lying around and the best action scenes out there. The anime is Grand and Beautiful with all the things done right. Therefore according to me, Helsing Ultimate is the Ultimate Demon Anime out there, go and watch it now.

So this is it for the Top 20 Demon anime with strong leads and amazing scenes. Be sure to follow the list and find an anime you like. Read up more on our other recommendations. Also, read Chainsaw Man Chapter 92 Release Date and More. Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more interesting and the latest updates about anime.