You’ve recently watched Haikyuu or Kuroko no Basket and now you are looking for more Sports anime? Then you’re in the right place. This is based on all the popular anime up till 2020. So this is far more updated than any other list you will see on the internet.

Haikyuu and Kuroko no Basket are probably the best sports animes out there. They are also pretty realistic like actual sports. Enthralling and full of adrenaline, not just they bring joy to anyone who’s a fan of sports, but also they give goosebumps to someone who’s not been a sports fan for long. So here in this list we will discuss 20 Best Sports anime that are similar to Haikyuu or Kuroko no Basket.

haikyuu and kuroko no basket

As you might know Kuroko no Basket and Haikyuu are really popular sports anime with amazing visuals and almost realistic plays. They in there natural form are really entertaining to watch while also maintaining a sense of passion for them.

It was really hard for us to find an anime that will be as popular as these two, but we did. These Sports Fitness anime are not just similar to Kuroko no Basket and Haikyuu, some of them might even be better. So without any further ado, let’s get started –

Top 20 Sports Anime

So here are the 20 fitness anime like Koruko no Basket and Haikyuu that revolves around one’s fitness and sportsmanship. We will start with the 20th and slowly proceed to number one.

Please note that this list is based upon personal opinions. You can comment on yours.

Anime similar to Haikyuu

20. Prince of Stride

Man oh man, Prince of Stride may not be liked by most people because of again, common tropes. But man this show is an Eye-Candy to watch. You will really enjoy the anime. It’s about parkour and running. It’s technically not sports, but it’s so enjoyable with wall jumps and wall runs with more parkour elements.

It’s beautifully animated and the races are very well done. Beware as there might be some Yaoi aspects to the show. You should also check out the ones up above if you’re looking for anime similar to Prince of Stride.

The aesthetics are the only good part of the show because the art is so good, it makes up more than it loses. Still prince of stride has its own charm to it that’s why we put this in the list.

Football Sports Anime

19. Days

If you have been looking for an anime with football in it, then you should probably go with this one. Days is a sports anime about two friends, one of which is good in Football and the other is not. The show begins with a really nice flow but it really lacks is doing something unique. It follows all the general tropes and al the cliches.

The characters in the show can be good sometimes but sometimes they feel plain and lack a punch to them. And the other thing they did wrong is that instead of working on the backstories of the teammates they focused on the rivalry more. Although this anime is called mediocre by the critics for me it was an enjoyable experience. You should also check out the ones up above if you’re looking for anime similar to Days.

One more thing to notice is that the animation during matches is very sparse only highlighting a small part of the match. The only good thing about the show is its art. It looks very beautiful and punchy and the small action sequences are really well done.

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18. Giant Killing

Giant Killing is a Football Sports Anime about a very bad and dysfunctional football team with a really bad past record. It has one dream to make it to the National Soccer League and win it. ETU or East Tokyo United is the team the whole anime is centered around it. With the arrival of a new coach, that dream draws ever closer.

TBH the characters in the show are what makes it attractive to be considered one of the best Sports Anime. You should also check out the ones up above if you’re looking for sports anime similar to Giant Killing.

In short if you like watching the characters and the visuals of the entire match animated with extremely detailed parts of really cool moments. This show is for you. You will surely like the coach as his interactions with the team can be a bit confusing in the start but, he truly and deeply cares about his team.

17. The Knight in the Area

Yet another amazing football Sports anime (yes this list will have a lot of football animes). The Knight in the Area is about two brothers with the older one obviously better than the smaller one. The story majorly involves the little bro chasing his big brother. Although there are a lot of twists and division of the story.

There a lot of skill moves in the show and they look extremely realistic. You should also check out the ones up above if you’re looking for anime similar to The Knight in the Area.

The major part of the show like any other Sports Anime is character development. The Knight in the Area does not lack in that part either. But it’s mostly cliched and all characters fit a general stereotype. Still, the show is rather enjoyable if you like football as it has really amazing and cool moments.

16. Eyeshield 21

Booyah, American Football. It is a Sports anime recognized and backed by the NFL. Eyeshield 21 does a wonderful job of introducing American football to us weebs. The animation is really nice and you can feel the immense pressure faced by the players when they are running for that Touchdown.

There are a lot of hurt pumping action scenes, big clashes, and some special skill moves which appear to be kind of realistic. The story follows Sena who is small and weak but has a talent for running and is introduced to these sports and he falls in love with it. You should also check out the ones up above if you’re looking for anime similar to Eyeshield 21.

But the visuals and the story is not the main PowerPoint of the show. It’s the characters which the show does so well. There’s an awesome story for every character and I’m pretty sure you will live everyone in the team. There are drama and comedy with heart-pumping visuals. I am sure you will like this, give it a try as it’s a very nice sports football anime.

Baseball Sports Anime

15. Major

Oh, Major, it is one of the best Baseball Sports Anime to exist. It is a hugely underrated anime not only in the Sports Genre but in other genres as well. The story is about Honda who is gifted in pitching and he really really likes baseball.

We take a highly enthusiastic kid with extreme skills we get a really cool MC with mad skills. He also has the ability to bring the best out in his teammates and other people and also has that never give up the situation. You should also check out the ones up above if you’re looking for sports anime similar to Major.

The most impressive part about the anime is the character development. The MC will progress physically and mentally as well as other people in the show. There are a lot of seasons to Major and is a must-watch for a baseball anime buff.

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14. Ace Of Diamond

Ace of Diamond is the best Baseball Anime, PERIOD. The story is straightforward and very nicely done. We follow Sawamura in his journey as a pitcher as he grows and trains and develops his skill to become the ace of the team. The show has really nice pacing as it takes it’s time to show every important aspect.

We see Sawamura’s relationship with his team, They grow together with all the other members. The relations between the team and the mentor are beautifully captured. You should also check out the ones up above if you’re looking for anime similar to Ace of Diamond.

As the story progresses the pacing gets better and the focus shifts from Sawamura to the entire team. There’s a lot of good character development here. There’s a lot of Suspense involved in every episode and the build is really great. The art is also very well done witch very fluid baseball animations. Comedy is also a big part of the show. This show all in all is a very great package and a great show to watch if you are new to the sports genre.

13. One Outs

Man oh man, One Outs are sure to give you a rush while watching. It’s a sports anime about Baseball. Toua Tokuchi is our extremely talented pitcher who has 499 wins in a game of one outs. A professional team scouts him but has trouble paying him so they decide that for every out he does he will get five million yen but forever run he allows to get scored he loses fifty million yen.

But what they don’t know Toua is a pro gambler. One out’s is psychologically immense, the battles between Toua and his opponents are something. You should also check out the ones up above if you’re looking for anime similar to One Outs.

This anime is more about mind games and strategies more than it’s about baseball, but that’s what makes it a must-watch. Toua absolutely decimates everyone and probably one of the badass MC’s of all the animes. If you are a fan of psychological animes and like baseball, one out’s is a must-watch.

BasketBall Sports Anime

These anime are a bit similar to Kuroko no Basket, give them a try – you might love it.

12. Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk is a Sports anime about Basketball. The story follows Sakuragi who is very tall and physically built. He asks out a girl who asks her to do a slam dunk, in an attempt to do so he displays extraordinary skills for basketball. Thus the whole journey begins. Slam Dunk also has great pacing for the story and one of the best comedy in a sports anime. Sakuragi is brash and stupid which makes him really funny.

He improves his skill throughout the anime. He has the body for basketball but he’s slowly learning it. You should also check out the ones up above if you’re looking for anime similar to Slam Dunk.

Slam Dunk is old too but the anime won’t offer you some over the top skill moves or very fast action scenes. Honestly speaking, it’s pretty plain. What adds color to it is the character of the show. Give Slam Dunk a try if you are a basketball fan who doesn’t want to watch anything overly serious.

11. Ahiru No Sora

Ahiru no Sora is probably the closest anime to Kuroko no Basket made to date. Some even argue that it’s anime better than Kuroko no Basket. Ahiru no Sora is a basketball anime. Our Protagonist Sora is a small kid and wants to play professional basketball. But being short in basketball is not forgiving.

All the members of his basketball club are former delinquents with their own dark back story. The show becomes darker and darker in some aspects as the story progresses. And you will surely like it. You should also check out the ones up above if you’re looking for anime similar to Ahiru no Sora.

The art is a bit different but it’s really nice in its own way. The characters are really unique and have great development for them. But the anime’s pacing is very slow but it has its own charm. The one thing I don’t like is that there is a lot of Drama involved in the show so it might be a turnoff for some people.

Other Boxing, Tennis, Running, etc Anime

Here are other anime from the sports genre. These Sports anime are a must-watch. This list includes Boxing, Tennis, Running, and other types as well.

Anime similar to Kuroko no Basket

10. The Prince Of Tennis

As you might have guessed from the title, the sports anime is about Tennis. Unlike other animes it shows the journey of an already an amazing player, becoming more amazing. Our MC Echizen goes against top tier opponents of tennis and continues to improve. Over time he becomes someone who respects his opponents and cares for his teammates. The matches are animated very well and you will enjoy watching it a lot. You should also check out the ones up above if you’re looking for sports anime similar to The Prince of Tennis.

Since all sports anime follow a common trope, The Prince of Tennis does something different. There are a lot of good characters in the show and has good character development too. I would highly recommend this to fans of Tennis.

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9. Run with the wind

Run with the wind is about Competitive running. The show is more like a drama with sports elements. The story starts with a shoplifting case where the Kakeru who was an elite runner at Kansei University after he loses everything in a mahjong parlor. This is an underdog story, where he gets recruited by a 4th-year student and is invited to live with them in their track and field club-like apartment.

They all are aiming to win Hakone Ekidenwhich is an important relay. You should also check out the ones up above if you’re looking for anime similar to Run with the Wild.

The show offers amazing character development and every member of the apartment has a crazy backstory, as the story progresses Kakeru realizes he has friends to run with now. This anime will keep you on your toes every episode and you will greatly enjoy the show a lot.

8. All Out

All out is a sports anime about Rugby. The story isn’t something out of the ordinary. We have two friends who join the rugby club, one is the short less talented one the other is the buff and talented one. They join the rugby club with the aim to win Hanazono, the biggest rugby competition in Japan. All the character are very likable and has amazing chemistry. The story also becomes very intense in some cases. You should also check out the ones up above if you’re looking for anime similar to All out.

Rugby is a sport of very intense action, the art and the animation of the show captures that beautifully. The characters are designed in a very good way and the action scenes and the clashes between players are a joy to look at. All out is sure to give you an enjoyable experience.

7. Initial D

It’s quite different from the other Sports animes in the list because Initial D is about Street Car Racing and it’s really interesting. Takumi our MC may appear to be a very plain and boring high school kid, delivering tofu at night for his father. But he does so at extremely high speeds. He’s the 2nd fastest driver in Akina.

There’s also a normal sports anime-type plot along with that some amazing car races. There’s drifting involved and high speed chases. You will surely feel the pressure and the tension that will suck you in. You should also check out the ones up above if you’re looking for anime similar to Initial D.

As the first season aired in 1998, the art is quite old and classic, many people may not like it. But this changes after the 4th season with an overall improvement of art there. This anime is a classic among fans on anime and is a must-watch classic anime.

6. Megalo Box

Megalo Box is a really beautiful anime. It’s about boxing, take Real Steel, and give it an anime twist. The best part about the anime is the art and the characters. The boxers in the anime have an upgraded limb to make a metal driven carnage. The animation of the punches is so good so fluid you will forget you are watching an anime.

The show will keep on giving you hopes that Joe, our MC is gonna win and then boom he gets an uppercut to the face. He doesn’t give up. It’s his attitude which makes him a great main character. You should also check out the ones up above if you’re looking for anime similar to Megalo box.

Although Boxing is not than interesting of sports for everyone out there, for the true fans of boxing this will be your gem among the boxing animes. There are a lot of Gritty characters and they are developed in a really good way. It’s passionate and very inspiring. An anime about boxing is a must-watch for those hard dudes out there.

5. Free

Well this anime is a treat for all the girls out here, Lot of Handsome boys, a lot of swimming, and a lot of fan service. Free is about the Iwatomi swimming club and its aim to win the Olympics. The art and the characters are really really really amazing and eye candy for a lot of people.

Every character of the club has a unique backstory and they are explored in a very good way. You should also check out the ones up above if you’re looking for sports anime similar to Free.

The art and the characters are what make the show among the best and the most popular sports animes. There are a lot of boy x boy scenes here, so fair warning. There’s comedy, drama, and intense swimming involved.

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4. Baby Steps

Baby Steps is a Sports Anime about Tennis. The story is about Eiichirou, the dream kid our parents want, top grades, and the best performance in academics. But inside he ain’t happy. Incidentally he is introduced to tennis, and his whole world changes.

His love for Tennis starts developing and he constantly improves throughout the series. It also is extremely realistic. The art is somewhat different but it still is enthralling. You should also check out the ones up above if you’re looking for anime similar to Baby Steps.

Baby Steps takes character development to another level probably one of the best among sports animes. It portrays other characters and the relationship between them beautifully. I highly recommend you guys to give this a try and you will love it.

3. Hinomaru Sumo

You don’t come across such sports anime which is as perfectly done as Hinomaru Sumo. It has powerful emotions, very beautiful, and enthralling visuals. As you might have guessed from the title the anime is about Sumo Wrestling.

Our MC is one badass but small in height and mass compared to traditional sumo wrestlers. Even if you don’t like sumo Wrestling I am pretty sure the highly enthusiastic mc will pull you right in. You should also check out the ones up above if you’re looking for anime similar to Hinomaru Sumo.

There are great characters in the show and the art is very poppy and nice. Animations and the sumo bouts are very fluid. Overall I highly recommend this anime to every fan of the sports genre as it has all the elements which make a sports anime great.

2. Ballroom e Yokuso

It’s truly a work of art. The whole anime is like a painting. The topic for the anime is a bit unusual, it’s about ballroom dancing. Ballroom e Youkoso is a fantastic adaptation that combines excellent storytelling with fabulous art design and captivates everyone by making them want more. Our MC is Tatara Fujita, who is very insecure.

The character development is so beautiful that you will feel inspired yourself. The art, the story, and the characters everything about this anime is greatly done. The ones above are also anime similar to Ballroom e Yokuso.

To be honest, the standard sports anime could not compete with Ballroom e Youkoso. The series has everything that people want, A story of high quality, with good pacing, realistic characters, sadness, joy, darkness, frustration, etc. The anime emphasizes concepts such as trust, understanding, and conviction. We can observe the need to overcome obstacles and the hard work required to achieve a change both personally and competitively.

1. Hajime No Ippo

The best Sports anime to exist to date. The anime makes use of every character it introduces and develops them very convincingly and you can really connect to them. Such as Ippo in gaining more confidence and motivation, Takamura in wanting to become a champion and a hero, and Miyata wanting to prove that his father’s boxing style is the best. Other sports anime in the list are anime similar to Hajime no Ippo.

The characters all have back-stories of why they became fighters but they still live lives in certain ways you can still relate to them and they all have everyday issues as real boxers would have such as Takamura’s weight control. As for the pacing, yes, the anime is long and the manga is 10 times longer, but still evenly paced and I feel the intention after getting to a certain point is that Morikawa-sensei wants to tell a life story.

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So this is it for the Best 20 Sports anime like Haikyuu and Kuroko No Basket. I hope you give some of them a try as they are really really good. You will have a great time watching them.

I suggest you go through our other recommendations. I hope you are having a great day. Stay safe and stay happy and be sure to follow out socials for amazing anime news and some great memes.

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