Beginning with Tower Of God Chapter 510, an ongoing fight between Bam and White begins, with Bam crushing White, who never appears to give up. Since Bam and White unknowingly met one other, Tower Of God has been a part of this duel. When Bam awakens in the newest Tower Of God Chapter, he recalls what he has seen.

When Aria wakes up with Bam, she understands what has occurred. A creature with fiery blue hair gazed down into the depths of the abyss. The beast observed the spirits trying to make their way by climbing on top of one other.

He knows that those souls desire to exact vengeance on White, the assassin who killed them. Those spirits are attempting to flee the tremendous power that is obliterating them, the blue-haired burning person understands. Returning to the Bam vs. White battle, White sees Shinsoo strewn throughout the skies.

White is attacked by the Black Shinsoo rain, but he jumps back before being harmed. White observed the orb’s tremendous force near Bam, and the Shinsoo of the surrounding area is shifting. The Shinsoo begins to fall in torrential downpours, reminiscent of Torrential Rain.

Bam sends that huge Shinsoo, but White blocks them out of desperation. Bam had chopped that Shinsoo, and White wonders what Bam is planning. White uses His Majesty to defend against the strikes, but the brat is stronger than His Majesty. Cut to Koon’s side; he continues to flee the enemy since he intended to send someone to assist him, but that won’t be possible now because giving up the mouse will cause difficulties. While his opponent was identifying the sound of three actual lighthouses, Koon decided to go to that spot.

Tower of God Chapter 510 Release Date

On Sunday, September 26th, 2021, Tower Of God Chapter 510 will be released. Note that current Tower Of God chapters come late and are translated the next day; a new chapter will be posted once a week. Tower Of God spoilers are available a day before the chapter is released, however they are not in English. In the next chapter of Tower of God, Bam vs. White will continue, while Asensio and Koon will get along. Don’t miss the thrilling clash, which will resume on Sunday.

Where to read Tower of God Chapter 510?

The latest chapters of Tower of God will release on Webtoons. For more latest updates stay tuned to Spoilerguy.